Question for moms who just had there little ones turn 1


My little girl turned 1 a week ago. Are your 1 year olds still taking a bottle, and what did you substitute with milk or the toddler follow up formula? I can't believe I'm asking these question. I have 5 older kids and for some reason I'm at a lost and nervous all over again!! I've tried giving her milk in a bottle, but I think its to cold for her. I know all of my other kids didn't have a problem with it. Also what do you give your little ones to eat through out the day, to make sure that they are getting enough to eat? Thanks!


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I have a 6yr old, 4yr old and 3 month old...but what I can remember is at 1 year of age the Dr said we could start whole milk and I gave it to them cold in a sippy cup. At age 1 they were eatting what we ate and sometimes I did the Gerber Graduates. I am sure when my little one gets to her different stages I will have a hard time remembering everything I did with the other two kids. Best of luck to you!


Akadia is still taking bottles. We haven't started the transition to regular milk yet only because she still isn't eating much solid food and I know she is getting what she needs in the formula. We already switched up to toddler formula a few months ago. She's just starting to come around with eating solids, so as soon as I feel she is getting more than just a snack, I'll probably start transitioning her to regular milk.


My daughter just turned 1 on the 4th! She is pretty much eating eating everything we do. She doesn't have any teeth yet which is more impressive I think. I do not give her formula. I didn't know they made a "toddler" formula. But she still nurses in the am and sometimes before bed depending. I give her milk and juice in a sippy cup or a bottle (depending on what's readily available or clean) she wants to eat what we are eating so that is what she gets! I don't know if this helps but goodluck!


I am so there with you on being nervous all over again. I have two other girls too and I am clueless. I dont remember anything at all.
Sam turned 1 on July 25. I started her on regular milk 3 weeks before her birthday and she did well with it. It was hard on her in the beginning the milk was making her constipated but nothing too bad. I think her system is getting use to it though because she is getting better. I thought about doing the toddler formula but then though NO because just NO. LOL
She wakes up early around 400am and she has a bottle and goes back to bed and wakes up around 730 then she has cheerios or pieces of w/w bagel with scramble eggs and some juice but I dilute so its really mostly water. Then around 1030 she has a fruit stage 3 with some more water/juice then around 1 she has lunch a veggie with pasta or meat then around 330/4pm she has a bottle of milk. Then around 6 she had dinner with us what we eat she eats rice pasta avocado beans tofu and then a bottle before bed time.
I try to keep her on this schedule because she has been going to the bathroom really well.
I also give her snacks through out the day. She loves icecream chocolate pudding jello gold fishes crackers ritz. When she eats she doesnt eat everything I give her just little bits. The only thing she eat all of is the milk and the fruits and veggies(babyfood).
She doesnt drink in a sippy cup and does not hold her own bottle yet. She isnt walking or crawling yet either but she stills and scouts and spins all over. LOL
She just had her appt on tuesday and dr says she is doing well. She weighs 23 1/2 lbs and 30 1/2 in long. She is teething like crazy. She currently has 8 teeth but has more coming in now and is soooo cranky. She in not sleeping well and not eating as normally but I guess it must be her teeth.
Anyway hopefully everyone else is doing well and enjoying their little ones!


So hard to believe our little ones are already 1 isn't it? Morgan just had her one year check up today and I talked to the pediatrician about weaning her from the bottle. She has been drinking whole cow's milk for 3 weeks now (except I used formula when we traveled recently because I didn't have a fridge for the milk). I started out by giving it to her in a bottle and warmed it up in microwave for 35 seconds first. The first few times I gave her a 2 - 4 oz bottle of milk followed by a 4 - 6 oz bottle of formula. Then I gradually gave more milk and less formula. She did very well.

Now my dilemma is taking her off of the bottle completely. She drinks very well from a sippy cup and through a straw too. But the bottle is a crutch we use to help make her sleepy before naps/bedtime. We started that 2 months ago when she stopped nursing (and had been nursing herself to sleep). She's finally falling asleep well on her own, so I'm afraid to change her routine and remove the bottle. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to tell me.

Morgan eats what we eat. She feeds herself finger foods well. She's not using a spoon yet, but she'll try. Breakfast is usually fruit (banana, plum, pear, grapes in bite size pieces) and dry cereal (she likes Special K, but not Cheerios) or oatmeal. Lunch is usually veggies, beans, toast, and meat/protein. Dinner is similar to lunch.

Here are some of the finger foods I liked when Morgan was first starting out: whole wheat bagel thins (or other bread) - toasted and broken in to small pieces, soft ripe fruits peeled and cut up in to small bites, beans - black, kidney, or black eyed peas, veggie burgers cut in to small bites, chicken/roast beef/turkey in small bites. I love the bags of frozen veggies that you steam in the microwave. I use peas, carrots, corn, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. As long as it's soft and can be mashed up with her gums, she can handle almost anything. Ripe tomatoes and soft cucumbers (peeled) work well too.
Morgan has 8 teeth, but no molars. She's just starting to bite off pieces with her front teeth so I'm giving her bigger pieces of bread or bananas.

It's hard to know when she's full, but I usually get the hint when she starts chucking food over the side of her high chair! Her doctor said some days she'll eat more, and some days she'll eat less. I'm still learning, but this is where we're at now.

Hope you're all doing well!

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