Post SuperBowl Workout

Cathe Friedrich

Did you work off your Super Bowl damage yet? If not there is still time left in the day....I wanna hear about all the sweaty details!


Did sts disk 11. Last disk for my rotation! Teaching corebar tonight at the gym! Gonna start in xtrain next week! Eeeek!!


Ran on TM at 3.0 incline in the morning then tonight just finished up with chest, shoulders and back burn sets!
What about making a Hardcore 2 series?

I did Muscle Max, just because I love it so much.

Which reminds me, as I was doing MM this morning, I thought "I wish Cathe would make a Hardcore 2 series!" Something about the combination of workouts in this series makes it one of my favorites. So, that is my request...pretty please with a cherry on top! :D

Also, thanks for the Feb rotation Cathe. Probably going to start that one next week. I wasn't ready for a full XTrain rotation, so the Feb rotation couldn't be more perfect.


Unfortunately I ended up doing Taxes 2012 yesterday and never got my workout in. At least they are done and out of the way. Now, it's off to do Cardio Leg BLast, which I love and Chest, Back Shoulders.


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