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I posted this for Cathe in the Ask Cathe thread. I am interested in hearing everyone's responses. This question comes up a lot, and it seems I have never really gotten a definitive answer. Thanks for your input!

I am wondering about your opinion on waiting just 24 hours between lifting for the same muscle groups, rather than 48. For example, I did your High Reps dvd yesterday, and feel like doing back and chest from Slow and Heavy today. High Reps works these muscles as well, but not in as concentrated a way as Slow and Heavy does. Would it be okay for me to really work chest and back hard today after HR yesterday? This question always seems to haunt me. Thanks so much for your fabulous workouts.
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YMMV, but IMO, if you lifted enough to make a workout worthwhile, you will need to put at least 48 hours between workouts for the same muscle group. I think if you did another workout 24 hours later, you wouldn't bne allowing sufficient recovery, and you'd be lifting less than what you could for that workout. If your goals are to build muscle, then this would be counterproductive.

I'd give it one more day, then work S&H Chest and Back "hard" tomorrow.

If your goal is to maintain or even lose size, but have firmness, there is a workout protocol called "Freestyle training" that is predicated on approaching overtraining, working the same muscle groups most days of the week, but using lighter weights (often no weights for lower body). It's similar to what is done in Debbie Sieber's "Slim Series" workouts. IMO, it works better for lower body than for upper, and could possibly lead to joint problems in the elbow and shoulder.


Generally speaking, I believe adequate rest, as part of a fitness routine, can sometimes underrated to the point of hindering your progress.

Progressive overload training + adequate rest + good nutrition = optimal results.

Any part of the equation that is out of balance can mean you spinning your wheels when you think you honestly are doing the best thing for your health.

Just think how much more you will get out of Slow/Heavy fueled with rest and great nutrients inside you!!


Thanks so much, both of you! I was thinking that since High Reps is so Total Body, that doing isolated Back and Chest work for an hour the next day would be very different. Afterall, High Reps only works Back and Chest for a total of 10 minutes (5 minutes per part!). The day I posted this for Cathe-- since I didn't get an answer, I ended up skipping the S&H workout, and opted for Pilates instead. I definitely mix up my workouts, and much of what I do is actually dance. But I also love lifting, and I LOVE putting on muscle to keep myself strong and lean. Have a great day! :)

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