Ripped With HiiT Behind the Scenes Begins


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Welcome to the start of our “Ripped With Hiit Behind the Scenes”. Though our updates are just starting today, work has been going on for many months by our staff, including music production, graphics, and set design. Cathe, of course, has been busy with the most important part – creating and testing the new Ripped With HiiT workouts as well as a zillion other things.

The Ripped with HiiT story begins today, but details will continue almost every day during the month of October, so keep checking back for more details and lots of pictures. Video clips from Ripped With HiiT won’t be available until the workouts are completely filmed, edited and authored.

We’re still on schedule for a Fall release date with the most likely time being sometime in November. It’s still too early to give a firm date, but this is our best guess at this point in time.

The picture you see above shows the beginning of work on getting our set ready for film day. Paying attention to filming details is important to us and one of the things that separates our productions from most others.

This time we’ve chosen a night scene of the LA skyline at the beginning of night. The set was not fully lit when this picture was taken, so you can’t get the full effect of how it really looks, but starting tomorrow you will get to see the first pictures from the actual Ripped With HiiT workouts.

Also, tomorrow we will introduce you to the crew in the first Ripped With HiiT workout. As a teaser I’ll leave you with this detail – besides some regulars, one crew member will be new and one will be back from the past.


Thank you for the exciting news, looking forward to finding out who is in the crew tomorrow!!!

There are a ton of weights on the set wow!


Woot! Woot! Thanks for the update. Any and all of the past crew would be fantastic! Crossing my fingers that Lorraine will be part of this series, she's been MIA for too long. :)


I love the idea of filming at night to have the LA skykine in the background. What a concept! Looking forward to seeing it in more detail when filming starts.

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