Plyo Hiit 1


I remember that Cathe did ask us for a list of moves we didn't like and by far the most hated were tuck jumps and burpee's. I've watched but haven't done yet the two Plyo workouts and there are lots of tuck jumps (and jumps that she calls something else but are really tuck jumps where you kick our butt with your heals) and lots of burpees. Just goes to show that when I trainer asks you for things you hate, lie...they will make you face that which you hate. Haha. I personally don't like burpees because it seems like it is getting harder and harder to get up as I get older. I hate tuck jumps because I am a lowsy jumper and have a very hard time with the tuck jumps. I have a hard time with any kind of jumping actually. I can't even jump a two foot jump onto the step with 1 riser underneath so I'll be doing Plyo 2 with just the step. How humiliating is that?
I'm kind of afraid to try the one armed burpees. I thought the 2 armed ones were bad enough.
I did this one yesterday and I just laughed at all the burpees. If you count them out, you do 56 of them. So much for not liking burpees. I did them all, but I did not do 1 armed burpees, I modified. Loved this workout, as with all the others I've tried, and it went by so fast. I find this is Cathe's hardest Hiit workouts because you never really get a rest, at least not a timed rest like 40/20 or 30/30 and the others. But I do love the challenge of these new workouts. I find a lot of the moves are almost total body. I still haven't tried plyo #2, but that's for later this week.


I expected this to be hard but not as hard as it was. I would say the biggest surprise in this new series would be low impact #1. That was harder than I thought it would be because Cathe moves so fast and you are crouched low down for a lot of it that my heart rate was really up there. But I love them all so far.


Slightly easier second time through! It was still ugly.....but better!
Using my high step topper for burpees helped. I even (sort of) managed the one handed ones. ;)


While this one was challenging, it is still much easier than 40/20 to me, and I was able to do the one arm burpees without issues: one arm burpees don't compare to butt kicks over the step!

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