Push It


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving :).

I have not been sleeping very well this week so my strength has been down :(. I was not able to increase at all :mad:. At first I was upset about this, but I've made peace now :).


My w/o yesterday was hiit Pyramid.

BBL for personals!
Tasha, squat rack???? JEALOUS!!!!!!!


Hello all!! Sorry haven't posted. We hosted 50 people for Thanksgiving dinner and we have had house guests since last Wed. Last Sunday was a cheerleading competition, so no workout. Girls came in 3rd place :D Then on Monday I woke up and my foot felt like it was twisted. I thought I could ride my bike, but I couldn't do any standing positions so I just rested that day. It felt better by Wed, but that's when our first house guest arrived so I needed to get ready for that. All that to say, no workouts last week :(

I was back at it today though. Flex Train. My entire body is TIRED :eek: I really like that workout. I've noticed that my body is not really liking the 6 day a week workout schedule anymore. I seem to get much better workouts when I do a 5 day week, so that's what I'm going to switch to that. This week I'm going to do 2 circuit workouts, 1 leg, and 2 cardio. I'll get back to my regularly scheduled XTrain rotation after that.

Congrats on the squat rack!!

Good job adjusting with your class!! That must be difficult.

I think that is awesome that you have hiking so close to you!! I really wish I had more time to hike in my hometown.

Enjoy your time off!!


Happy Sunday,
Today was Pedal Power premix#3 and Total Body Stretch (basic). I usually do ball#1 or ball#2 but this was a nice change. I started off with glute activation drills and hamstring cable kickbacks

50? Yikes! I bet everyone had a great time, and I be you are glad to be back to some normalcy!
Glad your foot is better.

Your workout plan sounds good. If you can add a stretch day that would be great. I seem to reach more for Total Body Stretching over Stretch Max but it might be time to change that up, too. STS's extended stretch is good from what I hear; I haven't tried it.

Congrats to the Cheer leading team!

Congrats on your squat rack:eek: That is exciting!
Nice job doing Pyramid HiiT even though you've been tired. You pushed through:cool:

Have an awesome week everyone!


Hi ladies!

First I will write personals, then post my w/o from yesterday :).

Regarding the step aerobics class that was NOT supposed to be step aerobics :rolleyes:, I'm so impressed that you were able to accommodate the class and change the plans last minute! You really kept cool under pressure and was able to give the class such a creative w/o on a whim :eek:. Honestly, that's super awesome of you :).
I'm sorry to hear about your fascia :(. It makes me sad to hear about all these problems happening with you. You are such a strong and positive woman though, and you are dealing with this SO well :). Hang tough and try to be patient. BTW, have you ever considered acupuncture? I know for me it was very helpful.
Yes, I have taken fish oil in the past, but I am very...ahem...lazy w/vitamins and supplement as I have not adapted the habit of taking them daily :eek:.

How is Tyler doing at school?
Yes, Bella's cough IS getting better. Thanks for asking :).
So you decided to start STS in Jan? That's cool :cool:. Any new fitness goodies from Santa this year? ;).

Congrats on 3rd place! That's awesome :eek:.

I'm glad you are feeling better and was able to go on a lovely hike. I can't wait to do those long hikes with Bella as her little legs get used to hours of walking. I want to be JUST LIKE YOU when I grow up :).
IMO isolation moves are great and worth doing to bring up "lagging" muscle groups, but I don't feel they should be the bread & better of a w/o program anymore. I'm getting amazing results with all the big compound movements and only 10min of isolation work here and there.
Glad you are enjoying Bret's program!

OH MY I have to head out to do some Xmas shopping. BBL to post my w/o :p.


Hey all!! Today was Rockout Knockout. Really like that one.

How are you adjusting to Bella being in school? Seems like that would be a big adjustment for you going from entertaining a busy child to having all that free time.

I'll have to look into Total Body Stretch. I haven't seen that one before.


Hi everyone!

So I have been doing this program for about 5 months now. I am seeing such incredible changes in my body and strength. My posture is much better, my core is firmer, my legs and glutes look GREAT ;) (if I do say so myself :eek:), my entire upper body has visible muscle definition. I feel very confident, strong, healthy. This is such a wonderful program and I'm so happy to have embarked on it!

My w/o on Sunday was:

1) 6x4R deads @ 120lbs!!!!. The lift felt great! My back feels REAL good .

2) 6x4R chin-ups superset w/
6x4R overhead press @ 50lbs

*beach work*
1) 1 drop set of barbell curls
2) 1 drop set of tricep extensions
3) 1 drop set of lateral raises

I forgot to mention your foot in my last post. How are you feeling? I hope you didn't injure it :(.

Have a great one ladies!


Happy Tuesday!
Yesterday was Afterburn after glute activation drills. Still in love with AB:D Decided to change it up and modify a little --

You know the feet-dragging staggered pushups? Instead of doing that I skipped the pushups and held the plank instead - this means I stayed concentrated in a plank pose with added movement for the duration of that exercise series.

Instead of the Spider-Man mountain climbers I skipped the discs and did Knee-Ins.

Instead of the cross-under feet slides I stayed in a plank pose (on my elbows) and kept one leg extended in an isometric hold. The 2nd time when the exercise was repeated I switched to the other leg for an iso-hold.

Gotta say, my abs are feeling the burn with all that planking! Wow!

Took a rest day today but tomorrow I'll hit it hard with Glutes.

Total Body Stretching is an older one; Stretch Max is also good. Each stretch segment (on both DVDs) is less than 15 minutes (13 minutes or so); very do-able. Sometimes I do two stretch segments in a row. The neck stretches have really helped; I think that's a stretch most people leave out. I remember one of your goals is to stretch more and I *think* you're not really into Yoga - this is a great alternative... and actually I think better than Yoga since it's not *work*.

Nice job with ROKO; I did it once and enjoyed it. I just need my upper body to feel better before I go throwing any punches;)

WoHoo! 120#! I am so excited for you! Also, the 50# OH presses is awesome; I've never been able to do more than 20# db OH presses. Not to mention the chin-ups:eek: How are you doing on pull-ups? Just curious. Glad to hear how happy you are with your results - you can and should say so yourself;) You've earned it.

When I get to feeling better I think I may have to delve more into Nia's program... you've been so inspiring:cool:

Thank you - I was a bit freaked out about teaching on a whim but I trusted myself:cool: And I had good music which ALWAYS helps:D

Also, you're right - I am trying to be patient. Imagine going 2 months without being able to lift upper body weights the way I want to; it is hard. But I know that for long-term health I have to heal, and I certainly cannot progress uless I am healed. So it's baby steps and that's okay.

Thank you for the reminder about acupuncture -- it was wonderful for me when I broke my wrist years ago but didn't even think about it helping the fascia! So I looked it up (acupuncture for fascia) and found someone who I think will be good and spoke with her (she knows my physical therpist which I thought was cool). She also does *cupping* and suggests that method for me but we will go from there after an evaluation. So then, naturally, I looked up *cupping for fascia therapy* and found TONS of articles supporting the cupping method for fascia therapy. My apt Tuesday the 10th:cool:

Also, the physical therapist wants to do some work with my hips/pelvis and I'm seeing her Friday; being skewed can't be helped but it'll be good to see how she can help.

I am SO RELEIVED because I feel like (thanks to you!) there may finally be a solution! The constant massages and chiropractor visits have offered temporary relief... then when I do any kind of back work I'm wadded up again. Fixing the fascia issue may take a handful of visits but #1, treatment is less expensive than massages and #2, I whole-heartedly believe it really will fix the fascia problem once and for all!:D

Gotta run - have an awesome week!


Nanbo---Doggone it....I missed Jammies Day!!! That's what I get for not posting.

Tasha----how much weight are you holding in that avatar?? You have really been focused so I am not suprised your muscles are popping all over. You hard work is paying off.

Toni----Hosting 50 guests must have been stressful but totally awesome at the same time. Congrats to Jazmine and her cheerleading squad!

----Glad you are able to find the right modifications to get in your workouts. I see your glutes are still going strong.

We had 4 guests for Thanksgiving. One of my cousins who just graduated from high school and joined the Air Force was about 2 1/2 hours away doing some training before her permanent station. We were able to go get her and let her spend the holidays with her. It was nice having her visit. She has never been here before so it was fun. My brother joined us for dinner along with DH's nephew and nephew's girlfriend. Did a little mid-day shopping on Friday and caught on movie on Saturday.

I think I got in 3 workouts last week. Toni, I really need to get back to 5 days a week. My workouts have been closer to 3 days the last two months and that really doesn't work for keeping my body in shape. At least not for the way I like to eat.

This week has been Xtrain. Monday was Chest, Shoulders and Back and yesterday was Tabatacise and Today was Cardio Leg Blast followed by 200 walking lunges. I must say I thought those walking lunges were really tough when I first did part of the rock bottoms rotation. I am going to add on some lunges to my workouts when I can. Maybe not 300.....but 200:D


20 DAYS 'TIL SANTA!!!!:eek:
I've been pretty busy at work gearing up for a 2 week vacation for the Holly Daze! I've been keeping up with a decent workout schedule...still not up to my normal intensity, but that's okay...I'll get there! I had my butt kicked from FlexTrain on Saturday and felt it all the way to Monday! Seemed to compound the glute work I've been doing ;)...I really don't know what I did differently, but I think I'm learning to use my glutes more during workouts. That is something I need to thank Bret Contreras for :p! I'm supposed to be doing 4 days of lifting and 2 days of Tabata/HiiT, but I already had an unscheduled rest day yesterday, so I blew that! I have weights tonight so I'll just really pay attention to form and also try to increase reps....this phase of my rotation just got kicked up a notch and I feel it much more than the first 4 weeks :D!!!

Tasha, I am very impressed with your progress...I know I have said it before, but I think you've found your nitch!!! 120# on deads is phenom!!! You have really earned the squat rack that Santa is bringing you!!! You are a great spokesperson for Nia ;)!!!

HeartyMax, I know what you mean about needing to get in at least 5 days of workouts per week! Last month really sucked for me workout wise, but I wasn't eating enough to maintain my normal routine anyway. I like to have some type of physical work everyday, whether it's weights, cardio, walking, or stretching. It keeps me in the habit! Also, don't worry about missing "Stay in Your Jammies Day"; I'm sure you'll initiate the next one for us:p!!!

Jennifer, I like your modifications for Afterburn! Those dragging push-ups are very high on my dread factor list! I hope that the acupuncture works to alleviate your pain...pain is not good...interferes with life too much :(. I've noticed that with Bret's workouts my bad foot (mainly my heel) is very sore and tender all day. I think it is because of the focus on hip thrusts and glute bridges and pushing up through my heels. I love the glute work though, and I wasn't getting this much with the Cathe rotations that I was doing. I will always do hip thrusts and glute bridges no matter what :eek:!!!

Toni, after hosting 50 people for T-Day, you should have had a "Stay in Your Jammies WEEK!!!!!" It's great that you were able to get back to the workouts and your foot thing was temporary...I love Flextrain, too, and include it every week to get huffin' and puffin' and work those beach muscles, too (can she work those triceps out any more??? OWIE!)!

Well ladies, I'm going to wash up my lunch dishes and get back to work! I hope you all have a great Wednesday and get a good workout in today!!!:)


Nancy---So you are member of the "glutes club" too! :D I know Tasha and Jennifer have been rocking the glute work, but didn't realize that you were doing a similar program.

It's TTOM but I was determined that I am not going to let it slow me down. I thought about doing cardio, but felt that a strength workout would be better today so I opted for Xtrain Bi's and Tri's. Those kickbacks in the plank position are tough. I had my step out from the other day so I decided to just use it for my plank positon:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:.


Good morning,
Yesterday was glute activations,
hip thrusts,
single leg dead lifts,
elevated back lunges,
single leg back extensions,
hip cable rotations, and finally foam rolling.

This morning was glute activations,
goblet squats,
cable abductions,
front/back band walks,
Hiit 40/20, and finally Total Body Stretching (ball#1).

Nice job working the glutes; how awesome that they are doing some work on their own;)

Very nice; glad you pushed through TTOTM with weight work. That ought to help your stress level say low, too. Then again, you seem to be calm, cool, and collected regularly:cool:

I love those triceps kickbacks in plank position; do you totally feel it in your obliques as well as your triceps?

You look amazing; love your new picture. Your posture and muscles look fantastic!

By the way, my cupping appointment is Tuesday the 10th - can hardly wait:D

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Hi awesome ladies!

My w/o today was:

1) 6x4R front squats @ 85lbs

2) 6x4R push-ups w/a 16lbs vest! superset w/
6x4R inverted rows with 1 foot elevated (NO BRIDGE POSITIONS!)
I'm getting really strong at these :eek:

3) 3x15R barbell hip thrust w/75lbs
*just a note about the thrusts. I find that I get better glute activation with 4 risers on my step. I took a vid of my form and it looks very controlled and my back feels good during the movement. Jennifer how many riser's do you use? If you look at Bret's new hip thrust equipment, the height of the neck and shoulder's are even higher than 4 riser's (could be 6, actually), if I were to compare.*

Your Thanksgiving sounded lovely :).
I LOVE walking lunges :eek:. I would love them even more if I was able to use a barbell!
The weight in the Avatar is 100lbs...I think :confused:.

Glad your foot is feeling better :).
I'm adjusting well to Bella being at school :). I don't feel like I have that much free time because I walk 1hr 20min/day and I always seem to be doing stuff to keep myself busy. One thing is for sure, my housework and cooking get done WAY faster without her around lol :p.
Speaking of cooking, you are a champ for hosting all those people during Thanksgiving :eek:.

Thanks for the pic love :):eek:.
Your w/o's have been great this past week! I love how you find a way to modify certain exercises instead of skipping them altogether.
Working LB is DA BOMB :eek:. Did you know that heavy LB compound movements (deadlifts in particular) actually increase testosterone? I think that's why I'm getting more muscle now!
Let me know how the cupping and acupuncture go. I'm optimistic that it will help you! I had a friend that did cupping on a reg basis for her back pain. It was kinda funny cuz' she would show me the circular, red marks on her back -- they look kinda' like burn marks.

Looks like you are back to your 110% kick-butt self :eek:.
I'm so happy you are enjoying Bret's program! It was awesome of you to venture out of your comfort zone, and now you are reaping the rewards. Working glutes actually helps a lot of muscle imbalances -- especially in the lower back and hips. I have found that since I've been squatting and hip thrusting several times/week, that my lower back feels SO MUCH better!

Have a kick-butt day ladies!
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Good morning!
Yesterday I did a DVD from a long time ago; I broke out the Piloxing DVD which recently came up in a FB post. It was fun. I had absolutely no trouble in the floor work session or during the program using legs and glutes -- my LB has obviously gotten so much stronger:D However, my upper body has lost a significant amount of strength so I had to take off my gloves, and they were only 1# each:rolleyes: Oh well, it was a very nice active recovery day.

This morning was Circuit Blast - it was great; been a long time since I did that one. I *almost* did Great Glutes but decided to do a few sets of a few exercises from Bret's program. Since I wanted at least some upper body and cardio I decided to go with CB; so glad I did;)

I think someone asked me how many risers I use for my hip thrust; I use a 65" stability ball. I set it next to a stack of 8 risers and the heights matched. Remember how tall I am, though, so I'm parallel at the top of my glute squeeze and not in hyper extension.

Awesome - way to rock the strength workouts and getting so dang strong!:eek: Congrats on those inverted rows!

No, I didn't realize that compound weight work increases testosterone; I just thought the extra muscle came from the extra work.

Thanks, you betchya' - there is no way I'm going to quit working out; just modify when I need to, that's the key. I'll get stronger later;) My priority is staying healthy and as fit as I can be for the rest of my life; even though it sucks taking a break from my beloved heavy UB weights I'm still lucky enough to be able to work out at all:cool:

It's freaking freezing here (sleet a couple days ago, light snow yesterday); 'tis the season. I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful day!


Jennifer--we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow.

Today has been very busy. DS11 has sax lessons on Saturday mornings. The instructor says that he is transitioning very well to baritone sax and she could tell that he is really practicing alot. His first middle school concert Tuesday and he is excited. After lessons, I had to drop off DS15 at the mall for the volunteer work with the criminal justice program. The sheriff's office runs a detect and deter program during holidays and the criminal justice students write down tag numbers of people who fail to lock their doors or leave valuables visible. The sheriff dept will mail the owner a letter about safety. Add in grocery shopping and getting youngest a birthday party and picking both boys back up and my day was over before I knew it.

Luckily, I got up early enough to get in my 45 minutes on the elliptical giving me my 5 days for the week.


Happy Monday fit and fab women,
Sunday I accepted the X77 challenge; I did it and yes, I did run for the lighter weights! It started off with a huge blast and I thought *what did I get myself in to* but I enjoyed it very much and definitely was glad I am not too proud to lower my weights. In fact, Cathe even asked if we ran for lighter weights:D

This morning I did a few glute exercises; hip thrust, single leg dead lifts, cable hip rotations (I call these Hip Twists; they are like the Torso rotations but I'm only twisting the hip with the glutes instead of rotating the torso with my glutes), cable side abductions, and front/back band walks. Foam rolled my glutes, serratus anterior, pecs, and rotator muscles.

Oh yeah - my physical therapist has me doing interna/external rotations with my rotator cuff muscles so I did those, too. She also had to flatten out the huge knots on top of my traps; they did not want to go away, they came out of nowhere, and they sure were uncomfortable!:eek:

Tomorrow I might start the day with Intensity Step. My Cupping massage is also tomorrow - can hardly wait! Supposedly it can help a whole bunch of issues (sinuses, digestion, and things like adhesions after a hysterectomy). I have high hopes for this method :D

Craig left for Ohio today to have an early Christmas with his mom and brother. My dad is on his way home from his final trip to MT; I will be ready for Kitty to go home. As sweet as she is the dog situation has gotten worse and I don't understand why. Now both Dawn and Whisper have tried to bite her -- and all she was doing was sitting next to me. Craig likes to *speak* for the dogs and he says *but she looks so meaty and tasty*:D While Craig is gone I'm afraid Kitty won't get near the attention she deserves because now she hides from the dogs and dividing my time with all of them will be hard. Sigh. I guess there are worse things to worry about.

Hope you all didn't get massive snow; we didn't get a lot but some areas got slammed with it.
Wow, you are BusyMax! All good things, though;)
Nice job getting your 45 on the elliptical.

Have a great day, everyone!


Jennifer--we got some snow but mostly ice overnight which resulted in a 2hr delay for schools. There were unexpected power outages across the county so we also got out 1.5 hr. Early. We are expecting 4 inches tomorrow waiting to see.

This morning was Party Rockin Step 2 and a part of HC for a good core workout.


Hi ladies!

This week is my de-load week! The last w/o I did was on Sunday:

1) 8x4R squats @90lbs. I can't go heavier because the TT is not really a squat rack, and I don't feel comfortable loading/unloading heavier loads with it. Can't wait for my squat rack!!!!!

2) 6x4R bar dips superset w/
6x4R barbell rows at 80lbs

I didn't add any beach work because we were kinda in a rush to go see the new Disney movie Frozen. It was really good! Bella seemed to have enjoyed it as well :p.

Is Piloxing a combo of pilates and boxing? If so, that sounds SO interesting. I don't doubt one bit that your leg and glutes are strong -- you work them so well!
It was me that asked how many risers you use for the hip thrusts. WOW 8 riser's! You really ARE tall :eek:. I am finding that 4 riser's seems to work my glutes very well. I should try 5 riser's and see if I get more glute activation. I recall one woman making a comment on one of Bret's hip thrust vids, and she said she used 5 riser's and was 5'2.
So sad about the kitty :(. Craig's comment was pretty funny though :D. Perhaps your doggies are jealous of her getting attention. Could that be a possibility?
Let me know how the cupping goes!

I've said this before, your boys seems like such amazing kids. I love how they volunteer and are involved in so may extra curricular activities.

Have a great day everyone!


I'm glad I've had extra time to keep up in here. Work has slowed down and even though I prefer it more quick-paced I definitely can enjoy the down time for a while.

This morning was Intensity Step.
My pre-warmp was 20 body weight goblet squats, nice and low, and just to activate the glutes and flexibility. Afterwards I did another 20 with light weight and then foam rolled.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow; guess I'll have to see how I feel.

I will definitely post about the massage - it's getting closer:D
Can you tell how excited I am?! I don't even care about the marks it will leave, they will go away.

That's exactly what Piloxing is - combo of boxing and standing pilates (but she does floor work at the end).

I think you're right, the cat is taking my attention away from them. Although she does look very inviting - she just sits there like a sitting duck all pudgy and cute like a bunny rabbit, not even flinching at them:rolleyes: At least, not until they try to attack her.

I'm hoping Santa comes early for you! Although waiting through the anticipation is exciting:)

Looks like another good workout for you:cool:
I'm glad you and Bella enjoyed the movie!

If you do add a riser be sure to let us know how it goes; you know how to work your form to the maximum;)

I hope everyone is okay; driving in ice and power outages and all that wintery stuff can be dangerous. 4" makes me nervous!

Two workouts today - way to go! I think PRS#2 is so fun :)

When are you having the party for the youngest DS? Is it a surprise?

By the way, anyone who is interested in joining the Cathletes FB page please do; Anna Vidd will have to accept your request. It's nice seeing all the different workouts that people are doing. In fact, Anna did a Leslie Sansone walking workout (and naturally I thought of *Tash*). Lots of people post their workouts even though they are not Cathe-specific. Have a super day, everyone!


Cupping report:
After filling out basic info and checking a TON of boxes (have you ever had...) the appointment ran 2 hours and 15 minutes. Generally the first appointment goes for an hour and a half; I'm guessing she (Maureen) did a little extra work on me. The following appointments are less expensive and supposedly less time consuming; well - I guess so since I've already filled out the pages and pages of info!

She used heat to create the suction of the bulbs on my back. I don't know how many she had on there at one time but she parked one and slid some others around. One side is definitely worse than the other... there were more broken capilaries on that side. They look like big hickies! LOL! There are a couple on the back sides of my neck, too:D
The marks on the other side are gone. I should have taken a picture.

It didn't hurt but it didn't feel as nice as a massage; I think that it was more effective because I could feel the density of the tissue much better than during a massage -- I found that to be VERY interesting.

Then after a while she flipped me over (ha, well, she didn't literally flip me over;)) and did acupuncture - she put needles in my head, on my face, in my ears, my arms, my hands, and one of my legs. She said the ones in my head and ears (I think) are for relaxation - it worked because I dozed a couple times! I felt SO relaxed and de-tensed when I left.

She explained that in order to benefit from the treatment I need to come back 2 more times within 7 days to capitalize on the first treatment; after that I can taper off a bit. She says I might need 12 visits. That's okay, the cost is a little more than what I pay for the chiropractor however she spends a LOT more time with me and the soft tissue is important; I think the tissue getting wadded and tight pulls my C2 out so this will help to cut back on my adjustments. It seems that I was need to go to the chiro at least a couple times a month.

Anyway, she told me that the *good* feeling may not last long but after the 3rd one in 7 days it will last longer. She is right - I felt great all the way until lunchtime, and now I feel that tension again... and I did not even work out today. I think Pilates tonight will do me some good, though - I am going to have us strengthen the back of our necks and do rotator cuff exercises; if I need it then it can't hurt them:) Besides, some of them can't hold up their necks to do the ab work so it definitely is time to bring in that exercise.

I included a tip on my check and she actually TOLD me not to tip her and that she'd apply the extra money towards my next appointment. No one has ever told me not to tip but I gladly accepted; jumping right into 3 visits within 7 days is a chunck of change especially during Christmas. I understand that we don't tip doctors, either, and this was not a spa treatment. Neither is a deep tissue massage but I know I'm supposed to tip for that. It's nice to know that not everyone expects a tip.

I have got to get back to UB soon but I don't want to mess up any progress so other than *therapy* exercises or some circuit style workouts I still won't be doing any UB S&E work until maybe next week. Maybe just resistance and isometric work to continue using the muscles.

Have a super day - say warm and safe!


Jennifer---glad the appointment went well. Funny about the tip.

School was closed yesterday----good thing because I was in bed sick all day. Sore throat and chills. Crawled out of bed to go to work today but I still don't feel well. Hope this passes soon.

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