Question: Can you lift as much as Cathe?


Just wondering if you match Cathe's weight in her videos? I saw her doing 35lb dumbbell chest presses, and I'm like struggling with 20lb dumbbells..but then she will do squats with 25's and I can match it or even go heavier. My upper body is so much weaker than my lower body.


Keep on doing that upper body! I started from absolute beginner and now can keep up with Cathe or sometimes exceed (my pull muscles are so much better than my push muscles--so like Repo, push ups are not quite my "thing" but I do what I can). For legs I usually exceed and quite often can do much more. Remember it is much like Repo says about different talents and that we are all made differently. For example I am all leg but with a petite top, even though I'm 5' 8": thus my ability to use heavier weights for my lower body and my upper body push muscles struggle to do as much as Cathe.
Please, please, please continue doing your upper body the best you can. Cathe's weight is just a really good gauge and may be a sort of goal to shoot for. You will only get stronger and yes you will eventually be able to use those 35 lbs for chest press and it will feel damn good!


I can lift the same with lower body. Upper body...??? Not always but I do what I can, safely and with good form. It still gave me definition.
This is an interesting post, and a question I often ponder as well. I usually lift the same as Cathe on the legs and back, but she leaves me in the dust on all other body parts. I think I am finally getting a bit closer on the biceps, but will never get there on chest and triceps. (Shoulders are a mixed bag.) But regardless of my current status, and I so grateful to Cathe for getting me started! Before I learned of her workouts, the heaviest weight I owned was 8 pounds. :)


IMO, don't worry about what Cathe does. Her standard is and what should be something to aspire to, or even exceed. Poundage used in any exercise is something totally personal. If a weight is too light, you will know it. If a weight is too heavy, you will know it. Adjust accordingly so that you always feel challenged. That is all that is needed, IMO


I’m like many others. And can usually match lower body for most videos. Upper body it depends on the work out. The ice series weights were perfect for me. Occasionally I could lift heavier. I’m learning to focus more on my form and what challenges me.


I'm about the same as everybody - lower body I can sometimes use what Cathe is using but OMG that upper body, sheesh, she is strong. Can't remember the DVD right now but there one that she is using a 20 pound DB for Concentration Curls - I'm not there yet!!! Regardless, I use Cathe as my gauge and she always inspires me to go heavier. :)


Yes for lower body and I often exceed Cathe's weights. Yes for upper except for chest and tricep extensions! And as others have said, I will never natch Cathe for push up speed and number of reps as I have only been able to master the military style push up over the last 2 years and it is the one skill my body is keen to let go of unless I practice push ups each and every week. I can tell you though that, regular weight lifting will help you get stronger and stronger your whole life long and it doe snot stop aged 50: I am stronger and lifting heavier weights now aged 53 than ever before.

Keep lifting!


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