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Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to begin filming live classes EVERY Thursday (starting May 8th) from 9:15am to 10:15am EST. If you have any requests for types of classes you would like to see please post in the provided link below. I have many one on one types of workouts I plan to film in addition to the live Thursday classes too. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Cathe TV - The Cathe Nation


Hi Cathe. I have a couple of ideas. :) I think a couple of contrast training classes would be great, since it is the newest thing to me that I've only read about, but never seen live. Also, are you planning to have guest instructors too? I remember you had a great Zumba instructor on one of your roadtrips. With your classes, amazing as they are going to be, having a couple of guest instructors will add more things for us to watch. And what about having nutrition experts stop by for quick segments? My last suggestion is for SnM to actually have a Live Cathe TV FAQ thread or article, where they explain what do we need to do/have in order to watch live streaming so more people that do not have the necessary equipment/experience (like me) can actually subscribe.

Thank you for taking the time to ask for our ideas. That's what makes you number 1 in my book. :)


some beginner level classes might be good. For people that find your site, it could help them get started right away. Especially if you do low/no equipment workouts.

Please do a Cathe One on One video dedicated to teaching modifications. It would be helpful to all of us to learn how to modify when needed. More yoga/fusion workouts would be wonderful. I love your yoga and stretching workouts. I'm sad you haven't made more. I still want to see "A Day in the Life of Cathe". We're all curious how you get it all done. ;)

I'm actually excited about this because I loved the videos you did while doing STS. I learned so much and it made getting through the program easier for me.


How about shorter timesaver workouts? It would be great to be able to do a 20 min quick workout, preferably no equipment, to make it super easy to get in a workout on a busy day.
This is more a DVD suggestion but I'd love to see a Fusion style workout from you like the Dreambody series but not quite so girly girl.


This is so exciting! Thanks for taking the time to ask what we would like to see. I am excited for it all. I would love to see some sort of step class - maybe a circuit interval or something. Love the metabolic classes. I will also second the low impact - some more disc routines maybe?

Thanks for everything that you do!



Live classes on Thursday at 9:15. Can these be seen at a later time for those that are unable to watch?
The technology you are selling is all new to me. Any "dumbing down" in your response to further clarify how the On Demand and especially Cathe Live works is much appreciated!


SNM Videos

Viewing Cathe Live videos

You don't have to watch our Cathe Live broadcast "live". All live broadcast are also recorded by us, so you can watch them whenever you like just like our OnDemand videos.


Live classes on Thursday at 9:15. Can these be seen at a later time for those that are unable to watch?
The technology you are selling is all new to me. Any "dumbing down" in your response to further clarify how the On Demand and especially Cathe Live works is much appreciated!


Got this answered after reading a different thread. Sorry! Never mind. :)


Me personally, I would love to have more strength training and toning workouts - any type - heavy weights, high reps, metabolic, barre, resistance bands and tubing, all of the above. ;) Thanks for seeking our input Cathe. The live stream and on demand options are very exciting! :D


I love the workouts Cathe has come up with in especially the last 3 years. I love the low impact series and would love to see more similar to afterburn, cardio supersets, flex train, great glutes, spinning, and lean legs and abs, turbo barre.
Hi Cathe,

I would like to see:

  • a Q&A live....
  • A one to one explaining the do and don't.
  • A Home adaptation of short drill of a heavy weight session usually and /or typically performed in Gyms.
  • A live footage kicking off the next weight program. Just as you did for STS. This would boost motivation. It would be a fun party time :). This would consist of comments, q&a, explaining variation.


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1. I would like to see a lower-body workout that is formatted as a sort of circuit where each interval includes classic strength-training exercises (such as deadlifts, squats or step-ups), plyometric exercises, and isometric/bodyweight lower body exercises (such as one-legged standing stability-ball roll-ins, one-legged crossover dip squats from Total Body Trisets, barre work, etc). And I would love to see a 10-lb vest used during any gliding disc segments . Maybe you could call this workout “Glute Camp.”

2. How about a HIIT workout using just the step topper? You already have some drills from other workouts that fit that bill, so you could collect them together for this workout:

- From HIIT 40/20: Sideways jumps over the topper. These could be done more slowly, like apple-pickers, to mix things up a bit.
- From HIIT 40/20: Jump forward, jump side, turn, and then tuck jump (working your way around the step).
- From Circuit Blast: Jump over the topper (in the narrow dimension), turn, burpee with a push-up
- From Low Impact Circuit: Uneven push-ups (one hand on step, one hand off)

I have a few ideas for new drills that would also fit the bill (and you could intersperse floor-based drills as well):

- 4 Power box squats (like in Party Rockin’ Step 2, combo #4), then fast-feet shuffle straddling the step for 4.
- Skaters going completely over the step (in the narrow dimension, of course)
- Sumo squats going across the top of the step. You could go fast over the narrow dimension, or a little more slowly over the long dimension.
- Line taps going over the step (narrow dimension)
- Switch-kick lunges (aka mountain-climber kicks, as used in X Train All-Out Low Impact HIIT and MMA Fusion). These would be done off the narrow end of the step, such that the hands are on the step, the front foot is on the step and the back foot on the floor.
- Slightly-inclined push-ups alternating with plank jacks. Feet on narrow long edge of topper, hands on floor: Do 4 plank jacks to tempo, then a slow 4-count push-up.
- One-legged burpees with hands on step – foot would be off the step during the plank portion of the move, and on the step for the standing portion

If you made the intervals 40 seconds long, you could call this one “Top 40 HIIT.” :)

3. I would also like to see a variation on Cardio Core Circuit where the cardio portion uses the step, instead of being floor-based only. Perhaps something along the lines of the step segment from X10, where you are working on a much higher step than is typical. I haven’t come-up with a fun name for this one yet.


I would love to see low impact workouts, metabolic workouts. Workouts along the lines of Afterburn, FlexTrain, Supercuts. Have you ever thought of doing some horizontal conditioning? Boxing/kickboxing workouts... love, love, love them!!

I would love to see a "day in the life of Cathe" as well. You just amaze me in all that you do.


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