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The diner that we've always held our Sunday breakfast at changed last year to more of a sports bar/diner. This means that they no longer have a single room big enough to hold all of this. We were just not happy with this arrangement last year or the service. So, this year we are going to have the breakfast catered at our facility. This will actually mean you will get a lot more time to talk with Cathe and to have your pictures taken. Having the breakfast here will also allow us to offer more healthy foods. But don't worry about going hungry, we're doing breakfast 1st class. here is the menu for Sunday:

Glassboro Road Trip 2013
Breakfast July 28, 2013
Approximately: (8:15am-11:15am)

1) Oatmeal (not instant-the real thing) with toppings: raisins,
strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon and nuts)

2) Scrambled Eggland's Best Eggs

3) Fresh Bakery Selection of Bagels, white, wheat and rye toast
(accompanied by Jellies, Butter, and
Cream Cheese)

4) Omelets Your Way (made to order Omelets, including Onions, Peppers, Ham and Cheese, Tomatoes, Bacon, and Mushrooms)

5) Country Style French Toast served with Cinnamon and Warm Maple Syrup

6) Pancakes (maple syrup, butter)

7) Cowboy Casserole

8) Crispy Fried Bacon (center Cut Bacon Strips Cooked to Mouth Watering

9) Home Fried Potatoes (pan-fried to a Golden Brown, in our own Special

10) Fresh Juices, Hot Coffee, Tea, and Decaffeinated -
Pitchers of water and juices (orange & cranberry) at each table
Regular and Decaff Carafe at each table
What a wonderful option; I'm looking forward to all of it with the finally of a great breakfast and more time with Cathe and all Cathletes.


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