Preggers/TTC check in week of 11/17


Good morning everyone, i hope you all had a nice weekend.

I was reading over all the weekend posts, since I was a slacker and never posted :)
About RH negative, my midwife said someoen else brought up the mercury issue and they tasted it and said there is NO mercury in rhogam. Also, she said its a blood antibody but didnt seem to think there was a risk of disease. She says they have been safely administering it for a long time. They took my blood friday to test, and i should be getting the shot nex wednesday. I'm o- and my husband is a+ so i have to get it. plus this is not my first pregnancy (well its my first one to to term) so with all those risks i was told i really need to get it. I also asked a friend who is a nurse and she thinks i will need to take it too.
I'd rather not - i agree with you Kate, that less is more, but since i am not a doctor and dont want aynthing to happen i guess i have to listen to them. THe other part of me says - hmm...woman have been birthing for centuries and im sure some of them have been rh - before! So, that post just made me more paranoid and worried :(

I had a pretty good weekend and worked out every day. But my feet and legs are KILLING me lately. has anyone else gotten really really sore in their hip flexors?

Ok, i'm at work and i have to go take a report, just wanted to say hi and start the checkin. hopefully we can keep it alive!


Good Morning Everyone

It has been a few days since I posted. I have been very busy. On Friday I had a second job interview that I am hoping they call and tell me I have today. I work two part time jobs now and would like to get this job and only have one. My fingers will be crossed all day :)

Well they finally called to schedule my appointment in Pittsburgh for December 1, I am so scared and hope all goes well. I am making myself a nervous wreck.

When did you all feel your babies move? I cannot remember when Nicholas first started to move, and with all that is going on I am getting nervous. I will be 17 weeks on Thursday.

Thanks all for listening to my ramblings,

Have a happy Monday,



HI Shannon , good luck with the new potential job, i hope they hire you so taht you dont have to work 2!

ABout feeling the baby move - i remember reading that you usually feel them between 18-20 weeks. I remember being 20 weeks and never feeling the baby so i started getting all worried that something was wrong. But now she moves constantly :) Dont worry, you will feel something soon, its still a little early. I want to say i was about 21-22 weeks along before i felt anything.

Ok...just wanted to answer you real quick - back to work!


Thanks Jen

Your message made me feel better. Thank you also for the well wishes.

Guess i had better get back to work also :)

Shannon -I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and have yet to feel anything. well very VERY rarely I Think I do but thats gone on since like 12 weeks so I guess not. waiting for the real thing still. its still too early to worry!

Jen -good luck deciding about the rh treatment. the nurses probably are going off of what they've been told. maybe they haven't heard the other side of the issue?
I don't remember that pain exactly but I remember general aches/pains all over and I got that sharp pain in my lower back.
I was thinking how about we do another roll-call update? since everyone moved around from the last one and we've gained a few new ppl. ? basic info -whatever you want to share...

17 weeks on Tuesday Due date:April 28th
I have two boys -Seth(10) and Noah (5)
SAHM and also homeschool mom
In Central Texas -Dh is an army PA


Happy Tuesday everyone :)
Yesterday after work i went home and did NOT work out. That's ok though. Im getting fat, so why bother working out :( Sorry, i'm just discouraged. I Feel so darn huge lately and im not used to seeing those numbers on the scale. Plus someone at work sang out that "jen's getting faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaat". I know they were joking but it just did not make me feel good!
I've gained 18 pounds so far and im only 6 months. The first three months or so i gained NOTHING so i was all ecstatic that i wasnt going to have a lot of weight to lose post baby. The baby doesnt even weigh 2 pounds. I have no idea how much the fluids, placenta etc weigh....sigh....

sorry, i just had to vent. im very very tired. i havent had a full nite sleep in over a week. my little dog, Princess, is used to sleeping onthe bed with me. my husband is on day shift this week and he doesnt like her on the bed when he is home. so she has been in her crate and she is fine until about 3 or 4 am and then she doesnt stop whining. so i have to get up and bring her outside then i sneak her on the bed with me until i get up at 530. I just want a full nite sleep! I know when the baby comes i wont have that luxory but does it have to start now?!?! :)

Good idea about the roll call, i know we have some newer people here.

My name is Jennifer, I am 28 years old.
This is my first baby, i am 27 weeks along, due Feb 18 .
I am having a baby girl (no name yet!!)
My husband and I are both police officers.
We live in Florida.

I hope that is sufficient for now :)


Hi there! I've been lurking on and off for a little while, but am thinking it'll be more fun to join in. = )

My name is Tana and I'm 36 yrs old.
I'm expecting a little girl, due March 10.
I have a 4 yr old son who has named her Emma, Emily, Rosie or Uniqua (thanks, Backyardigans).
I'm a sahm and work part-time (a few hours/wk during evenings/weekends) at a golf course.
My DH is a commercial claims adjuster and works from our house.
We live in Kansas.

Hmmm..I think that's all I can think of. I look forward to visiting with all of you.

Jen -awww don't worry too much about the weight. I hear it can come in spurts then level out for a while. alotta that is probably blood volume increase etc also. I have gained a few lbs. I already know I'll pack it on later. I want to workout but the last few days i've been really sick. My head feels like its going to pop off and I'm blowing my nose/sneezing and my throat is threatening to become sore but for now is super scratchy/uncomfortable. I'm achy a bit. I can't even breathe at night and that may be why my throat is all messed up from mouth breathing. aaaaaaaaaahh. My kids have a cough and runny nose. I'm already feeling fat even though I haven't gained much. I look different to be sure! I'm starting to look at my old little tshirts and think how tiny they are.. yes I'm only 17 weeks today. sigh. I'm so worried I'll gain too much and feel horrid after the baby. If its not one thing its another so far with working out. I want to cry! so your not alone. just do your best thats all we can do.

Oh and I forgot my age on mine... I'm 29.

Welcome Tana -thats cute on the baby names. :) My youngest got in my lap and said "what are we going to name OUR baby?". I thought it was so cute. We still have to find out the sex.


Hi Tana and welcome to the check in! Im happy you have decided to come out of lurkdom!
Too cute about your son naming the little one uniqua lol. My stepchildren used to watch backyardigans but i dont remember a uniqua. I just remember the theme song :)

Im still working on names over here for my little girl, i've got about 5 that i like, but of course I always change my mind!


thanks for the words of encouragement Jess. I know its completely normal and HEALTHY to gain the weight but just so darn hard for me!
i gained 6 pounds one month, then 7 the month after. and this past month i've gained about 5. i asked the doctor if its too much and she said i'm fine, if i gain a pound a week from here on out i'll be about 32 pounds heavier. wow. But, take a look at 6,7 and 5 pounds a month - thats MORE than 1 pound a week. I dont even eat all that much. Yes i have a sweet tooth - but i'm still doing my workouts, even high intensity ones still when i can manage. I"ve done imax's recently for goodness sake and im still ifting the same weight amounts . Sigh....

Honestly, i should not complain. i should be thankful to be pregnant and having a health pregnncy so far (knock on wood!). So im sorry for venting, but i know people here get it!

Are you going to ind out the sex of the baby, Jess? I found out at 18 weeks.


Jess, your comment about your little t-shirts and how tiny they look made me laugh. I've been thinking the same thing about mine. I had no idea how short/little they were. I think everything in my closet (except for the few maternity pieces I have) would hit me mid-belly.

I've definitely gained more/quicker with this pregnancy than the last. I absolutely despise my dr's scale. It's the manual kind and the nurse slides that pointer around so quickly. I swear she just randomly chooses a number like we're playing the Lotto. Grrrrrrr According to the nurse's number I've gained 18 lbs at 23 wks. I gained 26 total with my son. I did, however, develop gestational diabetes with him and had to test my blood sugar 4x/day and keep a food log. That was with a different dr and she would go over my log every appt. Definitely made me eat better. The weight came off easily afterwards too. Hmmm...wonder if I can find my old logs and see if they could inspire me to eat better....


Happy Tuesday everyone.

Here is my info:

24 weeks tomorrow Due date: March 11, 2009
I have two boys -G-(16) and B-(14)
I am Active Duty-Army
Hubby- Active Duty-Army

We are having a girl and I have decided to name her: Annissa Gail or Annissa Abigail. I've had that name locked in my head for 10 years now.

I did exercise on Sat. I spent 45min on the treadmill, but nothing since. Unless you count cleaning my whole house.

have a good night everyone,


Good Morning Girls

Hope you all are doing well.

Jen at my last appointment the doctor told me that I gained 9 pounds in 4 weeks. I was floored. She told me that is not to bad considering that would be 10 pounds total so far. That did nothing to cheer me up :)

My stats are

35 yrs old
son Nicholas 13 Months
I will be 17 weeks tomorrow Due date 4/29/09
Work Part Time in Insurance and at a Large Parcel Company
I live in Pennsylvania

Have a good day girls


Good morning all! Its very chilly here in SW Florida today! It was only in the 30s this morning! brrr.....i'm from CT i should be used to it but i'm not! I sure dont miss the cold or working outside in it. I'm so spoiled.

Last nite my feet were so swollen. i looked obese in my feet :( Like my toes were sausages, my husband laughed which didnt help. that weiner! LOL

im at work, freezing my butt off, its almost tea time.

im trying to think of girls names and im having a heck of a hard time. Chef Kate asked what i was thinking so i decided to post what i was thinking. Of course, i change my mind every hour.

My friend at work started taking amini poll amongst us and picked a favotire, so i thought iw ould run some names by people here.

I already know the middle name will be Mae. That is my mom's first name and i love my mom and thought it would be a nice way to honor her. THe other option is to make it an irish version that looks like Mae, which would be Maeve (even tho it doesnt mean the same thing, but its close enough to mae!).

So here are the names im thinking of:

I really like Ava Mae. Ava is a beautiful, classic name. However, i am finding out it is becoming very popular these days so that kind of holds me back. I never realized until i started researching.

I also like Ella. But i'd have to pick Ella Maeve bcuase i bealieve Ellie Mae was on the hillbillies!

My husband likes the name Brookylnn (Brooke) for short, but i dont really love that one. Not yet anyway.

He also suggested Carmen. Which is funny becuase that was my late grandma's name. SO Carmen Mae would have meaning in both names.

Finally, i suggested Marlo.
I think Marlo is different and unique. ANd of course, Im a HUGE That GIrl fan and the star of the show is Marlo Thomas. And i just love her in that show. ANd i thought the name was cute.

So thats on the list for now, its subject to change in a minute tho. Ava, Ella, Brooklyn, Carmen and Marlo.

Im sure there are a lot better and more beautiful names out there but im just at a complete loss :( I thought id have a name ready to go by now but i dont!!
Jen - I'm no help but I like all the names you picked. Ava and Ella are both pretty but also common now days and I'm having the same problem picking names I like that are not too common. For some reason Marlo makes me think of a boy. But then I've never known a Marlo so its probably in my head. I wouldn't have that problem meeting a girl named Marlo I'm sure. I'd probably end up with Carmen Maeve. Unique and interesting. Good luck choosing!
I'm definetly going to find out the sex as long as baby cooperates. I'm counting the days down to my U/S on the 11th next month.

Well so far at 17 weeks I've gained about 4-5 lbs. Not bad but I had better get to feeling better and exercising. ugh.... I just know it'll start coming on fast later cause it did with my two boys. I always gain MORE than they say to. My cold is still kicking I feel like pooo. But I'll take it over the severe headaches anyday.


Those are great names, Jen! I really like names that have a "story" or meaning behind them. I also really like Marlo. Makes me think of Marlo Thomas too. Her family's done so much for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I'm in a philanthropic sorority that donates the largest portion of our raised funds to St. Jude's.

The middle name we've chosen (DH suggested) is Kaylea. My mother (who died in 1987) has Kay as a middle name, and my MIL (who died in 1997) has Lea as a middle name. We didn't want to use it as a first name, because DH's best friend's daughter is Kaylie. We see them often and didn't want it to be confusing for the girls.

I think I'm going to try exercising in a bit while DS is at preschool. I've done pretty good this week. I've walked on the treadmill twice and did 38 minutes of the Upper Body Circuit PM on LIC (ds started working out with me on that one and then wanted to play a game.)

Hope everyone's doing well.



Hi all
hope you are all having a great thursday
seems slow here the past couple weeks, doesnt it!

not much is new with me. my ankles and feet are SO SWOLLEN. i look like i have feet that belong on a 400 pound woman. is this normal??

i also got a major cramp in my calf muscle around 4am this morning in bed. it was so painful and i could NOT move. its been sore ever since, it hurts to even walk. that is one of the most painful crampss i've ever felt.

sigh..the joys of pregnancy?
im concered about this swelling tho, its really ugly and not to mention its uncomfy :(

Tana tahnks for the name input. A lot of people here like Carmen, i think you are the only one who likes Marlo. A girl i work with LOVES Marlo. My mom likes Marlo, Carmen and Ava.
haha. so everyone has their own likes. I still dont knwo which one i will pick, or if i will pick any of those!! this is so hard for me

i like the reasoning behind the middle name, its nice when names have some meaning to them. mine doesnt mean anything. it hink it was just the number one most popular name the year i was born!
Jen -the more I think about Marlo the less I think boy. I guess I was thinking cause I know a guy named Mario but thats quite different. Then I thought of the name Margo which is very feminine. I like that name too (Margo). They are all cute names.

Maybe have the Dr look at the swelling next time you go in. That can be a sign of preeclamspia. I had that with my first and it was horrible! It really hurt too esp when standing very long. You could push your finger into my leg and leave an impression that'd take a few minutes to go away. I don't know what you do about swelling though? try to stay hydrated and off your feet (when not working out). I had to stop working out cause of swelling then (and with my first that was just pregnancy w/o videos) But I know some swelling is normal. Ohh I hate calf cramps. I'm really dreading those. :(

Hello Tana :)


hi all
well i worked out for the first time since sunday! felt SO good. I did Drillmax!! Yay go me :) Ive been feeling so fat and gross lately. I think i'm gaining way more than a pound a week, and its got me concerned. since last friday its like 4 or 5 pounds but i hope my scale is wrong since i fluctuate a lot. i shoudnt be gaining more than a pound a week right? :( im already 27 weeks, going on 28 soon.

i called my doc yesterday because my coworker say my ankle and foot and said its not normal and it looked awful. so they want to see me today at 130. It was swollen for at least 2 or 3 days. So i wake up this morning looks NORMAL. of course it does, becuase im going to see the doctor! haha. thats my luck.

oh well, guess it doesnt hurt to go in....

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