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I love love love X10. I have to say that we got through Cardio Blast, Fat Burning Circuit...and halfway through Hi/Low, had to call it quits. Now maybe we should've done Hi/Low earlier, but wow!!! This workout kicked our butts and we were sweaty messes and crying for Mama ;-) I think this particular workout falls into a new category: RELENTLESS!!!! This is my favorite of all the new ones I've done. Really liked FlexTrain and Lean Legs & Abs. Wasn't knocked out by Rockout Knockout (I prefer Xtrain's Hard Strikes), but maybe I'll like it better the next time. Choreography is hard for me, so that might've been the problem. Still have a few more to try, but I'm impressed with the new set overall.


I can do Tabatacize Level Five w/no real issues, but I agree w/you, X10 is the ultimate cardio crusher. This morning, I did the step portion & there was no mercy (only really brief break to add risers for the compound weight work).
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I just did X52. Sweat is still dripping down my back and my hair is soaked...true signs of an awesome workout! I'm not sure I could have done much more.

I've tried 4 of the new DVDs and feel they are the perfect complement to XTrain. I see Cathe posted an October rotation that I'll probably start on Monday. WooHoo!!



X10 is killer!!! Oh my goodness, was all I could say. What did I get myself into? The other day, I woke up late and only had time for a short workout, so I did X41 (Low Impact and Fat burning Circuit), and it was a great workout, not too bad. So this morning, I thought I would be adventurous and do 4 segments -- X62. A few minutes into the step portion, all I could think was modify, modify, modify. I clearly wasn't going to do 4 segments of X10 :confused: Like someone else on this thread mentioned, I can do Tabatacize with no problem. This is another story. ;) So I did x10 Step, Hi/Lo and Cardio Blast. That was plenty. The sweat was pouring off of me. I absolutely love the music in the Fat Burning Circuit and the Hi/Lo segment. I hope somebody can tell me what that girls, girls song is and who sings it. I love it. It really helps me push through. i wonder how long before I will be able to do all five segments? It's something to work for. :D

The only thing I wish is that we could program the workout and mix and match with our own choice of workouts the way we could in KPC. I think that caused a lot of problems with the DVDs. At any rate, I love this work out. It's a 10!!!


The Music

I meant to add that the music in the new series is awesome! It's inspiring, fun, and a great mix of old and new songs. I understand that there are those who'd rather do Cathe either with an instrumental or no music at all (and I'm glad Cathe was able to offer them that option), but I won't even bother downloading those. I want my music pumping with my Cathe!


I don't have Xtrain so I thought I would just work through the new ones for a couple rounds and take days off as needed, here's my list, I'm up to PRS#2 today:

X10 (completed first two segments so far)
Rockout Knockout (forgot about the heavy bag bonus, get it next time)
Lean Legs
Great Glutes
Party Rockin' Step #2
Party Rockin' Step #1



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I have to agree with the comments of X10. I used to think HiiT 40/20 and Tabatacise were Cathe's hardest workouts (for me), but I to can do all of Tabatacise without extra breaks and X10 kicked my butt! So I guess that gives me a new goal-to get through X10! Thanks Cathe. Love it!

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