Push It January 2014


Didn't sleep well last night so I am glad a short workout was on deck for today. Finished Hardstrikes. I cant find my wrist weights and I don't have gloves. I just held a one pound weight from my vest so that worked out. I skipped the core work since I got a lot of core yesterday.

Toni---I hope to get stronger with Volume 2....I need many breaks. I have been rotating one riser and two risers just to change it up a bit. I don't like volume 1 so I need to order another one so I can alternate.

Nancy--I dont have the energy to do anything after AfterBurn....totally tough workout that leaves me speechless.

My oldest son is 15 and I told DH that I wanted to start teaching him how to prepare some simple meals for dinner. Well, last night he cooked spaghetti and meat sauce. He even cut up the onion to sautee with the ground beef. He did a good job adding different seasonings slowly and I was really impressed when he got a different spoon and bowl for his tasting instead of double dipping.He wanted dessert and we had some cake mix so he made a layered cake and added chocolate frosting. I did not eat cake, but the pasta was good. I was very proud of him. My DH is a good cook and he contributes that to his mom.


HeartyMax, I didn't sleep well last night either! Maybe it's due to that extra effort we've been putting into our workouts?:confused::p I love that your son is enthused about cooking! He'd probably enjoy baking bread from scratch, too. I'm sure he will be a real help to you in freeing up some of your time! LUCKY GIRL!!!

Toni, so far the January rotation IS a beast! I have modified every workout so far! Tonight is GS Chest and Tris, and I am planniing to add the floorwork from GS Legs since I only did the standing portion on Tuesday. Tomorrow I'm substituting LIS Cardio Supersets for Cardio Core Circuits. On Saturday I'm doing GS Back Shoulders & Bis and will add on the leg conditioning drills I was supposed to have done last night after Flextrain. How can anyone do ANYTHING after Flextrain?????:rolleyes::p Next week looks more manageable. I hope I can keep up with this rotation!:eek:

I know this is a quickie post but I really wanted to at least check-in and stay accountable ;)! Have a great rest of the day ladies!


Today was Pedal Power premix #3. Just 39 minutes and I didn't go full out. It was slightly more intense than my endurance spin DVD, but I didn't push as hard as I normally do. I think it was just right for this week. Next week I can give a little more umpf :)

Jasmine had a private tumbling lesson today. OMG is that girl getting strong!! It's really weird to watch them progress at times. I don't always watch practice so I don't see how she's doing from day to day. Sometimes it will have been a month since I've seen her and she will be doing something new or the old skills she had are so much stronger. It just takes me back to the days when she first started and she couldn't even do a cartwheel!!

I think it's great that your son is starting to cook!! I'm just now starting both my kids cleaning the kitchen. I know I'm late with it, but honestly I'm just now having the patience to deal with them doing chores. I guess it's better late than never.


Toni---my kids rarely help clean the kitchen and when they do it does not involve washing dishes. I almost feel guilty but I too dont have the patience. My oldest my load dish washer occasionally and my youngest sweep. TBH, with all their activities and homework I just dont think there is much time during the week. Yes, I know our parents had us doing more at their age..... it's okay that we choose whatever works right? LOL. Awesome that your daughter is getting much stronger. I know that feeling you get. Same one I feel as my son has progressed on the saxophone. Amazing what kids accomplish and the pride they have it. Love these moments.

Xtrain Biceps and Triceps today. Freezing rain so there was a last minute school closing. It has been a long and tiring week after returning from two week break so I am embracing this day off.
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Sounds like you all are doing great! Yep, it's just been freezing here as well. We're getting a warmup today; rain and high 30s. Feels great:cool: Hopefully the snow will be washed away soon.

Shoveling was work and I had to do it twice because when it snowed again I didn't want it to pile up like it did the previous storm.

But ya' know, I shoveled more paths in the backyard for the dogs; they don't like that kind of freezing cold and deep snow but when I tossed Dawn's stuffed duck she went for it and ran lap after lap after lap through the snow with the duck in her mouth. She looked beautiful and awesome, so graceful and strong, and having a blast:D I was dressed in my ski wear so I was warm and had fun playing with her even if it was only for 10 minutes. The other two just stood at the door waiting to go inside. Don't blame them at all! At least they went outside and did their business and didn't have to put their bottoms in the snow:)

Work was canceled Mon-Tue so I enjoyed my snow days.

All is going well with me physically I'm happy to say, even after all that shoveling! It's been a week and a half since any acupuncture or cupping. I'm scheduled for a regular massage on Monday; with all the focus on my upper body I feel it's time for a full body massage.

Today was timesaver premix (1 time through) of Afterburn. During this last week I've also done HiiT 40/30, HiiT30/30, and Step/Jump/Pump premix (Step and Circuit #2). Naturally I've also done glutes and a few sets of various back, chest, and shoulder work (light weights and body weight). Still keeping up with foam rolling and stretching, too. I've added Pilates with the band; it has its pros and cons.

Toni, SO glad you are enjoying the new workouts!

I did the P90X stretch and it wasn't work but it was long. I ordered a stretch DVD from Collage video: Karen Voight's Pure & Simple Stretch. It's barely over 30 minutes and the preview looks great.

Tash, apparently it was a dream but I thought you squatted 220lbs! No idea why I dreamed that but maybe it was a glimpse of your future:D Squats and banded hip thrusts - OWEE is right! That's the way to work:cool:

Nancy, are you not able to cross country ski anymore because you don't live close to a place where you can go? That's my problem. When I lived in Michigan (elementary school!) we went cross country skiing in PE class; I loved it. We also used to ice skate on the creek that always froze. I've been downhill skiing twice and I'm just not a speedster so I'm fine with the baby hills and cross country but I have no where to do it.

Cathe's rotation this month looks great and I really thought I'd do it but at this time I prefer to rebuild my strength slowly and steadily.

Heartymax, the spaghetti dinner sounds wonderful; I can imagine how cool it must have been to watch your son prepare dinner -- and bake a cake!

Caitlin, one of my favorite ab exercises is the stability ball roll out. It stretches and contracts the abs not to mention the additional back and glute work. There's a lot going on in that move, that's for sure! Another really great one is the dragging plank where your forearms/elbows are on the ground and feet are on the discs; then you pull yourself forward for a few counts and then push yourself backwards for a few counts. I discovered that one when I was modifying an Afterburn exercise.

How fun that you have 2 Cathe calendars! I only have one and I keep it in the workout room where I jot down what I've done for the day. Personally I don't use stickers but for your sake I hope they get updated.

Have a super day!


Hi ladies!

Hope you all are doing well :). My w/o on Friday was:

1) 5x6R squats @ 85lbs
Unfortunately, I have hit a plateau on my squat #'s :(. I am unable to increase past 90lbs without struggling on my last rep and my form going crappy. Not sure if I should give myself more rest time to recover, so I will aim for 2 1/2 min between sets next time. One positive note is that I can surely hit past 90lbs when doing 4R -- it's that 6th rep that get's me :confused:.

2) 5x6R dips superset w/
5x6R barbell rows @ 85lbs

I was tired, so no additional beach work.


Here is the link to the pressure point thingy I have: Massage Therapy | Pressure Point Massage Stick - Gaiam
I'm SO HAPPY to hear things are going well for you physically :). Full body massages are friggin' amazing :eek:. I feel as though I really need one as well. Even though I foam roll, it's just not the same :(.
LOL squat 200lbs :eek:. HA! Not at the rate I'm going :(. I honestly don't think squats are one of my strong lifts, but I'm gonna keep plugging away!
You should seriously try to find a way to do those band hip thrusts! They feel totally different than the barbell. Too bad that Bret Contreras hip thruster is SO expensive :mad:.

Here is the Jerk Chicken recipe: GRACE - Genuine Caribbean Taste
Glad you are able to enjoy some extra days off because of the snow :).
Love that your son is starting to cook! Mark's mom taught him how to be self-sufficient at a very young age, so I'm very grateful for that :). A man who can cook and clean...you can't beat that ;).

Congrats on Jasmine progressing and getting stronger! Kids are absolutely amazing -- the way their body can adapt so quickly, their flexibility, strength. The body is incredible, that's for sure.

Sorry about the lack of sleep :(. I have also not been sleeping very well lately :confused:. I hope you are able to get some full nights rest very soon!

How are you? How is Tyler? Hope all is well :)

I never do traditional "core" or ab isolation work. For one reason, it bores me to tears! All the heavy compound exercises work my core VERY well. You just absolutely cannot do a heavy squat unless your whole body is tight and engaged, you know? And I'm with you on the kickboxing! It's one of my fav forms of cardio.

Have a great day ladies!


Hello all. Friday was a RF totally body workout. RF has two total body workouts. The one I did was the easier of the two, which was a good pick on my part. This rotation is a bit harder on my shoulder than I expected. It's actually only one shoulder. The should I strained last year. From time to time I can feel a burning sensation in it. I think all the planks and spawls might be a little bit too much for my shoulder. I'm supposed to do HC on Wed, but depending on how I feel I may sub it out for another core workout that is easier on the shoulder. I may also change my Sunday workout from my MMX workout to HiiT 30/30. That would put give my shoulders an extra day of recovery, which I think I need right now.

Today was P90X3 MMX. Again challenging. I can see this becoming one of my fav KB workouts. Having the up/down motions in the workout really adds a lot to the workout for me personally.

I'm sure your squat numbers will come up over time. If you can get 4R, when 6R are just around the corner :)

I have that stretch DVD :) It is good. It's 2 segments I believe. One standing and one on the floor. They were both good. I'm sure you will enjoy them.

Choosing what works is def the best way to go!! I remember being a new parent and being baffled by the whole thing. I would tell myself: I'll just try something else that doesn't work!! The point was that I keep trying and moving forward instead of getting too frustrated with what wasn't working.

Hope everyone else is doing well!!


Tasha---I am confident that you will push through on the squats. A little extra recovery may be the key. Thanks for the recipe. I will grab ingredients soon to give it a try.

Jennifer--dogs are so funny. Our dog loves his walk regardless of the weather and DH ventures out. Our dog plays in the snow a little and it is funny.

Toni--my left shoulder is bothering me. I think it is from the chest exercises. I ordered HC Bootcamp on my day off Friday. ...see what inclement weather day does to me. LoL...I wanted to have a change and I dont like using vol. 1. I previewed the others and went with BC. I heard it's the beast of the HC.

Solid Faith in Stormy Times was the message at church yesterday. Funny how some Sundays I feel the message was written just for me:). I made meatloaf and cabbage yesterday. I haven't cooked that in a very long time. Even the boys ate it where as I never know if they will eat the meatloaf.

Today's workout was Cardio Legs and Core 2. I had a hard time with the one where you keep one elbow down and the other arm straight up and come all the way up. Oh my.... it gets in the core good.

At 45, I am starting to feel that it is getting harder to keep my weight down. Pepple said it would happen at 30 but it didnt.....then 35....then 40....but I seriously think its true now. I continue to exercise and try to manage my eating but things that used to work when I pick up a few pounds as in 3 to 5 are not working as fast as they used too. That's my confession of the day :)


Getting ready to start Week 2 of Cathe's January 2014 Metabolic Rotation!!! That first week was brutal...I'm glad I'm doing it!!! I already feel more energized! Today I'll sub out "X10 in it's entirety" with Tabatacise and Core#1.

HeartyMax, I know what you mean about the weight challenges as we get older. It started to really get interesting for me 2 years ago ;). I really need to watch my nutrition (and calories) a lot closer now and I MUST do at least 3 cardio workouts per week. I tried to convince myself that my weight gain was muscle form the heavier weightlifting, but sadly that is not the case. I have gained inches all over and my clothes don't fit :(. I'm hoping to adjust things and get control back :rolleyes:! I saw video of myself from Christmas and was surprised by what I saw. I don't have a full length mirror in my house so it was alarming to see my lower half getting bigger. My Mom said I was "chubby". Wow. So I am having an intervention on myself...hence the Metabolic Rotation and elimination of all superfluous food for a few weeks! Also, yes, that move in Core# is SO TOUGH!!!!! I really dread it!

I have to cut this a little short for now...hope to be back later for more....


So... too much peach fuzz on the face and a slight mustache! Last week I did a clay masque and saw all the hair and thought the testosterone/lack of estrogen was turning me into the beareded lady! Gotta say, Nair for the face was awesome. I tested the side-burn area as a skin test and it was fine so I did the rest of my face. However, my upper lip was a bit too sensitive so it's still slightly red; next time I'll know to not leave it on as long in that area:rolleyes:

As mentioned before, Afturburn premix on Friday and then Flex Train on Saturday; it was great. I love the 1-arm plank/triceps kicks. I was nervous that I'd have shoulder/neck trouble again but all was well.

Rest day Sunday, but this morning was some glutes and then Gym Styles Back and Shoulders. Instead of over-head presses I stayed with lateral and front raises the entire time.

Then I did the Pure and Simple Stretch; it was fine but I was very bored. I stuck it out but really think I'm better off concentrating on various stretches every day with my own music and to my own timing. I am returning the DVD today.

I'm getting a 90-minute full body massage today and I get to use pre-taxed dollars because my doctor signed off on my Med Necessity form so I can use my Flexible Spending Account card. Happy dance over here:D

Thanks for the link to the stick roller. That wasn't what I was pictureing but it turns out I have seen that one and have thought several times about ordering it! Thank you for posting it and I'm glad to know how much you like it:cool: That was just the push I needed:)

I tied all 3 long bands to the bottom of the turbo tower and had it weighted down with an 85# barbell (what I use for regular barbell hip thrusts). I see what you mean about the burn at the top! I might try lightening the weight of the barbell and using both because I really like feeling the weight in my stretched, lower position which I don't get with just the band.

Remember to keep pushing through; strength gains are big time at first but it gets harder and harder to lift heavier. You will get there, I just know it!

Toni and Heartymax,
Sigh. Shoulders are So tricky, aren't they? I have found that I have to focus more on pressing them down more than anything when doing any kind of work that involves the shoulder (even when I'm SURE I am not tensing up the shoulders towards the ear). Again, not so much back as pressing down. Also, LOTS of neck, chest, and shoulder stretches. Turns out the tension in my neck was tightening up my traps and pulling on my shoulder. One really good stretch is lengthening the arm long and out to your side, palm side up and then flex the hand down. It's even better when you press the palm (fingers down) into the wall. Then if you can tilt the head toward the opposide side that's even better. In addition, you can lean into the wall by arching your opposite hip outwards. These various stretches really helped me a lot and I hope they help you as well. Also, press your arm back and into a wall and turn your head to the opposite direction. And don't forget about the arm across the chest stretch. Do ALL of these GENTLY and SLOWLY and frequently; and hold the stretch until it feels good and stretched.

I made an awesome cabbage recipe that was very easy; bagged shredded cabbage/carrot (cole slaw mix), half a large chopped onion, 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, and a cup of chicken stock.

Added to that 2 uncooked cubed chicken breasts and cooked until done.

Added that to a pkg of cooked rice noodles (which I cooked in some additional chicken stock and water. Drain and combine all. PRESTO - done. Craig added soy sauce to his dish; I added butter.

BTW, I made Tash's Jerk chicken/crock pot recipe before and it is awesome!

Gotta get; have an awesome day!


A quick check-in to say no workout today. My shoulder hurts :mad::mad::mad: I'm going to rest it again tomorrow and then spin on Wed. There will be no HC this week and maybe not for 2 weeks. I'll have to see. I want my shoulder to get back to 100% before I start again.

it's been a stressful day at work anyway, so I'll be glad to sleep in tomorrow.

Check in later once I get back on track.


Hi ladies!

Just finished kicking some massive booty on my deads today :eek:.

1) 5x6R deads @ 125lbs!

2) 5x6R chin-ups superset w/
5x6R barbell overhead presses @ 50lbs

*Beach Work*
1) 3x8-10R hammer curls
2) 3x8-10R lying tricep extensions
3) 3x8-10R upright barbell rows

Sorry about the shoulder :(. Have you watched any of Elliott's vids on shoulder health? I swear, they have helped me tremendously! My right shoulder was hurting me on/off for about 1 year after I did that barbell pull-over (I think I might have strained it from improper form). Anyway, since I have been incorporating all of Elliott's stretches and taking his advice, my shoulder no longer hurts! I hope you feel better soon.

OMG don't tell me about the mustache :eek::mad::rolleyes:. I have to regularly wax or else I look like the bearded lady from the circus lol :D. Nair always leaves me with a red patch, more so than waxing does.
Jealous of your massage! You've inspired me to book one myself :). I'm also thinking I will start doing acupuncture again...just 1 or 2 sessions a month. Let me know how wonderful the massage was :).
Thanks for the support on the squats! I can get a little impatient sometimes :rolleyes:, but I know that slow and steady wins the race :).

That rotation looks brutal...in a good way of course :eek:;). If anyone can do it, I KNOW you can :).
How is the weather down in your neck of the woods? Our cold spell is gone (thank goodness -- knock on wood!).

It's funny you mention age and fitness/weight related issues. Elliott just came out with a new vid today that discusses this. He addresses so many topics in this vid, and not just about building muscle. His vid was geared for men, but I feel even women can/do greatly benefit from his advice. Here is the link if you are interested: Truth About Building Muscle For Older Guys - YouTube
And don't forget about walking! I follow a lot of bloggers that discuss how powerful and underestimated walking truly is!

Have a great day everyone!


Last night I broke out a DVD that I don't remember ever doing before: Body Blast Legs & Glutes. I don't know how this one got by me for all this time :confused:???!!! It was VERY challenging for me! I liked how different it is from the other Cathe leg DVDs I have...seemed more adductor focused. I used lower weights than I normally would go for, and I didn't finish every set...just to make sure I didn't over-do it. It was fun to break out the high step and ankle weights again! I'll definitely do it again sometime! Tonight is GS Chest & Tris (LOVE THAT ONE!!!!)!

Tasha, 125# on deadlifts is spectacular!!!! Wow, you are REALLY strong :eek:! I am so glad that you have found your niche! Whatever was bothering your back during STS has certainly resolved itself! Did you have to purchase additional weights for Nia's program or did you already have enough?

Jennifer, I have threatened to get a massage for years now! I really want one! Maybe for my birthday in March ;)! I use my self massage tools, but it is just not as thorough as I expect a professional rub-down would be. I just don't want to be hurt :eek:. I have enough pain in my life :p.

Toni, hope the shoulder pain is easing up a bit during your hiatus. Can you still do things like Turbo Barre (legs only) and other leg conditioning drills?

Today is SO beautiful out! We have been having cold (for us!) mornings around 32 degrees and then up into the 50s for the afternoon. The sun is out today and I am planning on doing a 10 minute walk for my next break! I am ready for spring, but on the other hand I've been enjoying being snuggled up too :).

Hope everyone has a positive feel-good kind of day :D!!!


Happy Friday!

Since Monday's Gym Styles Back and Shoulders I've done:

Glutes work (as usual :D) in addition to Nia's Push Backs (3x10)
(push ups into pike/shoulder press on an incline to complete 10 reps)
Stability ball roll outs (3x10)

Party Rockin' Step #2,

Three 10-minute segments of a Crunchless Abs dvd followed by
Yoga Max express premix #1 and then in the evening was
Pilates class using the roller and a band (we all were feeling that!)

Rest day yesterday; I had to get to work early and I was sore from the previous day. Plus I had a few things to do after work so I just took the day off.

This morning was Hiit 40/20 plus Yoga Relax express premix #1. Towards the end I started doing the psoas (runner's) stretch and moved on to lots of neck stretches.

The massage was wonderful. I needed Kate (the massage therapist at the Chiro's office) to work my traps the way the Physical Therapist did so I suggested that I turn on to my side so she could press and rub in downward strokes a bit differently. That worked better for me and she says next time she has all kinds of side-lying techniques that she wants to use on me. I haven't done the cupping or acupuncture or physical therapy since last month and I am still feeling great:D

Craig and I went out for dinner and I splurged; burger with a cheesey horseradish mustard sauce (at least I got a side of broccoli!) and then we shared a piece of lemon merangue pie but I ate most of it:rolleyes: It was a wonderful treat since I don't often splurge.

Tomorrow I have a continuing education workshop from 9-6:30 about Training Obese Clients; there really are different techniques in all aspects of training this special population. I'm really looking forward to it!

Great job kickin' serious booty on your DLs! You have made SO much progress and I know you will continue to do so:cool:

Ugh; that facial hair thing is so annoying! I was thinking maybe later this year of buying the No No Pro; supposedly it doesn't cause the irritation that waxing and chemical treatments cause.

I ordered the Giam thingy on-line; it should be here today! I figure it will be great to keep it upstairs on the couch so I can use it while Craig and I are watching TV. Thanks again for the tip!

*Tash and Nancy* I think professional massages are extremely beneficial especially since you can fully relax while the therapist does the work; he/she works out the areas she/he is trained to look for. This is much more relaxing than self-massage and therefore the benefits are increased. A lot of *health* places (versus *spa* places) have reduced their prices lately; I get a 90-minute for $75 (plus tip). If the therapist is hurting you then yo have to speak up; going too deep too soon will hurt you worse! A GOOD therapist will ask for and listen to your feedback. One that insists it has to hurt needs to go back to school.

Nancy, I remember Legs and Glutes! Oh it's a killer! Thanks for the reminder!

Toni and Heartymax,
I hope your shoulders are getting better!

Glad your church sermon spoke so clearly to you; love it when that happens:cool: As for the weight thing, remember that we just finished a really long holiday season... Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's so most people do tend to gain at least 5lbs during this time. It really adds up when people keep adding to that instead of working to get it back down. I think you'll be extra motivated to work it off;)

Have a super day and weekend!


Happy Friday Ladies!!!!
I'm headed home to do Gym Styles Back, Shoulders, & Biceps! Tomorrow is Flextrain! I felt pretty good with the workouts this week. I backed off slightly with the intensity on some, and I feel like I can go into next week a little more aggressively ;)!
This weekend I want to try to make some cornice boards out of foam boards and cheap sheets. I want to spruce things up a bit during this dreary time of year! I found this on the internet to use as a guide:
It looks like I could get it done in a weekend, don't you think? I like the fact that they will be light and most importantly, cheap :p!!! I don't want to invest a lot in an apartment :)!
Well, I have to hit the road to avoid the nut-jobs during rush hour so I'll be making this a short post...I'll check back tomorrow!


Just realized the post I wrote after I got home didn't go through.

Wed was HC Bootcamp. That work out is tough but I like the cardio burst. I am glad I purchased this to rotate with Volume 2. Thursday was AOLH and today was Burnsets chest shoulders and back.

Toni--hope your shoulder is better. My whole body was sore after doing Bootcamp.

Nancy--my heart rate rises just thinking about the drop set pushups in Gym Styles.

Jennifer--thanks for the stretch tips. Came in handy this morning while working shoulders and chest.

Tasha--I can't remember if I thanked you for the recipe. You kicked butt on the DL.

Stacie--I hope you are doing well. Check in soon.


It is a cold Saturday morning. I got in Xtrain Legs. I was able to do more one leg glute ball roll ins than I used to. I added on four segments of horizontal conditioning without the cardio bursts. My legs were fried already.


Happy Saturday night fit and fabs,

This morning was Body Max2 all except biceps and abs. I had to replace this DVD since it broke when I dropped it. I didn't know it broke at the time time so I was extremely disappointed when I put it in the DVD player and immediately knew something was terribly wrong! Collage Video has it for $17.99 and free shipping since I also bought it with Pure and Simple stretch (which I returned). However I recently ordered Tracey Mallett's Booty Barr and Arms; one of my other Cathlete friends REALLY likes this one so I thought I'd give it a go. I also bought Tracey's Pilates Sculpt; it uses a small ball. The gym has really small balls in the group ex room so maybe there will be some new exercises I can incorporate into the class.

Anyone going to try to go to Chicago or Glassboro this year for Cathe's road trips? I would love to go to Glassboro again - Chicago is definitely out of the question - but I'm not sure I can even swing Glassboro. I haven't given up hope on that but Craig and I are going to Mexico and that is going to cost a small fortune; the resort we're going to is absolutely stunning! We have a junior suite and the patio will have a walk-out pool! Plus, I'm still trying to build back up from last year's stupid first-class plane ticket to Montana. Well, if it's meant to be then it will be:)

It's freezing here, too; even got another couple dustings of snow. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the high 40s! The dogs need to get out for a walk - they've been on each others' nerves.

The Effective Strategies for Training Obese and Overweight Clients workshop today was good. It really helped; it did not, however, go into any motivational or psychological techniques because that aspect is so different for everyone. However I previously have read a couple other articles that gave a little more insight in those areas. I am always willing to help people but they have to really want to be helped. That's what turned me off the personal training thing; when I a lot of work and effort into someone and they cancel or don't make any effort on their own then I don't have time for that. So... now I'm more prepared in case this type of population ever does want my help.

Not sure what workout is on tap tomorrow.

I'm glad the stretches have helped. Remember that it's important to do these stretches (gently) several times a day. It takes dedication otherwise the same issue just keeps coming back. I know you have that dedication;)

You sure worked hard this morning - good for you:cool:

Hope all is well with everyone. By the way (well, not really but anyway...) and FYI, hard boiled eggs with red pepper hummus is wonderful.


Jennifer--glad the work shop was helpful. Yes, people have to want to help themself. I get tired of hearing people say they want to lose weight but dont have time to exercise nor clean up their diet consistently. I know it's work but its frustrating to hear people set the same goals every January.

I have a coworker who always admired my dedication and wanted to lose weight. She is very tall, had great posture and confident. Well, she finally got tired of talking about and did something. She has lost over 100 pounds. She plans her healthy meals and snacks ahead of time and exercises. She is truly an inspiration. I remind all my coworkers who want to lose weight that she did and they can too....you just have to make the decision. My coworker says her friends were supportive as she no longer had wine and cocktails when they hung out etc. She has maintained her loss for over a year and still look amazing.

I am not going to Chicago. I would love to go back to Glassboro but one of my brothers talked about getting together around that time. If i dont go, maybe i can do the destination trip next year. Mexico sounds like fun. I definitely understand tightening up the budget. I had to limit most extras when we took our big trip the other year.

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