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Any recommendations for a plant based protein powder that doesn't taste like you would rather not have protein?
Hopefully not the kind with an ingredient list that makes u question if it's actually good for u?

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Thanks Carol. Looks good! May try this one. It's a little expensive but love that the vanilla only has 3 ingredients :) Never heard of the fruit katemfe before.... But glad it's a real sweetener.
You are most welcome, Z. Yes, I know this PP is a little pricey, but as it is said, "you get what you pay for," and the limited ingredients in this one keep me coming back for more. Occasionally, they run a sale, so if you subscribe to their emails, you'll know when the sales are happening. :)


I second Orgain! Love the chocolate flavor. Great with unsweetened almond milk, doesn't need anything else.
Sunwarrior chocolate is also pretty good, but you can taste the rice protein.


I use either organic hemp protein powder or Organic Sacha Inchi protein powder from Sunburst Superfoods.

I use both in my morning smoothie.
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