Robbed and feeling weird


I know this has happened to many people, so I'm not a special case here - but our home was broken into on Friday and we were robbed of all our electronics, jewellery, booze - lots of stuff. They even took our toilet paper! They didn't take my Cathe dvds, but I no longer have a t.v. or dvd player to use them. So there goes my LIS rotation I had planned to start today.

I'm slowly starting to feel better about things. All weekend I kept on going and active (even went through with my dinner party for 20 people) but today I'm feeling really nervous and anxious and I just feel like I can't do anything. I feel like every time I go to do something, I hit a wall of nervousness and panic.

How long does it take for these feelings to pass? They stole our computers so I'm feeling a little worried they can still get access to our information (we cancelled all credit cards, changed passwords etc.). Is there anything else I can do to further protect my online information? Would it be wise to change my e-mail address?


What a horrible thing that has happened to you. I am so sorry for everything that was taken from you especially your feelings of security. I have no advice for you but you will be in my thoughts and my prayers.


Oh my gosh! How terrifying!! You might want to go see a counselor and ask the police department for more ideas on how to protect yourself.

Big thoughts & prayers your way! What an ordeal just before Christmas especially! Those Scrooges will get their just desserts.



Yes, change your email address and even contact the credit reporting bureau as well. Then, contact social security administration as well if you live in the States. I know you feel violated and upset, so sending hugs your way.


Thanks everyone for your messages of comfort & concern - its very much appreciated! I will also take your suggestions. I didn't realize the police provide this service, but in our area they will send someone to our house to help us work through feeling insecure, and they will give us more suggestions on how to secure our home. So thanks for the suggestion!

As my day is progressing I am feeling better - I just need to work through it.


Those [insert swear word here] !!!

I am SO sorry that happened to you and your family. I can relate a bit, my car was stolen once and broken into another time. I think the time it got broken into was harder; I felt so violated. I was scared for so long after those times, being hesitant to park my car or even approach it from inside my parking garage. I felt like I was always being watched, I was scared for my safety. It's a terrible thing. Although the memory won't go away, it does get easier with time to get back to "normalcy".

I think what JT said was smart, contact the credit bureau. You never know, identity theft is a scary thing, better to be safe than sorry. You asked about your email address too, yes change that. If they stole your computers, you never know what info they could obtain from there, especially if you don't erase your history. My husband is a computer geek and he says it's very easy to get info from them, nothing is 100% secure.



Thanks mini-natty - the way you described how you felt after your car was broken into is exactly how I'm feeling.

I know it gets better with time, and we're taking steps to be more secure so that it hopefully doesn't happen again, or if it does, we'll be better prepared.

Have a great day everyone, and thanks again for your messages of support!


What a horrible thing to have happened!

I can somewhat relate as well.

My car was broken into the weekend before Thanksgiving (while I was at home, and it was sitting in my driveway, but I didn't hear it), and a purse stolen, and that made me feel so insecure and violated, I can only imagine what having your house broken into can feel like.

Probably unrelated, but yesterday, when I came home from work, my outdoor water was on, and the sprayer head of my hose had been broken, so the water was flowing continuously. Nothing was stolen, but who-knows-how-many gallons of water had soaked into the ground and water was running downhill through my yard and standing in puddles. Random vandalism? Another thing to make me feel violated and insecure (and [email protected]# about the sky-high water bill I'm going to have this month).

In addition to the security measures already mentioned, you might want to look into motion-detector lights or other home security equipment.
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Kathryn, my local water company has a policy to "forgive" an unusually high water bill due to a mechanical problem (e.g., running toilet) or in your case vandalism because these kinds of things can happen. If your bill is just a little higher than normal, you might want to save the opportunity for forgiveness until you do have an exorbitant bill due to a mechanical problem.

A plumber once advised me to turn off the water supply to the house when away on vacation to avoid problems that he had seen with basements flooded under several feet of water due to a mechanical problem. Of course, you can't be troubled to turn off the water every time you leave the house for a few hours, but it's good advice for added peace of mind while on vacation.

Sorry to hijack this thread, Melanie. I emphathize with your feeling violated in your own home. It ought to be a place where you feel safe, and I hope you do soon.

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