Rockem Sockem Blizzard Blast


I've lurked here for years and don't usually post but I HAVE TO talk to someone about the wonderful new ICE series! I did the full RS Kickbox workout the day my DVD set arrived and I liked it, then I decided to look at the premixes today. I did the Blast Only premix, stopped before the cooldown, did the Blizzard Blast and then finished out the cooldown/stretch. WOW! Was that ever fun! But I gotta say: after that, it will be a relief to do 30-30 HIIT tomorrow because at least you get some rest. LOL

I don't ordinarily like kickboxing stuff but this is a definite keeper! Thanks Cathe!


While I was stretching this morning I watched this Blizzard Blast and did I ever feel that Cathe was having FUN with this one. I am looking forward to actually trying it.

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