RWH Bonus Abs


Did Bonus Abs One & Two today after doing Hiit Circuit LB. I'm usually very lazy when it comes to abs, especially if they are on the floor after a long or challenging cardio or weight workouts as I tend to fall asleep. Doing abs first after warm-up and before main program works better for me, but I rarely take the time to do abs that way. I have tried doing just a 10 minute abd section before going to work, but sometimes the snooze button wins. So I was hopeful about more functional/compound, standing, core/abd workouts with this new series.

My reaction to Bonus Abs One was "Wow, that was 10 minutes? That went fast!" My forearms even got an endurance workout from the static hold on the 8lb. weight. I really liked the weighted core/abd exercises here. Bonus Abs Two was on the floor, more traditional Cathe with some high rep moves and new, yet doable twists on old favorites. Banana holds bore me, but there were only four. The bike maneuver variation was a little like patting my head while rubbing my belly, hopefully I will catch on with future practice. The superman variations kept me interested, and this abd workout flew by also.

I was looking forward to the Abs Mixed in Premix, but Bonus Abs Two (on the floor) exercises were the only ones used. I liked the breaks in this premix where the abd exercises were inserted, but I don't see myself going to the floor in between HiiT cycles. I think I'll be making a "ME Mix" of this premix using Bonus Abs One which starts standing and uses weights throughout. The only stretch in this premix is the after abs child pose & cobra, not the 6 minute program stretch.

Overall I'm loving RWH, and I've only tried one DVD so far :)


I agree with everything you say about the abs workout soxy. I'll be doing abs 1 quite often. I much prefer standing abs, and weighted abs gets the job done quicker! Looking forward to trying the circuit workouts....


Great review. I did Bonus Abs 2 this morning & felt the same way about the bike maneuver variation. I'm hoping with time I'll get it. Looking forward to trying Bonus Abs 1

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