Push It January 2014

Hello!! Yesterday was FlexTrain and today was Pedal Power. I was supposed to rest tomorrow because of work, but they move the work day to Thursday. I'm not feeling tired, so I think I will just so Circuit Blast in the morning.

Is anyone pre-ordering the new series? I'm going to, but haven't yet. What about Cath Live? Anyone doing that?

I have the POISON IVY :mad::mad::mad: One of the many reasons I hate yard work...ugh!! My son is helping me in the yard starting this year. He earns $50 a month for yard work. I'm working this year on teaching him the concept that money is EARNED. Doesn't just fall from the sky. The more you are willing to work the more you get(and then can spend, save, and give). He's interested in learning to go yard work and our neighbors son sort of has a business at doing the neighborhood yards, so it might be a starting point for him. Jasmine has a babysitting gig. She makes $15 each time she babysits, so that's $60 a month which seems like a lot of money for an 11 year old!! I'd like to teach them how to earn and deal with money while they are young. I only pray something sinks in!!

How is your Dave Ramsey plan going?? I'm doing well. I was able to pay off my first bill at the end of May!!! I'm hoping to pay my car off by the end of the year and I will be just about done. I'm super excited about that. I'm using some of the principals from Dave's Smart Money Smart Kids book to help my kids get started :D

Are you working this summer while school is out?

Are you hiking this summer? I'm thinking I need to get out and find some local trails this summer. I can't do a hiking trip this summer, so I'll have to make due with what I find around here :D
Hi Ladies! Happy Summer to you all!

I just bought Beachbody's Pi-Yo series and ordered the 2 strength DVDs (they use the slide discs). I was really excited about it and then someone said it hasn't gotten good reviews. Well, for $100 or so I guess I'll just find out for myself.

I'm still working on trying all the 90X3 discs that one of our Cathlete friends loaned me.

Absolutely - I pre-ordered Cathe's upcoming series. But I'm not doing Cathe Live. Maybe someday; everyone who has it is really loving it!

Great seeing you back! I be your vaca to NYC was fantastic. Sorry to hear about your poison ivy -- I feel your itchy pain. I get it every year, I kid you not, but luckily so far this is the first year I haven't already ended up getting a steroid shot or having to take steroids. We finally realized that I was getting it from the dogs and had to quit walking them down a particular path that we suspect has PI because when the dogs go through the bushes the oils get on them and they get it on us. We also started wiping them down with bath wipes (and washed their leashes/collars).

Yes, I am still applying the Dave Ramsey principles but fell a bit off the wagon and bought some things with money that I didn't assign to it however I have the money and didn't have to use the credit card so I'm going to let it go and get back on track. I'm very excited for you about your car-payment goal being set for the end of the year! I thought I'd be able to do that but it is just too hard -- however I still am paying an additional $138 every month on the principle which I wasn't doing until the DR class so at least there's that. I am applying any extra that I can towards it so the car will still be paid off early. THEN I'll still make decent-sized "car payments" to another account so that in 10 years when I may need another new car I'll be able to pay cash for it and get a great deal on one because of the fact that I'll be able to pay cash for it:cool:

It's awesome that you've gotten your kids involved with the Dave Ramsey principle - nice job with that!

Yes! I am going on the FL road trip! I started saving money for that as soon as I figured that I'd be able to go. And I got it! So I am very excited;)

Glad the kids are out of school; anyone doing any summer programs? they're not old enough to get a job yet, are they?

I started doing the Apple Cider thing just over a month ago. I had regular (not unfiltered) but I did notice that my complexion looked a little better and after a while my digestion changed for the better. Last weekend I bought the Braggs unfiltered; I use a couple tspns every morning in my smoothie. That's terrible about your UTI! So glad the cider vinegar worked so well! I had no idea it could clear that up... it makes sense, though!

Kombucha is supposed to be really good for bacteria but unless you make it yourself it could lead you to the poor house... it's almost $4.00/bottle. One bottle could give you 2 servings. Crazy... and it's easy to make (apparently) but frankly I think I'm okay without it;)

WTG using that 20-lb vest!

Better get started on my workout and get going to work. Have an awesome day!
Hi Ladies. Not doing well with the workouts. I promise to get in gear next week. I just wanted to drop by quickly.

Toni--- so glad you are back. I think it's cool that your son wants to learn to do yardwork. It's a great skill to have. Kudos for teaching your kids to manage money. DH and I put my 16 year old on a set amount each month. We started this at the beginning of last school year. He is responsible for any gifts and entertainment with his friends and social life. This all started when I noticed he was buying snacks daily in the school cafeteria (expensive ) even though I was packing his lunch. I packed a huge lunch because he had practice after school. His lunch account is attached to my credit card so I stopped it. Funny how when I gave him a set amount and told him it included enough to buy lunch sometimes if he needed to that he stop buying all these extra snacks with HIS money. He is responsible for certain things around the house which I will admit is hard for him to get it done with school work and crazy sports schedule. If his schedule is not hectic one week then I deduct from him if he doesn't get things done. Also, after we started this plan, the church put him on the payroll for the video ministry he had been volunteering for. He gets paid $50 a service and now works 2 to 4 services a month depending on his schedule. He loves watching his money grow in the bank. He talks about buying stuff but rarely does. You know kids love sneakers so he likes being able to do that even though he still has to get my permission to make a purchase of that amount. I tell DH that we had way more responsibility when we were kids. I was talking to a lady the other day who told me about a boy who went to college and asked which one was the washer and which was the dryer. SmH.. Mine at least know how to do laundry. I may have to worry about a few more things.

I am working 3 days this summer and get paid extra. My last official day is Monday and I get off 5 weeks. No plans for summer vacation yet----Yikes. We will travel to GA to see our family and will squeeze in a mini vacation with it.

Jennifer- no camps for the boys this summer. My oldest is on a summer baseball team and has weight training for football. We have season passes to Six Flags and will focus on my son getting in more driving hours.

So many budget cuts in the schools. I am not getting a raise but I am thankful that I have a job. With my son going to college in 2 years I am trying to pay off some bills too. You ladies are an inspiration for that.

Gotta run since I have been going in really early this week.
Happy Sunday!

Workouts the past week have been weights: GS Ba/S, Burnsets UB premix, extra double arm rows, a couple pullups (neutral grip), and also FlexTrain.

Cardio has been PRS#2, Slide&Glide, Intensity Step, and Friday I did 2 P90X3 dvds = Total Synergest and CVX; there were lots of twisting in both of those and although my back is okay I need to watch it next time I do those. Imagine Slide and Glide, single slide lunges but without the discs; it was to easy for me to tweak my back so I should have been more careful. Anyway, I'll modify those better. I feel it just a bit in a bad way right at the base of my lower back but I've iced it a couple times and it hasn't gotten worse -- and it's not bad... just enough to remember that I need to be careful with it. On a good note I was feeling those workouts yesterday in a good way, in new and different places.

Yesterday I received my PiYo set! One girl said the series started out very unimpressive but the last handful of workouts she did were really good; she said she would try to have her formal review written and on her LucyFitPT.com page by Sunday night in case anyone is interested.

In the mean time I haven't done Yoga all week so I will do one or two of these DVDs this morning before church. Most of them are all short; 30 minutes or so. One of them is supposed to be 30 but it's only 19! Then, in another one of the discs Chalene does a Warrior series twice on one side but only once on another side. Seems she needed Cedee to count for her!

Although I finally did learn to embrace Yoga and really enjoy it once a week I think this series will be good for me because I'll be a great add-on that stretches me and works me.

Now I just have to decide which ones to do! For sure the one called Buns because I haven't done glute work in 3 days:eek:

Heartymax, if you want to work on your flexibility this may be what would interest you; it won't be as boring as Yoga. That actually is what inspired Chalene to make this series according to a 20-min interview I heard with her she didn't feel like she fit with the Yoga or the Pilates, and didn't want to find more time to fit in cardio in addition to those so she created PiYo; she thinks the name is little deceiving because it's more than just pilates and yoga.

Happy day-before-your-last-day-of-school day! 3 days a week with extra pay is nice; seems without the kids there the day will be (maybe?!) a bit more casual.

Baseball and weight training; now that you mention it I don't know how he'd have time to work! It's great that the church put him on the payroll for something he was already doing:D

Georgia will be nice; I had the best peach in life from Georgia!

I'm glad Toni and I could help inspire you to get some things paid off before college hits, and it sounds like you also are already taking nice steps about teaching the kids the value of a dollar;)

Toni, Nancy, and Stacie - hope all is well!
Saturday was To The Max and upper body split from Muscle Endurance. This morning was a run/walk with DH. I was able to visit the farmer's market to get some fresh veggies yesterday. I got some gold zucchini and look forward to trying it.

Jennifer - I am working a total of 3 days during the summer not 3 days a week. :).
I have never heard of Pi-yo. You stay abreast of all the latest. I still haven't ordered the new Cathe series.

Gotta get ready for church.
Phew! Hot and humid!!!! :cool:
Last week was Slow & Heavy, with AOLIH and Flextrain thrown in for cardio. I had only done S&H one time before last week and the freaky thing was when I looked at my workout card it was EXACTLY one year ago to the DAY!!! :eek: I liked it a lot better this time around, maybe because I have learned to focus better?
Tonight I did X10 Low Impact + Fat Burning. First time for Fat Burning...the combination of the two left me DRENCHED!!!! WOW!!! I can't imagine doing X77! How far have you guys gotten with X10?
This week I intend on doing S&H again with Tabaticise and Supercuts in between weight days.

Crow update: 24 seconds!!!! I think I could have gone for 30, but I was so astonished when I did 20 that I lost focus! I did this yesterday on my rest day instead of at the end of a workout when I'm wiped out. Made a huge difference :eek::rolleyes:!

Jennifer, you are really kicking butt these days! Glad you're being adventurous and trying out new workouts. Like you, I really need to embrace yoga. I certainly don't do it enough and need it badly!

, gotta love the farmer's market! One of the ladies that used to work in our building has a farm and brings a vanload of goodies for us to buy every Monday...sort of a farmer's market on wheels. Today I got zucchini, peaches, and blueberries. Can't wait to eat 'em up!

Toni, sorry about your poison ivy! I got that on a hike the day after my DH and I hiked up Pikes Peak and got married. It was a very itchy honeymoon! We don't have any major hikes planned for this summer, but we have so many awesome state parks around here and the Smoky Mtns are pretty close to us too! There is a lot to choose from here in NC! Hope you get out into the woods soon!

Well, I'm going to go eat dinner! I am starving! Cathe knows how to get your appetite primed ;)!
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Monday was an evening walk with DH and Upper body split from Muscle Endurance again. am trying to switch to working out in the evening which is more convenient for him. It was so humid on Wednesday so we waited til after 8:30 to run.

Nancy---I cooked the gold zucchini yesterday and it was so good. S&H is a work out that I don't reach for often as it requires too much concentration. Once a year is good.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July.
Just finished Muscle Max as my afternoon work out. DH and I plan to run in the morning since he is off for the holiday.

I finally ordered the sport and play mats from Great Mats today. I have been wanting them for a while. I decided to use some of my summer extra pay on myself. I just made the purchase now instead of waiting on the extra cash. I ordered the black and gray.
Happy 4th of July!!!

I have today through Tuesday off to enjoy a much needed break from work life! Yesterday one of my co-workers gave me her Magic Bullet (!) because she heard me talking about how I was killing my old blender making green drinks. She has an awesome blender and a juicer and said she'd rather give the Bullet to someone who will get good use out of it! I think she's really grateful to me for introducing her to Cathe ;)! So this weekend will be full of green drinks for sure!

Yesteday was S&H Legs&Shoulders, and today will be S&H Tris&Bis plus some good walking! I also bought High Step Challenge yesterday (Daily Deal + 15% off!). I always wanted a "Gym Styles" type whole body workout to do during a Gym Styles week so I could hit each body part 2 times! I think you ladies have this one? I hope it's a good one. I don't know why I can't stop adding to my Cathe collection :eek:?

Heartymax, my DH has been running in the evenings and it really wipes him out! This summer started out deceptively mild and then the heat and humidity kicked in! The poor guy is a puddle when he gets back! He doesn't like morning runs because of joint issues...just not "lubed up enough". Getting older really takes its toll on the joints! Last year he would go down to the pool and run laps in the water; I think he needs to start doing that again! Glad you got your mats! I work out on carpet and still could use those!

Jennifer, Toni, and Stacie: Hope you have great 4th of July and get to celebrate with a good workout and some good food!
Happy 4th of July. DH ran 3.5 miles and walked 1.5 this morning. The weather was perfect and we felt great.

Nancy---a magic bullet is a nice thank you from your coworker. Many of my coworkers like to see Cathe but no one has purchased any. Few workout at home and the one who does says it's tough. I have never had a green smoothie. Enjoy.
Happy July 4th everyone!

Hello ladies! Long time no talk :(. Sorry I kinda bailed on all of you (my bad :eek: ). It has been a very busy time for me and honestly, I really needed the break from the forums. I felt it was taking up WAY too much of my time, along with cluttering up my mind a bit. I needed to get back-to-basics and prioritize a few aspects of my life, so to speak. So I took somewhat of a much needed "de-load" lol. I hope all of you are doing well! You ladies have always been in my thoughts, even though I have not visited Cathe's site since January (no creeping, either! lol). I wish all of you only the best and MUCH health and happiness :).

BTW, I will go back and read a couple of pages to see what all of you are up to! I hope you don't mind :).

As for me, I'm still killing it with my heavy weight training :eek:. It's been almost 1yr that I started Nia's program AND I'm still going strong. I train full body 3x/week in addition to my daily walks. I love this style of training as I have been able to stay very consistent and it fits my personality and lifestyle. My body is feeling very healthy -- no more aches and pains. My back pain has literally diminished. My "tweaky" shoulder pain has virtually healed. I'm pulling an over 150lbs deadlift for 4R (ahhhh!!!!) which has been a goal of mine. As for my squat goals [meh] it has been v-e-r-y slow, but I AM over 105lbs for 3R now. It felt like it took me forever to get there, but I came to the realization that I SUCK at squats and I have to really put in the effort to reach my goal. It's all good though, and I'm very pleased with my results thus far :) . All in all, I'm at a very good place right now, both mentally and physically. I have truly come to APPRECIATE my body (in all it's glory lol ;) ) and the amazing things it CAN do :) .

I gotta jet now, but in the words of Arnie "I'll be back!" lol ;)

Take care :)
My heart literally lept when I saw your post Tasha!!!!! :eek:
I am so glad you're back, such a great source of info and motivation for us all! It sounds like your time away has been very beneficial for you! Your deadlifts are amazing! I'm sure the squats will come on board, too! Thank goodness you have the squat rack!

I really gave it my all yesterday with S&H Tris and Bis (and those abs that Cathe sneaks in!). That is one brutal workout if you really focus and work on form! Last night I could hardly grip anything because my forearms were talkin'!

Had bison burger (no bun) and a salad with some cherry tomatoes from my garden last night...along with my VERY RARE treat of Virgil's Root Beer! Good thing those only come in a 4 pack! I'll have one more sometime this weekend and then I'll have to wait until Labor Day for another ;). DH made popcorn with coconut oil and it made everything complete!

Today will be A LOT of walking and Supercuts. Tomorrow is a rest day but will be filled with a lot of walking and yoga. Then on Monday, weather willing, we'll go hiking (when everyone has gone back to work!)!
Gotta love an extra long weekend!

PS Is anyone into The Food Babe? She has a lot of great ideas and recipes. I have just started reading her blog...
Tasha--I truly understand your need for a forum mental break. Miss hearing about your heavy weights. You are killing it.

Nancy--sounds like a great treat and a well deserved one.

I kept my eating under control yesterday since I am really trying to stay focused. As you all know, I haven't eaten the best lately with our crazy schedule and I was working out less. I am definitely trying to kick it back up a notch.

Today was High Reps for another total body workout.
Just got back from a 3 hour walk where we picked 12 cups of wild blackberries :eek:!!!! I made blackberry/kale/banana/greek yogurt drinks with my newly acquired magic bullet for a post walk snacky...TASTY!!!! Now I'm on line looking for healthy blackberry preserve recipes :p!

I need to do some stretching today...feeling very stiff and achy!

CROW UPDATE: 30 seconds!!!! WAHOO!!!

UPDATE ON BLACKBERRIES: Decided to freeze them for future use....don't want the sugar from preserves and don't want them to lose nutrients by heating them! I'll use them in green drinks, on my cereal, etc.....
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Hi Ladies,
I really hate cutting this short but I wanted to check in and say hi. All is well!

Congrats on your 30-second Crow! What an accomplishment!
Yes, I do have all the Gym Styles and Slow and Heavy. I do like them, and I absolutely love working my upper body 2x/week.
Nice Nutri Bullet! Glad you're enjoying it, and that your coworker is glad you introduced her to Cathe.

Glad the running is going well!
Congrats on the Great Mats! I still love mine and have had them for years. I use that cabinet liner under certain areas to keep them from pulling apart; some kinds of cardio pulls them but the cabinet liner works well in case you happen to run into that. When I want to use the Gliding discs I have a piece of carpet that I bought from Big Lots; the discs work well on that. When I'm not using the discs I just fold over the carpet and stash it aside.

So great to hear from you! I completely understand getting your priorities in order. I'm doing that as well and don't get into the Forum as often as I used to.
So glad you are feeling so great and doing so well! 150 deadlift, that's so awesome! Squats are hard. I still only do Goblet squats but they are great for me. Nia and Bret are fantastic. I've learned so much from both of them. I love mixing things up but still mostly do Bret's glutes and the rest Cathe. I bought Chad Waterbury's High Frequency Training version/volume 2 which I heard about through Bret; great concept that I like incorporating. I'm nailing my back like crazy and that's helped tons.

I best get -- dinner to eat, reading to read, and some writing to write (a gratitude journal I recently started).
Talk to you all soon! Keep workin' it, I know you will! PS - Hi Toni and Stacie!
Tonight will be High Step Challenge for the first time! It seems like a great total body workout to accompany a Gym Styles Week!

Jennifer, I love your gratitude journal idea...I may have to start one too! Seems like a great way to focus on positive things! :)

PS I am starting to get sick of blackberries :p;)!
My great mats arrived yesterday and I got them installed. DH helped me by measuring and cutting the last few pieces to fit. I haven't worked out on them yet so I have to give you feedback on that later. I have been wanting to make this purchase for a while. This allows me to do my Cathe workouts in the room where my elliptical is located as I needed to complete the work out room. I already had my elliptical in the work out room so we just placed the mats around them. My back was aching when we finished so I didn't run yesterday. DH and I are heading out in a little while to run this evening. I also purchased a rack for my dumbells and DS16 put it together for me.





I wanted to share a few pics of the room.
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Well a storm came through and kept us from running. I did Cardio Fusion instead while DH walked on the elliptical. Great workout. Love the great mats and my new atmosphere.
I LOVE YOUR SPACE!!!! IT'S FANTASTIC!!! What a great environment to get busy in! (I have workout room envy! :eek:)

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