Pregnancy/TTC Check in November 10th


Good morning everyone!
I dont think there is a check in started for this week, so i thought i would get one going for us.
Its monday, but lets hope it is a good day! I hope all you ladies are feeling splendid this morning :)
I had a nice relaxing weekend, for the most part and I got some great workouts in. I think I posted this last nite in last week's check in. I wont be able to exercise Mon or Tues becuase my DH is off and i get home in the evenings and spend time with him. But Wed/Thur i'll get back on track.
Things have been busy at the house, taking care of my dogs. We got a puppy that we are trying out. He is only 3 months, and man i tell ya its like having a baby! I have never had a puppy, and i have never had to potty train one so this is a whole new experience. He is so adorable, its a toy shitzu (or so ive been told) and he only weighs 3 pounds. I got him to keep my other Dog, Princess (an imperial shitzu, 8 pounds), company but she hasnt really taken a liking to him and has become extra clingy to her mommy. So i hope that passes and they will enjoy each other. He has very sharp puppy teeth and i know they hurt her - becuae they hurt me!!
Im trying to think of a name for him. he is really tiny, mischevous and black and white. I dont think his name fits him now. Any ideas? I'll post his picture along with my other doggy. The black dog is Princess, she is 1.5 years old. But she is a little bigger now, i just think this photo is so cute. The puppy is the small one (obviously lol) and is black and white. He needs a name!!!
Hope i did the attachments correctly


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Good Morning

Good Morning everyone. The puppies are adorable. I am sorry that I am not good with naming pets. We had a kitten that started hanging around our house on Labor Day. I still have not named the kitten yet I just call him little kitty.

I admire you girls that are still working out. I just cannot seem to get a routine down. I am still so tired, I donot remember being this tired with Nicholas (but I did not have a one year old to chase). I hope the fatigue goes away soon. I am eating like crazy and I am so tired. My husband jokes that it must be a girl. lol.

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Shannon -I'm just now getting my energy back and starting to feel better at 16 wks tomorrow. I really gotta get moving! I definetly had alot of fatigue, exhaustion on top of the headaches I got. I sure hope they are gone for good!

Jen -thanks for starting the checkin. Whoever gets to it first would be great. I was worried all the sudden cause I forgot yesterday. But monday is a good start day too. My DH is off today and tomorrow too. That does make it harder to w/o cause we end up doing family activities etc. Congrats on the puppy! :) I can't think of a name off hand but if I come up with any ideas I'll share. ;)

I need a haircut today and I need to run to the library so I'm glad DH is here to watch the boys. I just made them pancakes and scrambled eggs. I do that when DH is home on saturdays sometimes but I did this morning since hes here. I usually don't eat it but I did today. I wieghed myself this morning and I've gained a few lbs. I hope thats baby weight! ack. well at almost 16 weeks 3-4 lb isn't too bad but it came all the sudden like so I dunno. I need to w/o!!


Jen, I had to come say how adoralbe your new puppy is!!! I wish I was there...I am a pro at potty training dogs...give me a day and he'll have it!
Glad to hear you are doing so good. Time just flies...won't be long before your baby girl is here!


Thank you Susan, nice to see you! He is getting better at it, but still has accidents..

i am having a problem. my husband told me that my other dog, princess has been shaking today. she was shaking this morning too, trembling, when i was holding her to take her outside. i thought maybe she was cold and eventually she stopped.
she was doing it in the house. i think she is afraid of the puppy. he is very playful and will nip. his teeth are VERY sharp. I think it hurts her. I wish she would kick his butt to put him in his place but she is timid.

anyone have any suggestions on how to get my dog to not be scared of him and how to get the puppy to not bite? I yell at him and say NO or clap my hands and push his face (gently of course)...but it doesnt seem to phase him.


15 weeks on Monday

Hello all,

I'm struggling today as I really wanted a more thorough u/s from the Professor yesterday. I think I've just been spoiled with having had an u/s almost every week at the beginning of the pregnancy and so much attention with the IVF and ICSI. My next ultrasound is in early December and it really feels so far away. Then I go to Chicago and won't see the Professor again until January. I think I'm being unrealistic. This is my first (viable the longest) pregnancy and I'm not showing, haven't gained any weight, and don't feel anything in my belly. Now I'm done complaining. :) Thanks for "listening". I'm going to do butts and gutts today and possibly go for a 30 min run as I have the day off from work.
Laura -well look on the bright side. You got several U/S. I've yet to get one and my first and only one is going to be around thanksgiving or early Dec. I'm going nuts. ha! But I bought that doppler and that helps. i've heard the heartbeat twice. The weight I thought I gained went away suddenly so maybe it was just some kind of water weight. Today I weighed the same. I haven't gained either and I haven't even been working out?? I plan to in the morning... ugh I just gotta get the ball rolling again. I have a small belly but not huge and this is my third so its partly due to things being stretched out more already.

Jen - I hope your puppy learns to be a bit more gentle. I hope your other one is ok and learns to deal with that. I dunno what to say to help though?


Good morning everyone :) How are we all feeling?

Jess, why do you only have one ultrasound? I assume that is for the entire length of your pregnancy? So far i've gotten one a month. My next one is nov 26, i'll be 28 weeks then. i think i also have to get a rogam shot because i'm RH negative. Lovely...

I am currently 26 weeks and find myself having trouble breathing. I feel like the baby is taking up all the space inside and i cant get enough air. I suppose its normal. Sometimes i feel like i have a heavy feeling in my chest. Anyone else ever/currently experience this?

The puppy is doing ok, he is coming along in potty training Still no new name!! So i need to get one for him soon. I dont think sonny fits him.

I havent worked out since sunday but i will tonite becuase my husband works.

Friday i have another DR apt, i have to drink this orange pure sugar drink to test for diabetes. blech.

I hope you all have a great day!
Jen -yep only one. unless something is wrong. With my first I got several cause I was high risk. With my second they were watching me for the same problem but I still only got one. I just made my appt for Dec 11th. I'll be 20 wks. Unless something is wrong that'll be it for me. :( Of course I don't want something to be wrong.
Have you looked online at puppy/dog naming websites?

I was going to w/o this morning and I have a headache again. I'm going to eat breakfast and see how I feel this afternoon. I won't be able to tonight so that'll be my last chance.


Good Morning Girls

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, the doctor wants to send me to Magees Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh (which is 90 miles away) for a detailed ultrasound. The doctor told me that there is an antibody in my blood that was not there in my previous pregnancy. When I gave birth to Nicholas I had to have a blood transfusion and she said that I got the antibody from the blood transfusion. The doc told me that it can cause anemia (sp?) in the baby if this antibody crosses the placenta. She told me that if it does cross, I will have to have the baby early. She said not to worry yet (easier said than done). I am still waiting for the Womens hospital to call and schedule the appointment. Has anyone had any experience with this?

She also told me that I gained nine pounds in 4 weeks! I could not believe had gained that much. She was concerned at my previous appointment because I had only gained one pound.

Hope you all have a nice day,

Sorry so long,


SHannon, i have not experienced this. I hope everything turns out ok and that the hospital will call you soon to make an appointment. I"m sorry you have to travel so far! And i'm sure you are worried even tho they say not to
I am RH Negative and i know if my blood gets to the baby, then its bad as well. SO i have to get a shot at around 28 weeks.
Im sure everything will turn out ok! :)

Jess, sorry you arent feeling well again You will be back to normal soon i'm sure! Just listen to your body, its going thru a lot right now. Its a lot of work making a baby!


Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I really have nothing new to report. I have no appointments until the 20th. That is when I get my 3D/4D ultrasound put to music. I can't wait. I did finish up the Christmas tree.

My order came from Old Navy; however, I ordered everything too big. I may just keep it, I am sure I will start putting on weight. I am 23 Weeks and I have gained about 6 pounds total. My dr. says that some women put on all the weight in the last 3 months. Maybe I am one of those women.

Fitness wise.. on tap tonight is a walk on my treadmill. I had a dream that I was running on the treadmill last night. That is how I know that I really need to get back to business.

I hope everyone has a good night.



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Hello Everyone,

I have been wanting to post but work has been nuts!!

At my doctors appt on Friday we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!!!!! What a beautiful sound. DH & I both had tears in our eyes and I wish we could have listened longer!!
It was such a wonderful thing b/c after having a miscarriage last year I was anxious to hear a heartbeat. Now we just pray that everything continues to be good.

Jess – where did you get the Doppler – if you do not mind me asking – is it expensive?

All of my blood work that they did was good. They sent me for a urine analysis to be sure I do not have the start of a UTI – but I feel fine so I guess we’ll see.

My next appt is Dec 2nd. So we are looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again (this will be 14 weeks) then I am hoping for the ultrasound the last week in Dec b/c it will be 18 weeks.
Christine-I got it off ebay. Its a cheaper version of the really pricey ones but it works! I found the heartbeat right away and it was fairly accurate on the heartrate.. a tad jumpy but in the right range. We counted to be sure. This is the sellers for sale items:

Skyy -I'm one of the ones that put all the weight on in the last trimester. I really put it on later no matter how healthy I eat and how regular my workouts. I am surprized I haven't gained though just from my lack of workouts lately and not always eating healthy either. I had pizza yesterday. shhhhh! we were out at a play place for kids and that was next door so....... oy!

Jen- Headache is lingering but less intense now. sigh!! I'm wondering if anything else could be causing them but I'm finding there are other expecting moms who get the same problem. Atleast they are not constant anymore. I had them for days on end before now they come and go.


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Hi, I'm new here... due April 20th. This will be my 3rd.

That post jumped out at me about the Rh- and the rhogam shot. I wanted to tell you about some of the research I did about this. I am also rh-. Be careful about just accepting this at 28 weeks just because that is what they tell you. This shot comes with risks. I forget what its called, but it is bodily fluid from another woman injected into you (so small risk of disease)... also, many shots have mercury in them... which may have a link to autism. They do make some shots without mercury now... so do some asking.

Also, the reseach i did, (just do a search for rh- or Rhogam on internet) said that unless you are bleeding... there is no need for the shot, and it may even harm the baby. the article goes into much medical reasons and details that i don't remember very clearly. So look into it yourself berfore you allow a shot having no bleeding.

With my first pregnancy, I accepted the 28 week shot because I didn't research it, my next pregnancy I declined it, and the doc said that was fine. My first pregnancy the baby girl was also - blood type, so it turned out the baby didn't even need the shot I got. When you are both - no shot is needed. My second pregnancy, my boy was + blood so in theory that was when you need the shot, but I declined the shot and he turned out fine. Also, my mother (now 75 years old) had 11 children. She is RH-. She never had a shot... they didn't do them back then. 11 healthy kids later... and she had both + and - blood children.

Sorry if this all sounds confusing... I'm not a medical person... just wanted to let you know there is some newer research out there about the risks of this shot you may want to look at first. One site I came across was a message board with a woman who always got the shot and had several autistic kids... her last pregnancy she declined it... and the child was fine... check it out.

not sure why but quite often my belly feels "uncomfortable". I don't remember this with my other pregnancies. Its almost like my body isn't wanting to be pregnant lol! I'm sure its fine. maybe its just the stage I'm in right now.

Linda -thats interesting on the RH-. I'll keep that in mind to tell others to look into it if I find out they have that.

My headache FINALLY went away around noon. I'm finishing up schoolwork, we just got back from art class and then when DH comes home I'm off to the grocery store. so catch up with you all later! I hope I get back in time to w/o. I am going to be ready to run out the door as soon as DH walks in. I have my list ready to go.
well no go on tonight. argh! try in the am as long as no headache. DH took forever to get home. I got home from the grocery store after dark, got the stuff put away and got my shower just in time for them to hit the sack. He won't let me workout after that cause it keeps him up. I'm going to have to have an AM workout schedule due to that. One of these days I'll get a routine down. I just have to rearrange my schedule. I liked working out at night but even if I feel ok in the evenings anymore I'm pooooped and ready for bed. I'm having more energy in the morning which is weird. lol.

Funny thing is I think people are starting to notice my bellytoday. ha. I noticed others noticing. lol. like "hmm is that a baby bump?" lol. Its starting to not hide so much and look like just a gut anymore.


Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I finally finished cleaning this weekend. I even got the chance to go to the gym with my kids. While they played basketball, I walked on the treadmill for 45 mins. I felt really good. While I was walking, I felt the desire to start running, but I didn't. It was just nice being at the gym again.

Has anyone noticed that since being pregnant, your taste bud has changed? I really want to drink a cola, but every time I eat sweets or drink something sweet, I get a very bad taste in my mouth. It's like the baby is saying "I think not".

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend.



hello all you preggos!!!

golfer4, thats awesome info you came across. my blood type is a+ so i've never researched rhogam but was always suspcious of it. i'm in the "less is more" crowd w/ pg interventions too.

skyy, your taste buds do change, kind of... your pg hormones change your saliva. i never noticed it but i know a lot of women do.

jenm, hows the puppy??!! does this make THREE dogs for you now??:eek:!!!

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