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So I am contemplating hiring a personal trainer to help me get the results i am looking for. I want to add significantly muscle mass and lose some fat. I am looking for personal opinions esp those of you that have the STS system. I usually go to the gym so My thoughts are purchasing a system like STS would be silly unless I put it on my Iphone and was able to take it with me to the gym. I have little kids at home so working out at home isnt always easy, that and i dont have all the equipment. What do you think i would get better results with? I have the motivation i just want to get some good results. Please give me your opinions I havent done either before.

personally, I would save your personal trainer money and buy STS and do it at the gym and add some of your fav cardio while you're at it.... I gained much strength on and loved this could do 6 STS workouts per week and work each body part twice per week...or you could just do 3 per week with cardio and be good...having done STS, I don't see how anyone could be disappointed.

best wishes.
I agree, STS is the way to go. If you invest in STS it's something you can use for years to come. I'm only on my 3rd week but so far I'm loving it & I'm feeling my muscles like I've never felt them before :D
I did get a trainer after STS. Pros and cons: she pushed me really hard, and I got results, and she was someone to check in with concerning diet. Its easier to lift heavier in the gym. BUT once I got the diet down, I was able to maintain my results with cathe. I also didn't like the body the trainer gave me per se. My obliques where too built for my taste...
I have worked out with trainers in the past. They spent too much time talking to other members, texting, etc. I prefer using Cathe. I have her undivided attention via dvd.
I really love STS, but I received the best results of my life working with a trainer. However, when I started with the trainer, I had not been exercising at all, so it was easier for me to make those types of gains since I was starting from ground zero. With STS I definitely gained strength and mass, but as is normal for me, no progress in the fat loss department.
so i broke down and purchased the system tonight. I am downloading it which will take FOREVER!! this way I can take it to the gym or wherever and not have to deal with DVDs. I know in the long run it will def be worth the purchase since I have heard nothing but great reviews. THanks ladies!
Do Both

I exercise at the gym a lot and at home with Cathe. I started out at the gym. I think STS versus a personal trainer depends on your goals. So you'd have to decide whether you just wanted to tone up or build muscle-I don't mean bulky. (women don't really get bulky muscles.) You will get better results with a personal trainer and in the gym. The gym has much more equipment than you could ever buy, so you will be able to vary your workout more. There is all kinds of equipment at the gym that works better than weights. I just love the cable machine for example. Plus the Smith Machine, the declined? leg press (your legs are pushing toward the ceiling kind of), and a trainer can show you how to use the equipment with proper form. A gym will have someone that will spot you if you need it-you may have to ask, but there will be someone there to help you out. A trainer can watch you and make sure you have your form right. I have had years and years of personal training. I went to a trainer once a week for a while until I learned my form-I didn't do that too much because it is expensive. After that, I would go once a month and the trainer would give me a new workout and check my form. Personal training will also help you with Cathe's DVD's. With a personal trainer, they will write you up a chart. You can keep the chart and months, years, down the road you can pull it out again and do that routine. Once you find a trainer you like and she/he is familiar with your capabilities, knows you have good form, been doing weights for a while, they can change your routine for you but if they have you do something they know you have done before, know you have good form, etc. They don't have to watch you do the exercise so they can just write it down, tell you about it and move on to another exercise. So your training time is spent on the exercises you either don't know very well or maybe you need the trainer to do a check to make sure your form is still good. But it does take while before the trainer will feel confident enough in your form and abilities. I have a whole big file full of weight charts, so if I want to, I can just pull out an old routine, but since it's been a while since I did it, it is like a new one. In my opinion, personal training is worth the price.

Since You've already bought STS, I would do it and a personal trainer-maybe not at the same time. I have STS too. I just started it this week. I really like it. However, I augment my weights at the gym with Cathe DVD's. For example, STS has you working out each muscle group once a week-chest, shoulder's, biceps one day, legs another, etc but each muscle only once a week. I prefer at least twice a week. So now that I'm doing the STS series, on the day I do the Chest, shoulder, biceps dvd, I do back and triceps at the gym. I do legs twice a week-once to a DVD and once at the gym. With Cathe's other DVD's I use them to guide my workout at the gym. For example, is I'm doing her superset dvd, I'll do supersets at the gym. Working out with Cathe is also a lot more fun than just doing it at the gym.
So, in summing up, finally, I think that a trainer and STS both have a lot of value. I would consider augmenting your Cathe workouts, after you finish the STS series, with some personal training. After you had some, you can pretty much do it on your own because you'll have good form and be familiar with the equipment.
I think that i will take the workouts to the gym where they have all the equipment and the weights and see how it goes. I agree with your point about form Ect.. But personal trainers are expensive and I need to have flexibility with my workout times since I have young kiddos.

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