ryka assist xt trainers


can't get hold of them in uk anything similar that we can get in uk?

I live in Portugal and I also wanted to buy these ones. I sent an email that was redirected to Ryka's International Account Manager back in January the 14th but no one bothered to answer me...:(

I've also searched a few websites but the shipping charges are a bit high for me..


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Does the shoe really matter

I was reading the posts about not being able to find ryka's in other countries. I don't wear ryka's I find them kinda tight, I really like addidas cross trainers, or nike. I don't really think the shoe matters as long as you put in the work any shoe (cross trainer) will be fine.:D
Luann, I agree that the shoe brand doesn't matter as long as the shoes are well built and designed for the activity (e.g., I don't wear running shoes for step workouts because of the need for lateral movement). I sought out the Ryka shoes worn by Cathe and crew in their recent DVD series only because I was in need of a new cross trainer/fitness shoe. They are comfortable but I would have been just as happy with an Addidas or Nike cross trainer if you've found one that you like. It helps to know the style number. Some months ago I tried a New Balance shoe (623, I think) but found it uncomfortable and returned it.

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