Question for STS repeat offenders...


For those that have done the entire STS program multiple times, how much did your weight change/improve each time you did it? For example if you 15 lbs for chest presses in Meso 1, were you able to do 30 lb (or something significantly heavier anyway) chest presses eventually for the same Meso 1 exercise?


It really depends on the exercise. For shoulders, increases are minimal less than 2-3lbs; biceps & triceps a little more and legs saw the greatest increase, but again it depends on the exercise & body part being worked


For me , I have done STS 5 times but there was some time in between so every time I did it , my weights stayed the same. Sometimes there was a year break in between.
Too funny! I was thinking the exact same thing Sunday. This must be my third, fourth, or fifth time but I too do them quite some time apart and I basically follow the same weights every time. Sometimes it changes depending if it's a strong day or not, too. I just like the whole routine, that's what keeps me coming back for more.


sts repeat offenders...

I wondered the same thing. I am only in the middle of meso 2 the first time, but I wondered if the 5% thing was repeatable. I was pretty weak when I started but really feel that I am getting much stronger. I had not done any lifting in about 3 months and really lost a lot, but it is comimg back quickly...maybe more than 5%, but I don't think future gains will be that dramatic. I will be 65 so am probably limited somewhat on he top end. Hey LasVegasfitgirl..shout out! I don't know about gains but your 1RM"s show a lt of hard work and dedication...congratulations!

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