Power Max is FUN


I broke open my new Cardio Hits DVD and did Power Max. It's a *very* fun step workout. The first 2 segments were all classic Cathe moves and went pretty smoothly. The 3rd segment was more tricky and since I was getting pretty tired I mostly just watched the end of that one - 8" step can be challenging for me sometimes (I'm short and I like to use that as an excuse lol :rolleyes:). I also did the bonus abs.

I loved the music! I'm looking forward to doing this again and getting through the last segment. With a 6" step for that section (just until I learn it) I'm sure it will be no problem. Also looking forward to doing the other 2: Step Fit and Step Works. :D

Dare I say this? It made me think of the new step DVD coming this summer - it had a Party Rocking feel to it. :D


I agree with all you said! I love the classics. I have only found out about Cathe this pAst two years. So I have gotten the cardio hits and the classics I love step and I love these. It makes me think of the good ok days when I was at the Y doing step aerobics in the 90's! I just can not wait for the new step workouts, I'm hoping it is like the classics where it builds on itself not to complex but god steady state heart raising fun with great music!!!

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