Reunited with CTX!


I took advantage of the DOD last week and purchased CTX. I used to have the videos years ago, but sold them when I started to buy DVDs. I did Step & Intervals today, and it was like getting back on a bike after not riding for a while. My brain automatically remembered so many moves. It was so fun (music and moves are timeless), and I was drenched. If you don't have this series, I highly recommend it!!!
Thanks, Cathe!


I often do All Step followed by Step + Intervals: love them both.

I've always thought this series rocked and so much more than 4DS....



This was one series I loved so much and had purchased them when they first came out on VHS. When they were rereleased on DVD I rebought them all again. Was worth every penny!


I love these too! I like using the cardios alone as add on cardio workouts, I love creating my own "premixes" using the different segments, love the upper body split and Leaner Legs. This is definitely one of the best!


Oh, oh...I swear I am so happy I bought this one! The second disc has all Upper Body, Leaner Legs, Abs and Kickbox. I did Upper Body and Leaner Legs as one workout and it was worth the price of $24 plus way WAY more! The music was sublime and the workout was so beautifully orchestrated I was sighing like when I lower myself into a jacuzzi! Love! This definitely compares to 4DS Full Body Premix, I feel like I struck gold!


I just dud power circuit and all step a couple days ago. Still love ctx! All step is a cueing masterpiece....i can hear cathe now: down tap grapevine,go!

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