Protein Powder??

I want to start taking some powdered protein before and after my workouts (like in a shake) but I am not sure what brand of protein powder is the best?? There are so many out there and I would just like to hear which brands you like, I hear that a lot of the cheaper brands have "fillers" in them but I want a good protein that will stay in the budget ;)


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Hey there sugarnspice, I've been using bsn syntha 6 and have no complaints, very easy to make the shakes and its not bad of a price, it's roughly 50$ depending if your buying in store or online. Most whey powders usually have a variety of flavors so you can really make a decision for yourself. Hope that was helpful :)


I use Genisoy soy protein powder in fruit smoothies I make myself (though I haven't made any protein smoothies lately). However, some people are very anti-soy. Also, you have to have some sort of drink or food you can mix it in as it's just plain protein powder. But at least with plain protein powder, you don't have to worry what extra sugars, calories, etc. are hiding in it.


I usually don't like protein powders but I have been using a rice protein one plain that I like. I am veg so the whey powders are out and I don't use soy.


Another vote for Jay Robb!

I like Jay Robb best! Next would be the BSN's and love to make shakes and mix with greek yogurt and fruit :D

Protein powder question gets asked a couple of times a year...but it's good to know what's "current" since there are new brands/flavors continuing to come to market.

If you're interested in some of the previous protein powder posts...the Search feature will provide's one that Cathe has replied to :rolleyes:

BTW, I get mine from - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community! online. Excellent service and very prompt delivery...good info on protein powder research also.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you guys answering my questions! I will look into each brands/types you guys mentioned and thanks for the links (especially to the one that Cathe answered too :D)

Cathe Friedrich

Good Luck Sugar and Spice. Thanks for supplying the link Cyndi.



Another vote for the Gold Standard powder. I always have chocolate and vanilla in my cabinet, but every now and again i switch it up. Today I had the mint chocolate :)



Can someone give a simple recipe - milk/protein powder with how much ice? Or do you use ice at all? Does it have to be blended to keep it from getting chunky?


Hi Liz, I am no expert like many Cathletes here, but for my protein shake (I have chocolate) I just use 8 oz of non-fat milk with one heaping scoop of powder and about 8 ice cubes. And I always use my blender. I have never made a protein shake without it.
Good luck.


Can someone give a simple recipe - milk/protein powder with how much ice? Or do you use ice at all? Does it have to be blended to keep it from getting chunky?

It's really up to you how you want to mix it. If i'm using it as a recovery after a workout i mix with water. If it's more of a lunchtime pickme up for example then i'll use fat free milk. I generally do about 6 ounces to every full scoop.

I'm not picky about how well mixed it is so i don't use a blender. A blender bottle or shaker mixes it well enough. Sometimes i just stir with a spoon (but that never mixes as well). If you shake it up and then let it sit for a few minutes then it will thicken and taste better.

If you put the liquid in first and then the powder you won't have to worry about the powder getting stuck to the bottom of the cup or shaker.

There's always room for experimenting with a blender and using fruit, yogurt, granola... keep trying until you find what you like best :)


I love the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein that Cathe recommends. Variety is nice. I keep orange juice, skim milk, fat free plain yogurt, frozen strawberries, cherries, pineapples, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, and rasberries. Bananas and apples, fresh greens from the garden, flax oil, metamucil (hee hee) and dashes of lemon and cherry juice go in too. I don't like cottage cheese but am going to get some and sneak it in after reading the artice about it in Cathe's newsletter. I don't like yogurt either, but I can't taste it in the smoothie. I got a Magic Bullet to make them in so I don't have to mess with the blender. It's very convenient.


Yay, I'm so glad I found this thread...

:D ...Whole Foods stopped selling my fave protein powder and now I can try Gold Standard. My Marine son is looking for a good one, too. Maybe I mix up a shake this weekend for him when he gets off submarine training.

Yee-Haw!!!! Thank goodness for the Cathe Forums!!

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