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Hello everybody!

I have a problem, I hope for your help! Recently, a friend of mine started to get into pilates a lot. Since that time, she only talks about this. I wanted to join her, but there were a limited number of places in her group. As a result, I didn't get there.

But the desire to practice pilates has not disappeared! Therefore, now I am looking for a studio in which there was a great coach. Thanks for any answer! :)

Your situation is familiar to me. Once upon a time I had exactly the same situation with dancing. Then I was disappointed and abandoned this thing.

But in your case, everything is not so sad! Firstly, there are many kind people here who will help you. Secondly, I go to a great pilates studio, I can recommend it. Most of all in this studio I like the trainers who are always supportive. They helped me not only to bring my body back to normal, but also to become a more confident person. So you can visit this studio if you want.:cool:

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