Rotation using all of cathe's workouts


For those who have all of cathe's workouts, have you ever started with one and went thru the entire collection? Just curious. :):)


I was actually just thinking about doing that! I was considering starting with the oldest and moving my way through my collection. There are some that I just don't seem to do too often. btw, your name cracks me up - I should change mine to "hatetocamp":) My son loves it though - go figure!
I've contemplated this before. It would be a fairly long rotation. I don't have all the workouts, but pretty close. You'd certainly get variety. :) I may consider doing this minus STS after the new workouts are out and I've played with them for awhile. Maybe do that rotation and then follow it up with STS.


Here's a thought...

This is such a great idea! I think you could go back through and build a rotation using all of Cathe's from when each series came out, I believe you could go back to Cross Train Express, at least, and use what she gave us. It would be like "a Year with Cathe" or something, but it sounds intriguing, especially if you mixed it up. Say an older series like CtX, right into a newer one, like Cross Fire, then back to, say, the Intensity Series. Something like that. I hope if someone takes the time to do it, they'll post it here so we can all jump on board!

What a fun idea for the new year!


This is awesome! I just printed out and will look to see what I have on this list. I have a lot of Cathe and a few others so I think this is doable for me (just may need to substitute a few) may start this rotation after Xtrain. Thanks for sharing!!

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