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Hi all,

I'm wondering how people track their workouts. So if you're interested, please take the poll within the next 7 days. And please feel free to add comments to provide more specific details. Thanks!

(I may follow up with another poll on specifics of what you track ....)


I have a food diary on an excel spreadsheet which I also use to track all my workouts, not just Cathe ones. I also track any other important health info like glucose scores, results from blood tests, blood pressure etc.


I voted a specific fitness journal, I've been using a Happy Planner, but moving more into using a bullet journal now.

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I keep track of my planned rotation, note it on my calendar, then recently began using workout manager (which I love)

Then I also separately keep a running tally on a board in my workout room so I can quickly see if I'm hitting some of my mini goals.

Fun poll...thanks :cool:
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Paper and pencil are the best. I have a small notebook where I write down what I do daily for a workout. Also, I have 3 full sized notebooks where I keep track of what weights I use. What is really fun to do is to see where I started in a weightlifting routine years ago and what I can do now. It's very satisfying. It also helps me choose the intensity level I want to do. Say for instance I want to do one of the Lite workouts. I have the basic weights Cathe uses in the dvd, then I have 2 or 3 more levels like harder and much harder. It is good to have different levels especially if I haven't done a particular workout in a while and can't necessarily resume at the highest level I last worked at.
Wow, Hope this wasn't too boring . . .

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I guess I keep track “in reverse”. :). I write down 9 or more workouts that I want to do, in
no particular order, and no particular instructor, and then as I do them, I mark them off the list and when I am done with my current “rotation”, I will start another list. It’s fun.
Sometimes I do venture off the schedule and do a workout that I didn’t have on my
list, but then I go back to it.


I’ve started planning my workouts for the week on Sunday, my rest day. Sometimes I print out Cathe’s rotations and sometimes I create my own. And other times I use the book like with xtrain. But I do most of it with pen and paper.


I track everything in Microsoft Access.
All my rotations (including all of Cathe's from Apr 2003) are in there, and can be added to my planned workouts by simply setting the start date - auto-loads into the workout calendar.


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Captain OCD here! I preview each workout when I first get it, typing-in notes in Word about the exercises and weights that Cathe uses. I then print that out and use it to make notes as I do the workout, including which weights I used. I update the Word doc with those notes, print out a fresh copy, and keep that in a binder for when I do it next. I have an exercise breakdown for all but a handful of Cathe's workouts, including the live ones! I've been doing this for about 16 years, I think. As another poster noted, it's nice to be able to see what weights you've used previously, and how you've progressed.

I don't do formal rotations (caveat: I did do STS once). One of the reasons I really clicked with Cathe is that she offers so many different workouts. If I had to be rigorous and plan everything in advance, I wouldn't be able to make myself work out.

I also keep an Access database where I track which workout I did on which day, along with data from my heart rate monitor. It's cool to be able to compare the data to see which workouts have the highest average calorie burn, for instance (for me, that's HIIT 40/20).


I use a spreadsheet to help me figure out rotations. A separate spreadsheet where I list what workouts I have, their type and how long they are in whole (I haven't bothered to break down all the premixes and bonuses available yet).

I keep a small spiral notebook next to my weights where I have all strength training workouts listed (one per page), with the exercises broken down and how much weight I'm using for each with + or - symbols next to the initial weight listing to indicate if I need to increase or decrease from the previous weight listed.

At some point I think it might be nice to go through and clean up all my old scribblings in that spiral notebook. But then it's fun to see how I've progressed and sometimes regressed then progressed again over the years.

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