Questions about the New Low Impact Series????

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I'm SOOOOO excited to bring you this really fun new low impact series. I'm sure many of you have questions and I will answer them with as much information as I can share at this time. But first I'm going to grab lunch and will be back at 1:45pm Eastern. If you want to join me come back to Open Discussion at 1:45 and look for the thread that says: "Who wants to talk about the Low Impact series?"


Hi Cathe! How are you doing?

How many DVDs will there be in the low impact series? Will there be lots of premixes:p:eek:? When will you take preorders:D?? I am looking forward the new series!
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You mentioned something about really sweating through this workout. Hard to imagine if it's low impact, but I'm sure, knowing you, you'll find a way!! Very interested in hearing more.

I'm a mature exerciser and should be watching out for my hips, knees and joints, but so far, with the help of glucosamine/chondroitin and a wood, slightly-rebounding workout floor, I've been fine so far with the high impact workouts, like HiiT.

Denise R

I'm hoping for a Low Max 2, something similar to Low Impact Circuit, a nice, non-step, all out cardio workout and a total body toning workout! :)

Can't wait to hear more about this new series!



Love it=) Can we use those sliders on carpeted floors? I would love to try these work outs but my house is all carpets=(


Hi Cathe! Will there be a Low Max like workout in the new series?? Please say yes. I want another like it as I love using my step to sweat. I am into high impact as well, but I have a lot of love for Low Max and to have another one like it would be AWESOME!

And yes, pre-sale info please!


Yay! More low impact workouts! I don't have knee problems but my feet have been pretty messed up for the past few months (neuromas I think) and sometimes I can only do low impact stuff. It will be nice to add more options when my feet are freaking out.

Will it be more like Low Max or more like Low Impact Circuit?


How exciting to have a new series in the works. I'm sure it'll be fabulous. Any idea how many Discs or workouts, and what type? Step, Hiit? Circuit. Can't wait to hear more!! :)


The sliders look like they are hard plastic (like some of the competitors), with an optional softer covering to put on them. You would use them plain on carpeting, and you'd put the fabric covering on them for wood floors, to protect the surface.

Oh, and hiho - hard to image? Seriously? Try kickboxing!! Can be very high intensity and impact is not needed at all!


Loving the low impact

Yes, age has humbled me. Although I LOVE the high impact, I default to low impact movements quite often. I love Low Impact Circuit, Low Max and the low impact on the 4-day split.

I am all about the music. Whatever you rock Cathe, I can do it if the music carries me. I loved the Black Eyed Peas at the SD road trip, not that I listen to them much but for an awesome workout with your professional mix (cleaning up the words) works for me:)

Love you Cathe! Let us know when the presales start.


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I love high impacts workouts, but I'm very interested to the low impact too (especially for my husband who has sometime problems with the knees).

There will be maybe some MMA workout? It would be great!

As I'm really enjoying the Lower Body Blast workout, so I already love the new workout with the plates.
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I hope you are doing choreographed workouts. Everyone out there is doing drill style aeorobics and I am dying for some choreography!!!!


YEAHHHH CATHE!!! You are awesome for doing this!! I was just talking to my Physical Therapist the other day and saying how I wished you would come up with some non-step, low-impact sweat-producing workouts and BAM!! My wish came true!! :eek:

So, will some be non-step?? Circuit? Tell us more!! Can't wait!! Pre-order here I come!! :eek:

Thank you a zillion times from all of my heart and my joints!:D:D:D



Have I mentioned how super excited I am about this???

Ok, my question... How long will these workouts be? I know it's hard to estimate the exact time since you haven't finished filming/editing, but will they be towards the neighborhood of 45-60 min, or will there also be shorter workouts or premixes in the 30-40 min range?


Hi Cathe,

I was sooo excited to read your newsletter this morning to see that this low impact series is your current project. My joints will be happy to have something less intense for the feet and knees. I know you will keep my heart rate racing in this series.

I can't wait to have this series! :)

My question to you is this: Will any of the workouts or premixes allow one to use them in a hotel room? Packing a paper plate and/or bands is easy and doesn't require TSA inspections or confiscations. :)


How Many DVDs? Any Strength?

Hi Cathe!

Thanks for a Low Impact Series!!!!!

How many DVDs will there be and will any have strength or be strength only?



I had a high-pressure day at work today but my spirits are lifted to come home to this awesome news!! I'll be watching for any information...

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