Plan on starting Mesocycle #1 the week of Feb 8th, 2009


I'm another one starting on Feb 8th. I prefer to do LB work on Sundays because I have more time so I will probably modify the rotation to something like this:

Sun: Legs
Mon: Yoga/Rest
Tues: UB
Wed: Cardio
Thurs: UB
Fri: Cardio
Sat: Rest


It's getting closer.

I'm scheduled to get my DVD's today.

I can't wait to be reading the manual and making specific plans.

I don't have all the cardio listed on Cathe's rotation plan, but, I have plenty of them and will definitely be doing at least 45 minutes of cardio and abs 3x/wk (S,T,Th) Sat will be YOGA/STRETCH day. Much Needed from what I read on the boards. ;)


I also plan on starting next week. My STS is scheduled for delivery today, so that gives me time to look it over first. I finished my testing last night. Except for a few leg exercises. I need to check them out on the disc and see what they look like.



I got it...I got it....

Happy to say that my STS was waiting for me when I got off work this evening.
I've had a DVD in the player every since....they look AWSOME.

I'm gonna die....simply gonna get kilt......and I absolutely can't wait :eek:

Definitely starting next week....
Sunday, the 8th, will be Cardio.
and Monday, the 9th, will be Disc #1 :D

Between now and then it will be preview week #1 again and READ THE BOOK... :p


Got them.......

(I could have sworn that I responded to this yesterday....but evidently not.)

I've been previewing STS since the I got them.
They are wonderful.

I have my first three workout cards ready to go.
(I adapted them on a Word Document to make them more Terri-Friendly)

I'm starting with BodyMax2 and Abs on Sunday....then DISC #1 on Monday.

Has anyone seen a thread from Cathe regarding her start date yet?


I'm starting on the 8th as well. I'm so excited. My 30th birthday is 2 days after I finish the first 3 months, so my birthday present to myself is a newer/leaner body.


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I'm starting on Feb 8th, too! I'm so excited to have a bunch of buddies to do it with. I'm challenging myself to eat clean, so that I can get the most out of the workouts and look buff! Summer's coming and I want my muscles to show!


Is everyone still planning on starting on the 8th?? or are some hopping over the the 16th to do it along with Cathe? I need to check my calendar so I haven't decided yet, but just wanted to get a consensus. :)


More than likely I'll start on the 16th with Cathe. I caught a cold and need to recover, plus need to finish my 1RM testing and it is not looking good for the 8th.


I'm starting Sunday! I do weight work Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, rest on Fridays and cardio Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. :D I am psyched!


I'm starting tomorrow with cardio. the 9th will be Disc #1 for me.

I had already planned out my rotations for the year thinking STS would be here...I'm sticking with my plan.
I've previewed all my DVD' problems with any of them.
I have all my workout cards for Mesocycle #1 printed out on a word document with larger font and columns enough for 4 complete cycles - to compare strengths.

It'll be nice to see Cathe's posts. Especially for next time. :)


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I'm starting tomorrow. I always make Sunday a rest day (that's when I get my grandson!) and so tomorrow will be my offical start date. I'm starting of with Chest, shoulders and bi's. I'll be doing a 6 month rotation.
Jillybean - how are you doing your 6 month rotation. I plan on doing week one for two weeks, week two for two weeks, and so on......You?

STS start February 9

I am starting STS on February 9 and will do the 1RM today. I think I will do this for the DVD's of the week that I am using so that way I will get them all in. Glad to know others are starting the same time. Also, where did you all get your pull up bar?

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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