Push It January 2014


Hi ladies!
I still don't have the RWH DVDs; seems like it's taking longer than usual. 'Tis the season I guess :) It doesn't look like I'll get the DVDs until Thursday although the estimated delivery date was supposed to be Tuesday (but I was expecting Monday) but they didn't make it. When I checked status it still was in transit and at a near-by post office but it didn't say "out for delivery" so I'm guessing I still have another day. I watched a few of the downloads and had to move them to my LaCie External drive since my hard drive turned red (full) again... Plyo 2, Low Imact 2, and Bonus Abs 1 look like the ones I'll start with. I'll need to wait for the DVDs, though. I'm super excited about them; I love how short they are and I know they'll kick our butts!

Stacie, 3 workouts in a week is great! You've come a long way in such a short amount of time, and your strength is coming back so quickly which is amazing! What a fun surprise about the new Les Mills series; that one will eventually end up in my workout DVD collection :) I'm looking forward to hearing about it -- but it does sound like you have quite a few new and different workouts available to you for sure! Enjoy!

What kind of converter box do you have for your old TV? My downloads are on an external drive but I could probably get a few onto a thumb drive and access the files that way (which would be easier).

I'm looking into getting a new smart TV but unfortunately that will have to wait awhile. Someone posted that she connects her smartphone to her TV for Cathe Live; what a great idea! I'll end up at Best Buy and try to get some answers as to what I really need. In the meantime it's just DVDs for me but I would love to have Cathe Live On-Demand at some point :)

Thanks, I didn't get super sick but did miss a day of work and had an entire weekend of rest which means I got nothing done regarding Christmas. I really think all the probiotics I consume and my chicken soup helped me from getting worse and recovering more quickly. I did manage a couple workouts that weren't too hard but I also took a complete day off; the next day I felt so much better that I used the Rug Doctor on the basement carpet -- it was just too disgusting. If only the dogs would wipe their feet before coming inside! I guess that's just bad parenting (woopsies).

You've been doing great with your Strength training and cardio! I agree, X10 is pretty major stuff!

I'm excited for your holiday season; you'll have a good time and the new workouts won't take too much time to do -- although you'll be feeling them for sure, no doubt about that!

Sorry to hear you had to take Jasmine out of her gym! I hope that all works out soon. 7 grand is big bucks for sure!

Glad you're still going with your workouts. As for your abs I think that was also my hardest part to gain my strength after my hysterectomy; you're doing everything right so I'm sure it won't be long now before you notice how your strength will bounce back. I remember thinking that MMA Boxing was as a really good ab workout which surprised me.

Heartymax, are you out there?!

I best get; have an awesome day everyone!


Finally got my RWH DVDs today...I think the mailman was sitting on the package for a few days :mad:!
Did Low Impact HIIT One w/Bonus Abs One tonight. I have to work on that Surfer move! Loved the Ab workout!


Hey everyone!! I got my RWH on Monday. I have only looked at UB Circuit, LB Circuit, and the Low Impact HiiT routines. Everything looks good so far!! I've only gotten in three workouts so far this week. TBT UB Split, Step, and RWH Low Impact HiiT One(Plus abs 1). I really liked RWH Low Impact HiiT One. It was really easy to modify and I got through the entire thing. I did half of the bonus ab segment. I really like the bonus abs with the weighted standing moves!! I always thing weighted ab work is awesome and this is the first time I've seen Cathe do standing ab work. I'm supposed to do some type of leg routine tomorrow, but I'm not sure what's gonna happen. My core is really tired today. I may need to rest.

Nancy - so glad you got your DVDs!! I can't wait to hear your reviews.

Jennifer - I also love how short the workouts are. The premix I did today was only 38 minutes and it included ab work!! I totally love that!!

Stacy - We are getting back in shape together :) I'm glad you're workouts are going well!!


Good morning and Happy Friday! I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep so I'm just staying up. I'm nice and busy at work now (yay!) so I'll get to work nice and early. It's always been feast or famine in the publishing business (drug information).

I finally got my RWH DVDs (Thursday) however I over-lifted my deads the other day and strained my lower back; I didn't feel it until last night. I'm mobile but there will be no forward-bending for me so I'm going to wait even longer (ugh!) before attempting RWH. Today will be PRS#2 :) Since I'm up so early I may even make time to do the 8-combo premix!

I've got a busy weekend so I probably won't have time to check in. Be safe and enjoy your workouts! Have a great day and weekend!


I have been really swamped at work this week and trying as hard as I can to wrap up my experiments before next weekend when my vacation starts. Yesterday was a rest day. I needed it! I was wondering why Cathe had 2 rest days per week with the initial RWH rotation. Now I know why ;)! My chest, tris, and front delts were FRIED from LIHI C,T,Sh! Today will be Plyo HIIT 1 with bonus abs 2. First I have housework, then I'm going to go put Christmas decorations on my brother's memorial tree that was planted along a riverwalk greenway, then I'll workout, and then get ready for a Christmas party at a colleague's house. I have to go into work for a little while tomorrow :(, but when I get done I'll be doing LIHI Back, Bis, and Shoulders. I'm tired out already! I LOVE IT :)!

Jennifer, how is the back? I've seen some other posts about people feeling some "tenderness" and "wonkiness" in their back after the first few RWH workouts so it is a good idea to make sure you're at 100% before getting into it! I'll have to check out the 8 combo premix on PRS#2; I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable with the 6 combos so maybe it's time to expand!

Toni, I felt very challenged with both RWH workouts that I've attempted so far! I really like the fact that Cathe always has something I need to work toward...I never do a Cathe workout and feel like I have it all down. I used some heavy weights (for me :p) on LIHI C,T,Sh and it was tough! Cathe is amazing, she lifts SO HEAVY! I started out with my 25# DB for the chest presses, but had to fall back to 20# for the last set. She used 35# on her BB for overhead presses/upright rows; I started out with 30# and stuck it out but dropped the last 2 reps on the last set. It's the "finishers" that really finish you, though! ALL my push-ups were on my knees and I did not decline the decline push-ups (that's just CRAZY)!!! This is one workout that will be fun to grow with...kind of like STS where you can actually see and feel yourself getting stronger with heavier weights...I can't wait to try LIHI B, Bi, Sh tomorrow....

Well ladies, I am going to go get the best day I can! I hope that HeartyMax and Stacie are doing well and not getting too bogged down in the Holly Daze! Let me know how the new workouts are going for you all! My co-worker is one day ahead of me in the rotation and I can judge how tough it's going to be by watching her go through DOMS in various body parts ;):p!

UPDATE after doing RWH Plyo HiiT One + Abs#2:
AHHHHHHHH :eek:!!!!!!! Give me air! Give me AIR!!!!!!! Wow! What a toughie! I think in this case HiiT stands for hitting the pause button :p! Cathe really delivered with this one! ...and Abs#2 was AWESOME! I really felt my abs and loved the new moves. If this workout doesn't challenge you, you are a synthetic humanoid!:)
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Hi there,
I've been icing my back for 2 days now (just one more day of ice to go before I can switch to some heat according to my PT) and had a massage yesterday. My back is starting to feel better. I'm trying to be thankful that it's just a muscular strain -- obviously there are much more serious things that could be going on (health-wise) so I'm trying to stay positive. After all, even though I have to wait I know it's what I need to do.

Today I prepped a meatloaf for dinner and got another batch of bone broth going... all while wearing a couple belts to keep a huge chiropractic-size ice pack attached to my back. Feeling better than yesterday but getting up/down still takes my breath away if I'm not extremely careful.


SO JEALOUS that you get to do the new workouts! It's great hearing about them, though, and I'm so glad you're getting so much out of them. How FUN that you get to do the rotation with a coworker! And funny that you get to see what you're in store for when she ends up with DOMS :)

I definitely am glad to hear about the standing/weighted abs. Looking forward to doing that one!

Have a great day everyone!


Hello all!! Yesterday was RWH UB Circuit. Man oh man oh man!! I know that is supposed to be an UB workout, but as far as I'm concerned it's a TB workout for me!!! I love the functional moves for the shoulders. My shoulders are a weak link, so this series is right up my alley for getting better shoulder strength. Today was a rest day. My core is still extremely tired. To be honest, I'm not sure I'll be able to workout tomorrow either. I'm thinking I may only get three days in this week. I wish Cathe had some less intense workouts. I also wish that I wasn't so used to Cathe workouts...LOL!! I just don't like doing much else. Not the best options for getting slowly back into working out!!

I have to run. Have a meeting tonight at church and need to finish up dinner. I'll be back for personals later in the week!!


Hi all,
Sunday I did a Pedal Power premix; it felt good to get my sweat on and get on the bike... I'm not a huge spinning fan but I am glad I have the bike :)

Monday I slept late; the rest felt good.

Last night I iced my tail bone and laid flat while I watched TV after dinner; this morning I felt great. I didn't push it hard but I had to do something.... just some thrusts, hip rotations, kick backs, and then then BodyMax 2 w/Front and Back band walks instead of squats and lunges (minus upper body). I did a few shallow ligher-weight deadlifts and all was well. No aspirin at all today!

I think I'm ready to give the RWH UB circuit a shot! Believe me the last thing I want is to get side-lined again so I plan to go very shallow with the back work.


You cracked me up -- Synthetic humanoid (and) HiiT stands for Hitting the Pause button!
You are kicking some serious butt!
I remember when you planted the tree; how cool that you decorate it! Again I am sorry for the loss you must still feel around this time of year especially.
I hope you're enjoying your days off :)

Toni and Stacie,
Staying in the game is more than half the battle!

I'm taking off -- have an awesome day!


Hi Ladies. I am just taking a break from working out and the forum. I have worked out since the last time I checked in but have taken a break the last few weeks. I actually don't even feel guilty about taking a break---I hope that's not a bad thing LOL.

You ladies have been rocking out some awesome workouts while I am MIA. I do apologize for not letting you know that I am taking a forum break.

My new workouts are still in the shrink wrap and I have not previewed them either. Plan to break them out very soon.

I recently got over a nasty cold that had me down for week. The worst came over the weekend so I was able to work but was tapped out by the end of the day.

Just made it to the mall this weekend. Didn't do much shopping. No travel plans this holiday season and I am happy about that. Going to shelter this evening to deliver gifts. My Angel gifts are for a 3 year old girl.

Glad everyone is doing well.


Hello everyone. After doing RWH UB Circuit I had to take the rest of the week off!! That really put a strain on the area around my incision, which I hadn't felt with other workouts. I think it may have been some of the high impact moves, because I haven't felt that when I've done the low impact workouts. I also did Cardio & Weights this Sunday and didn't feel any ill effects from it. Today was RWH Low Impact 2 plus Core 2. If I am able to feel okay from after that workout without any strain on my incision, I am going to try RWH UB Circuit replacing all high impact moves with low impact moves. I really love that workout and I want to be able to do it safely. If only doing low impact makes a difference, I will keep it in my rotation. As it is, I'm only doing three workouts a week anyway. My body just needs that rest between workout right now. Friday I'm planning on doing Lift it Legs!! Modifying the high impact to low impact moves. But after previewing it the explosive moves don't lift off the ground that much, so I may be ok. We shall see. I also won't be going nearly as heavy as Cathe!!

Nancy - You are so right about Cathe giving us something to towards!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these new workouts. I haven't even tried the heavy lift ones yet. I think I'm going to wait until March for that rotation. I want to give my body more time to heal before I go into the heavy lifts. I haven't used anything heavier than a 15# in any workout to date and I don't plan on it for a while. I'm finding that I had no idea how much my core was used in my workouts now that it's been weaken by surgery!!

Jennifer - Have you received your DVDs? Have you tried any? I waiting to see how you like them!!

Heartymax - I hope you are enjoying your bread from working out!! And I'm sorry to hear about your cold. Enjoy your time off work with no travel!!


Hi everyone! No workouts for me the past 2 weeks. I've been too overwhelmed with Christmas and work. Next Sunday I will start again when things have settled down a little.

Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your back pain. I hope it eases up soon.

HeartyMax, it's nice to hear from you. Enjoy your break from exercise and the forums.

Toni, also sorry to hear about your incision. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon!

Nancy, I hope the bracelets turned out ok. Are you loving Cathe's new series?

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Today I'll be doing RWH Plyo Hiit One + Abs #2 for my special Christmas celebration ;)! I hope no one is in the room below us here at the hotel! The Hiit workouts have been great travelers! I've also been doing Burn Sets with the dumbells they have in the little fitness room here. Unfortunately they don't have 8# or 12# so I have to modify a bit. My family party doesn't start until 3 today, so my DH and I have some time to relax and get some good workouts in! We were hoping for a long walk a little later, but it has been very rainy here (which is weird for Michigan...should be snow!). Right now we have the Yule Log video going on the giant TV on the wall and we're very cozy with our Holly day coffee. I hope you all have a wonderful day today and can sneak in a Cathe workout somehow!


Happy belated Chrsitmas and Happy early New year!

We had a very nice Christmas; nothing big... just went to my dad's for fruitcake (and I had a pumpkin beer with it). I guess that's an advantage of not having a lot of family; it was just the 3 of us. No big meal to deal with or running around like crazy.

Craig had a neon sign custom made for me for Christmas; I'll try to attach a picture.
After my Tax refund I'm going to buy a new TV with HDMI capabilities so I can start streaming Cathe Live. I'm really looking forward to that. I thought about a Smart TV but for my workout room purposes I really don't need it... just need to be able to connect my phone to the TV/WiFi. In addition my friend has a BluRay player that she's willing to just give me since she has no use for it so I will still be able to use my DVDs. I'm finally stepping up to technology's progress! Someone said "life is too short for old technology" and I'm finally starting to agree with that motto!

RWH UB Circuit was great, don't you think? My triceps actually were sore and I think we've all talked about this before but it seems triceps our don't usually get sore!

In addition to UB Circuit I've done Plyo#2 and Low Impact #2, and Abs 1. I haven't done any of the other workouts.

My back is so much better, thanks :) The issue inspired me to do Pedal Power Premix#3 (my favorite) so that was a nice change. I haven't done spinning in a long time but it was very nice to loosen up the musles and get a good sweat fest going.

I still find myself reading for Intensity, PRS#2, HiiT 40/20, FlexTrain, Meso2 disc 15 Back (minus the deadlifts since I still feel that in my lower back), PiYo Sweat (haven't felt up to Drench more than once this past month), and of course Strong Curves glutes. I've done more cardio lately than I usually do so I'm ready to go back to heavy weights; I'm looking forward to FINALLY trying the rest of the RWH series!

I hope your incision is healing nicely and that you're able to ease back into things.

Glad you hear from you and that all is well :)

Sounds like a wonderful holiday you're having! Eeks -- no 8's or 12's - but you're making it work. Way to go!
Did the clasps for the bracelets arrive in time for you to finish the bracelets?

Christmas is such a busy time of year. It will be nice to finally take a breather and make time for yourself again :)

Cheers! Here's to a healthy, happy, and fit 2015!


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Finally back home!!! Unfortunately, my sister gave me her cold for Christmas and I sound like a cross between Lauren Bacall (when speaking) and a goose (when coughing). I've been drinking a lot of tea today and reading the book my sister gave me (my favorite of her 2 gifts :p). It's called Becoming Odyssa and is about a young woman's adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail. So far I really am absorbed. I stuck to my workout plan all last week and was supposed to do RWH Legs today, but I don't know if I am up to it. Yesterday was my rest day and we were in the car for the 7 hour drive on the the last leg of the trip back home. Last night we went for a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights since it was 60 degrees out! I may wait to start my workout week until tomorrow!
Jennifer I LOVE YOUR SIGN :D!!!!! Your husband is amazing ;)! Yes, the clasps arrived in time for me to give the bracelets for gifts and everyone seemed to really like them!

Well, I am sorry to cut this so short but I feel rotten and want to lay down again! I've got some veggie soup going in the crock pot and it is starting to fill the apartment with a wonderful aroma (my tummy is calling out to it!)!
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Feel better really soon, Nancy! So glad your bracelets were a hit :) And thank you; I was incredibly touched and surprised at the great lengths he went through to get me something so thoughtful and generous. What's funny is the other day I couldn't find him anywhere in the house -- and we don't have a big house... turns out he was in the workout room. Apparently Cathe inspired him :) Enjoy your soup!


I can't believe this but I am STILL COUGHING :(! It is really taking it's toll on me, but I still have managed a few workouts:
Wed: RWH Legs
Thurs: RWH Back, Biceps, Shoulders
Fri: RWH Lo Impact HIIT #2 + Abs#1

I may take today as a rest day or do RWH Chest, Tris, Shoulders
I had to scale back a bit (lower weights, less reps) due to coughing and lack of energy, but I HAD to get back to exercising! I had to take Monday and Tuesday off because I was literally in bed most of the time, but i just couldn't let 2014 leave with a blank spot on my calendar so I had to do something! I really hope that I will be over this by Monday because I hate using up all my time off so quickly (and I'd rather use it by doing something fun, like hiking!). Okay, my little pity party is over...time for more Mucinex and breakfast!

How is everyone's New year so far?


Happy new year to all! Did anyone go out or do anything different? We usually go to a friends house and play games but we stayed in this year. We watched a movie (Identity Thief -- it was cute). I ended up with a wicked headache so I went to bed at 10.

New Year's day we started the new year with an old Southern tradition (my Texas roots and Craig's Arkansas roots) with black eye peas and greens; I made a black eye pea soup in a ham hock broth; sautee onions, celery, carrots, and garlic in coconut oil until caramelized, added them to the broth/beans, and then added in kale, sage, and rosemary; brought to a boil and then let simmer for hours. It was the best soup I ever made and made the entire house smell delicious. We don't have any traditions so going back to our roots was fun; we'll see how the year goes if I repeat it or not :) By the way, I got the recipe from The Nutrition Gurus; I joined their Soup-athon so I got 12 soup recipes for $7. Their idea behind it is to get more people eating bone broths and of course the money went to their local pantry. Lots of people are raving (in their FB group) about the other soups but I haven't made any other soups yet. I have learned that sauteed veggies really add a lot more flavor than just tossing them in to the soup. Common sense I guess but I never thought to do it.

It basically took me 2 days to prepare this recipe; 24 hours to soak the beans and simmer the bones for the broth, then the next day those base ingredients were ready for the next steps. Darn good thing it was worth it :)

The weather was really nice; the dogs enjoyed a field trip. There is a field behind our house (and a bike trail) and sometimes we take the dogs through the field instead of walking them on the trail. They love all the scents and just have a field day out there (pun intended).

I also wasted an entire day reading and watching Netflix (Six Feet Under). I wasn't sure about that show at first but I'd heard really good things about it so I gave it a few episodes before deciding. I'm glad I stuck with it. It's very interesting and it's nice just taking the time to sit and relax and let the mind go.

Nancy, I wish I could bring you over some soup and that you are back to your energetic non-coughing self really soon! There are lots of bugs going around.
You did a great job keeping up with your workouts so now you can really feel good about resting :)

I (finally) got back to some heavy weights with Burnsets Tuesday (skipped biceps and triceps).
Thursday I finally did both the RWH upper body workouts; I did them both on the same day. Ba/Bi/S I did premix #7 which is 2 sets plus finishers. Since it starts with the 2nd set the instructions are left out and I didn't even know which exercise we were about to do. Next time I'll just Skip to the next set rather than select that premix. Then I moved on to C/T/S and did all of that except for chest since that was still sore from Burnsets.
LOVE THESE WORKOUTS! And I am feeling them :)

I've also done some cardio and worked my glutes a bit.

I'm going to skip today; we're going to the City Museum mostly because I want to see the Sloth they recently adopted. It's a rainy day so no dog walking today. I'm hoping the museum won't be too crowded but if it is then oh well.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! Have an awesome day!


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great New Year. I had to hold off on the workouts last week due to work and then a cold. Today was a XT Chest and Back premix since I'm still feeling lethargic from the cold.

Nancy, I'm sorry to hear you got sick. I don't know about where you live but it's been so cold it's not surprising people are getting sick. I hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer, your soup sounds delicious! I still haven't tried the new workouts. I need to check to see if the user's guide has been fully uploaded to see what kind of rotation to build out of them.

Have a great day!!!


Hi everyone! Guess what day it is?! (haha)
The new year is going well; thankful for my health and many blessings.
How about for you all?
Nothing exciting going on personally which is fine with me. I'm okay with being boring :)

We've had freezing temps the last couple of days but that is to be expected in January. Someone told me that March was supposed to be extremely cold; I'm not sure if she meant "cold for March" or extremely cold as in Jan/Feb cold. I guess we'll all find out; I'm sure March will be here before we know it.

This morning I did RWH Lower Body circuit for my first time -- I love that workout! I also loved the music in it.
Yesterday was RWH Upper Body circuit.
Sunday was PiYo Drench; Monday was glutes.

Hi Stacie,

So sorry your cold really wiped you out but I'm glad you are feeling well enough for XT Chest and Back; you know, I actually need to check those out! I was so hooked on Burnsets (Upper Body premix) and not splitting up my UB that has kept me from doing the regular XT upper body workouts; I think I'll need to check them out! I wonder what the premix options are like. RWH has fantastic premixes and they gave me some ideas (again, probably just go through the chapter level instead of doing an actual premix).

Hi Nancy,
I hope that you are feeling better and was able to get some rest!

Toni and Heartymax - hello! I hope all is well.

Take care, everyone! Stay healthy!

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