Sad News - Fitness model got hit by train!


I had no knowledge of this person, as I don't really follow any particular fitness authorities besides Cathe, KCM, and Michelle Dozois, but any loss of life, especially so young(!) is an absolute tragedy. This news is currently trending on Facebook, and from the posts I've seen, Greg was quite a handsome man, and boy was he ever shredded. Prayers to all those he leaves behind. RIP in the arms of the angels, Greg. :(


My husband, by brother and I all met/visited with Greg Plitt at the Olympia Expo a couple of years ago. In fact, he is the reason we attended. We are all big fans, and wanted to meet him in person. My brother and I were both members of his site. Which at 100.00 per year, was the best money spent (next to Cathe Live ;)). He was amazing to visit with and was very genuine. His videos are so inspiring and just made you want to be better. Both in fitness, and in life. I cannot believe how sad I am about his accident. He truly had too short of a life.


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