Pregnancy workout video



I tried many. I am an advanced exerciser. I found only a few
for me effective. I liked Leisa Hart's Fit Mama. It may seem
fairly easy but you can kick it up with the cardio. I found
the standing yoga/toning portion very effective. I had a hard
time finding pregnancy related weight training videos. There is
some in Kathy Smith's Pregnancy Video but not effective for me
personally. I am 2 months along and just purchased " Buff's Mom
Workout." I only tried once but it is hard to tell how it
will challenge me in later months. I found the key was the last
time to eat small healthy meals and nothing afer dinner unless
you wake up hungry which means you will have to eat. On the few
occassions this happened to me I would make oatmeal in order to
fill up so I could sleep. I also found exerising every day in
some capacity will keep you fit and you will be able to bounce
back that much quicker.

Good Luck and Congrats!!

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