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Hello Everyone!

I am going to have to start being at work 6am a few more mornings a week. I need suggestions on a quick healthy breakfast. I am tired of oatmeal. It could be something made ahead and then heated up in the morning. Any suggestions?
Hi Denise,

Seriously wish there were some suggestions, I need some too! I think I read, maybe here one time that someone baked a sweet potato in the mic for breakfast, that sounded good to me!

Bumping! :)

Lately I've been LOVING Kashi Crunch cereal and strawberries and milk! Another idea with the Kashi is mixing it with Greek Yogurt and fruit.:)
Oh! Thought of another one. Have you ever done "egg in a mug"?

There's SO many combinations, I got from Hungry Girl newsletters and cookbooks.

But the general idea is mix 1/2 C of Egg Beaters (or 2 large eggs) and a wedge of cut up Laughing Cow Light Cheese into a microwavable mug. Nuke for 1 minute on high. Mix. Nuke for about 45 more seconds. SO GOOD, and like I said, you can add different combos of stuff. Check out the Hungry Girl website and search for "The Egg Mug".!!!
I'm not sure how healthy you are looking to be. While this isn't "clean eating" it gets me through to mid morning snack. I have a hard-boiled egg and a slim fast. The slim fast is pre-workout and the egg is post. My mid-morning snack is 1/2 a pbj and dan-active.

I've also made eggs in muffin cups with egg beaters, chopped spinach, tomato and a tiny bit of cheese and then bake until done, and they last me all week.

The eggs in the muffin papers sound great. Would you please be more specific with the oven temperature and time to cook? I'd love to try these.

You could try making a big batch of oatmeal for the whole week. It heats up pretty well if you just add a little water (or milk or whatever) before you nuke it. I add my extras like nuts, flax, wheat germ, fruit, etc. after its hot.
Thanks Everyone!

I am going to try some of these suggestions. I especially like the eggs in the muffin cups idea.
I make a cereal by combining chia seeds, hemp seeds and germinated buckwheat (soak raw buckwheat for 20 minutes to 2 hours, then rinse really well until water runs clear. Put in a jar with a screen top and turn upside down at an angle to drain and let dry. Then I dehydrate it).

I mix about 1 part of each ingredient (varying with each batch, sometimes 2x chia and 1x the others, sometimes 2x buckwheat and 2x the others) with a bit of salt in a Mason jar and shake to mix well.

About 2 TBSP (yes, that's all!) of this, with twice as much milk of your choice (I usually use homemade almond-Brazil nut milk or hemp milk) and any other additions you like (I like dried wild blueberries), let soak for 10 minutes then stir. The chia absorbs some of the milk and will create a texture much like cooked oatmeal.

I would like to know the full recipe for the eggs in muffin cups as well, sounds really good. I go to work for 6:30 so this really helps, I'm going to start taking cereal to work like Raisin Brand Crunch or something.

Thanks for posting these suggestions :)
What about a Frittata that you bake on Sunday night and cut up for the rest of the week? I have made these in the past and they are super healthy. Here is the recipe:

1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 package of frozen spinach
2 eggs
7 egg whites
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 Garlic powder
1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a pan, warm the olive oil and begin sauting the peppers and onions.
3. Add in the salt, pepper and garlic powder.
4. At this time, defrost in the microwave the spinach according to the directions on the package.
5. Once the peppers and onions are tender add in the spinach and saute until well blended with the peppers.
6. Place sauted vegetables into a baking dish (preferably a Pyrex)
7. In another bowl, beat the eggs until the yolks are blended with the whites.
8. Pour the eggs over the sauted vegetables.
9. Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
10. Once cooled, cut up the frittata into servings and wrap for the week.

***As the week progresses, take one serving a day to work and warm in the microwave for about a minute. The frittata keeps well for a week and it's extremely healthy.
Thomas' Bagel Thins...100 calories each and filled with protein and fiber. Top with your favorite nut butter for a healthy, filling, relatively low calorie breakfast! :)
So I'm wayyy late chiming in here :p but was also looking for breakfast ideas and I've made the muffin eggs before - super easy!

roughly 1 whole egg per muffin cup (including veggies, cheese, ham - whatever you put in it) -
bake at 350 for roughly 12 minutes or until they puff, set and brown slightly

I personally didn't bother to pre-saute the veggies and they turn out fine with broccoli, spinach, onion, tomato, etc... Frittatas are awesome too! :)
I just bought some of the new Special K high protein cereal. I added blueberries that I defrosted and some no-sugar-added soy milk. It was delicious!

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