Pitchman Billy Mays Dies...


...at age 50. You know, the in-your-face OxyClean guy? He was found dead at his home. No signs of foul-play. I saw no mention of an autopsy and the family is asking their privacy be respected.

Ed, Farrah, Michael, and now Billy Mays. Sad and strange.

wendy loo

This is sad. Looks like he was in a near plane crash yesterday, and some items hit him on the head. They don't know if that's related, but I immediately thought of the actress who recently died from a ski related bump on the head...


now THIS one shocks me. we were just watching pitchmen the other night, dh loved that show. yeah he was over the top but hey some of those items became household names like him.

i know ppl pass on everyday but its just weird that 4 celebrities in one week. that's rarely heard of in my lifetime. just coincidence i guess :eek:



OMG!!!!! :eek:

My kids are really BUMMED! They LOVE Billy Mays! They've been talking about it for about an hour now! We can't believe it!

They (we, really) love watching Pitchmen and have been telling everybody we KNOW about the show. WOW.


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