Perfect30 Update - October 12th!


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GOOD NEWS!!! The replicator has now finished the production run for all of the Perfect30 DVDs and they should finish packaging everything tomorrow and then load all of the Perfect30 DVDs onto trucks in California for their cross-country journey to our facility in New Jersey. This means that we should receive the Perfect30 DVDs sometime next week as long as the trucks are not delayed because of the Pandemic. We will update you as we know more.

Here are some things you should know:

1. We will soon start printing Perfect30 shipping labels in advance so that when the Perfect30 DVDs arrive at our facility we can ship them to you more quickly. You may get an alert when we print your label, but this only means that your order label has been printed - not that it has shipped.

2. If you purchased Perfect30 Downloads we will post a link and instructions for you to claim your downloads on the first business day after DVDs begin shipping. You will need to use the gift code that was emailed to you when you pre-ordered. If you have lost your pre-sale download code you will need to contact our customer service team at [email protected]

3. No matter how your order ships expect delays due to the Pandemic. Normally, almost everyone in the USA receives their pre-sale order within 2 to 5 business days after their order has shipped. Because of the Pandemic, this may take a lot longer than normal. International customer orders normally take 2 to 4 weeks, but this may also be affected by the Pandemic.

4. Perfect30 workouts will be made available on Cathe OnDemand sometime after the DVDs begin shipping and after we finish all the technical work that we need to do to make this possible.

5. The Perfect30 User's Guide and Rotations can't be released until after we finish all of our work uploading the new videos on to Cathe OnDemand as the guide contains links to all of the Perfect30 workouts. We will update everyone once the User's guide is finished.

6. Lastly, customer service will be slow to respond to questions once shipping begins and we ask you to not contact us during this time unless it is an emergency as everyone in our company will be focused on shipping all of the pre-sale orders.

IMPORTANT: If you have moved since you have pre-ordered make sure to contact our customer service department no later than 10-14-20 by 5 pm at [email protected] with your new address. After this date, all orders will be locked and can not be changed. Changing your address on our site will only affect new orders, not your pre-sale order. So, make sure to contact our customer service department with any address changes.

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