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I have no idea what happened when I looked before.:oops: maybe it was another of his books? "look inside" was impossible to miss. Duhhhh.... ???? I was looking for exactly that. book does sound interesting. I get to doing the same thing too often and need new ideas. I'll take a look at that spice place too. I never thought turmeric by itself had much flavor but it sure stains everything yellow and most times Ive used it combined with other curry type spices. combined with cinnamon and ginger is intriguing. as long as there are ideas how to use them. it sounds like there are. thanks for the link and for looking at the book for me.

carolyn this is so weird.. when you look up "find a store" on the Frontier website... both stores are 20 minutes away from me. I live right between them. they don't use the name "Frontier" though so i didnt recognize the name. I could shop in person rather than pay shipping. the closest store is be the mt vernon one, in the town where we do most of our road rides. this store is downtown, while our ride is out in the farmland outside of town, but passes thru the town to cross over the river there. I used to belong to a different co-op in this area that didn't make it and backed out of the market I never joined this one but anyone can shop there I believe.

Cathy don't forget motels were on life support for much of the last year. they are going to try to make up lost revenue. that's a serious price jump! I will pay more for a room with a frig/micro so I don't have to do all restaurant meals.
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Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and Dance, 32 minutes, heart rate 146/177, 205 calories, 3,732 steps. I then did CDorner Butt Builder workout that she did this morning, 55 minutes including the bonus work, heart rate 98/125, 155 calories (she looked at her watch at the end and said she got 377 calories!!) 432 steps. Total time was 87 minutes, 360 calories, 4,164 steps.
I just made Mushroom Bolognese from my Fix it With Food cookbook. I really like it and went back for a little more. I wish that Whole Foods would have had fresh basil for my order today. They had parsley and cilantro. It would have looked prettier on the pasta with the sliced basil along with fresh grated parmesan. I used cremini mushrooms. I wondered why he used dairy milk and parmesan cheese though as on some other recipes he has a cashew parmesan cheese that there is a recipe for. He mentioned that he does this for people like him that needs to not eat dairy. I think next time I may try nut milk or a blend of nut milk and coconut milk. I used less olive oil in both recipes than was called for. There really was no need for a whole quarter cup of it in the bolognese today. The zucchini dish yesterday called for 1/2 a cup. I no way used that much. It was still good. My granddaughter agreed when we ate it today that it was good, but the feta did not taste good in it. I think there was something wrong with the feta cheese. I can't find a date on it and think I will toss it. I normally like it.


Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and Dance, 32 minutes, heart rate 146/177, 205 calories, 3,732 steps. I then did CDorner Butt Builder workout that she did this morning, 55 minutes including the bonus work, heart rate 98/125, 155 calories (she looked at her watch at the end and said she got 377 calories!!) 432 steps. Total time was 87 minutes, 360 calories, 4,164 steps.

Carolyn, I am glad I purchased the book. I got in on Kindle though and I had credit from Amazon so it only cost me 2.49. Just for the information in it, it would have been worth it. So far the recipes are good. I have went through and bookmarked some I really want to try out.

Valerie, just click kindle on the book and then click the book and you can look inside. It shows several pages with the shopping list and 10 day recipes list. There are more recipes than the 10 days of meals in the book. Not many meat recipes. It is predominantly plant foods. Some pasta is in it. No bread though.

Cathe, that is ridiculous, but not surprising. Everything is going up. Probably planning ahead as costs are really uncertain right now. Things are rising in price and businesses other than big chain stores have had to hang on. Not as many travelers out there through all of what has been going on.
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This morning I did Metabolic Total Body for 48 minutes and 235 calories burned. My average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 140. I went to Lowe’s to pick up a couple of items and I really regretted it! The store was fine, but the traffic getting there was crazy. People were getting off of the expressway to take surface streets due to construction and everything was bumper to bumper. Lowe’s is closer to me, but I wish that I had gone to Home Depot instead.

Cathy, I know that you are enjoying the visit with your parents today. Nice job with Live Lower Body Barre Blend.

Valerie, that’s great that you can go to a store to look for the Frontier Co-Op turmeric. Both Publix and Sprouts carry their products here, but neither had the Turmeric Twist blends. Someone had mentioned how much she liked the sweet blend and I wanted to try it. I finally ordered it from Amazon.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and Dance s d her Butt Builder. I really dislike getting cookbooks on the Kindle. I like to browse the contents for new ideas even when I am not following a recipe. That is harder for me to do on the Kindle. The recipes that you have tried sound very tasty.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


carolyn I'm optimistic one or both stores might carry this. always amazon if they don't. I don't have a sprouts/ whole foods/central market nearby. even trader joes is a trek and they have THE WORST parking lot ever that requires an almost impossible left turn to get out of. I don't know why this area has never gotten a that kind of store but we haven't.
I have seen and read that this weekend traffic will be awful. this had a big influence on us deciding to come back last weekend. I did NOT want to get in holiday traffic. even weekday traffic has been nasty all week here. especially on the interstate it's "orange cone" season to add to the misery.

I planned on shopping this morning but DH and I decided to replace the shock cords in our backpacking tent. it was not as easy as u tube made it sound but we got it done. so off to the store shortly.
we re having a bit of a rain/wind storm this morning too.
diane sue, you can easily grow basil in a pot and have it on hand all summer. I plant seed and buy some little plants to grow on the deck. totally simple and tastes much better than bought basil. clipping off leaves makes it grow back better and more bushy. totally worth it. I find more uses for it if its sitting right on the deck.
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Valerie, you are right about finding more uses for fresh herbs when they are handy. I put some in the quinoa that we just finished eating. It really perks up plain rice or quinoa without a lot of work.


Today I did CDorner's live workouts. First was Low Impact Party 46 minutes, heart rate 150/184, 293 calories, 4,536 steps. This was a lot of fun and fun music. I then did the 15 minute at home ab workout 17 minutes, 40 calories, 91 steps. The abs were okay, but I could feel it in my neck from holding my head up off the floor. Then there was the 2 minute plank section at the end. Not too bad, but I just did not go up on my hands and held them through the moves on my forearms. Total time was 63 minutes, 333 calories, 4,627 steps. My granddaughter and I went to Walmart. I wanted to get done before the rain comes in. It sure did come down in torrents. That was the first time I have ever seen Gertie deliberately go out into water. She was wading around checking things out till I called her in. Guess the steam mopping I did last night has to be done again after that. Normally she finds the closest driest spot and rushes back inside.
Today I made another recipe from Fix it with Food, Veggie Stir-Fry over Brown Rice. This one has a sauce that you put together with tamari, ginger, and garlic, prepare the vegetables and stir fry them in olive oil, then mix them with the sauce and put it over the rice to serve. I bought basmati rice for another recipe and used that. I like that the stir fry has some asparagus in it. I used more than the 1 stalk called for for the single serving. I doubled the recipe for tomorrow. I noticed that the 10 day plan's recipes are for 1 serving. The others are for 4 people as far as I saw. I really liked it. I am trying to get all of these vegetables into recipes that I can freeze as well as eat right away, as I am the only one that will be eating it. My granddaughter will eat some of it. She did not want to try the mushroom dish which I did not think she would want to. She loves rice though and I am sure she will eat what I made today. Tomorrow is their last day since school was out today and their mother has to go back in to finish up. No school work tomorrow!

Carolyn, I sometimes prefer the actual cookbooks because the format is usually much easier. The Fix it with Food Kindles is a bit difficult because I have to go to the index to find the recipes that have a particular meat in them because the contents has those recipes listed under dairy free and flour free sections and not divided up by types of meat. There are not a lot so I guess they just got put in as additions to the non meat dishes.

Valerie, I just wish they would pick an area and get busy and get the road work done rather than work a bit and then they are not there working. Multiple areas being worked on at the same time just seems silly. I remember in CA them working at night with bright lights. Not so here. You will see equipment sitting, one or two pieces running and a group of guys standing on the side watching. Holiday weekends are the worst for travel any time. I have grown basil on a patio before at one of our houses. Funny, I found some at Walmart and it was one of those tiny plastic cases with basil in it. It was expensive for fresh basil. I wonder why stores do not seem to be carrying bunches of it. I was spoiled when my daughter was giving me some from her garden. I wanted to come home and put some on top of my mushroom pasta I had for lunch again today. I definitely have plenty of places to sit potted herbs on our patio. I guess I need to make a trip to Lowes. Not really a trip, it is only about 3 miles into town to shop. Maybe not that far. Not terribly crowded either. I would just get the spice off Amazon rather than hunt all over for it or deal with traffic. Although sometimes things are way overpriced on Amazon or they want to sell you multiple of a product.


Sorry to be MIA and jumping in late, but is this the cookbook you are all referring to?



the climate here is cool. basil from seed takes until august to get big enough to use. I usually get a small pot of the growing plants to use until then. I just LOVE basil. I have rosemary on the deck too, a plant that's been around for years. not my favorite herb but fresh is way better than dry. I keep lettuce on the deck when I am here. using home grown lettuce for the summer. it grows in the garden too, but its a hike to get it. easier when I just walk out the door and pick. plus I dont need to worry about much dirt or slugs. I use bagged dirt (Miracle grow) on the deck so no slugs. they are a huge problem here. not much that will turn you off more to a salad...... than finding a slug in the greens.

I had a scrape biopsy on a small thingie on the back of my right hand. its in a vulnerable spot. I'm not supposed to keep it covered but had last night because I kept scraping it. I plan on wearing short fingered bicycle gloves for a couple days to protect it a little without bandaging it.

mushrooms are a food I used to dislike. then I bought fresh ones and sauteed them. nothing like those slimy little canned things at all! I like mushrooms except for morels. I wonder how many people decide they don't like something and it was mostly how it was prepared.

If I don't find the spice mixture at the coop, it will be OK. this is a good reason to check out the store. its not that long a drive and there might be other things I'd like to try.

unfortunately the interstates get heavy use all year and are in constant need of repair. the seasons are limited by temps that asphalt can be poured. especially in the mountains, freeze/thaw cycles are rough on the surfaces. job will never be "done".


Today I did Step Sync combos 2 and 3. That was 38 minutes and 286 calories burned. My average heart rate was 135 and maximum heart rate was 160.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDORNER Low Impact Party and Home Abs. The basil in small pots is a great way to have one on the deck or kitchen. I was buying a package of herbs for 1.99 and part of it would always go bad. The live plants are usually 3.99, so a better buy all around.

Deb, I’m glad that you popped in this morning. Yes, that is the cookbook. Diane Sue already has it and has made a few dishes. My copy should come tomorrow.

Valerie, I should try to grow lettuce since I eat so much of it. I have never tried since it always seems to be so hot here. I would enjoy looking around in the Co-Op, too.

Hello to Cathy and Judy.
I did Pyramid Pump Upper Body this morning. I really like this one. Especially the fact it's one where I can use the same weights as Cathe! Yesterday I got up early enough to do Boxing Hiit Express before anyone else was up. Then I got 11,848 steps at the zoo, 16,645 for the day. Very rainy and real feel hasn't hit 40 today. Derek has the day off, and Nick was so bored at work, because pretty much no one is visiting the zoo today, that he voluntarily cleaned the bathroom in the kitchen. LOL And being a lead he could have had someone else do it, so you know he was really bored.

Valerie, I have a long standing rule about not traveling on holiday weekends. Here everyone wants to head north and the main roads heading up that way are insane and the lines to cross the bridge to the upper peninsula get really crazy. After he's fully vaccinated in June, DH and I are going up to Munising for a couple days and I deliberately chose mid-week dates because it's always pretty busy up there in the summer, but weekdays are at least a little better. I drive 35 minutes to Whole Foods every week. No store of that type would ever survive nearer to me. Right now it's longer as I have to go through town since out exit ramp onto the highway is closed as part of the huge construction project going until November. And once they get that done, they will close the southbound side ramps and they need to do the bridge at some point, too. PITA but desperately overdue. It's been a bad stretch since they put it in and in hot weather it would buckle to the misfortunate of the first vehicles to discover the buckle.

Diane Sue great job on the workout! They do some night time road construction here, too, though the vast majority is day time. Dogs and rainy days are not the best combo. I had to towel off one of the cats this morning as he got sopping wet, but he's just been sleeping on the cat tree pretty much since then. All three who are normally outside all day, have curled up sleeping in the house instead.

Carolyn great job on the Step Sync Combos.


This morning I played with my grandson and we went outside for a bit. Everything is soaked as we had a heavy downpour. I just did CDorner Step Aerobics 80's Hair Band, 47 minutes, heart rate 135/178, 232 calories, 3,957 steps. That is it for me. I woke up during the night with my shoulder hurting all the way to my elbow. Not feeling too energetic. This was a fun workout and I really did like the music.

Deb, yes, that is the book we have been talking about. I am really liking the recipes and am getting a little more used to the format. I just ordered some nutritional yeast from Amazon as I did not find any at Walmart and wanted it for the dairy free parmesan substitute. I purchased the raw almonds at Walmart though. If there is problems with dairy you can go to the dairy free section of recipes in the contents. Same with meat free there is a section that is all meat free dishes. Or you can see all of the contents. That just makes it easier to look up what you want. The 10 day reset plan does not have meat in it as far as I saw.

Valerie, I usually purchase Miracle grow for my potted plants. We even put it in the planters when we put the flowers in after removing the tree and blended it in. We have a lot of clay in our soil. Those canned mushrooms are nothing like good fresh mushrooms. They are always best used soon after purchasing. My son in law found some morels in the woods by their house and brought some over to me. We both love mushrooms. I was pleased that Whole Foods had a bit more of a variety. Sprouts always seemed to be just portabella and white mushrooms. The author lists wild mushrooms in some recipes. I didn't look for the different varieties and just went for cremini as he does call for them in some of the recipes. It is funny how sometimes we realize we really do like something we would never eat, but being prepared right makes a difference. I have tried capers in those little jars at Walmart for recipes and picked them out every time from whatever dish they were in. I ate a salmon dish in a restaurant once with lemon and caper sauce on it and it was delicious. So it must be the dishes I made or those little jars of capers at the grocery store. I thought they tasted like dirt.
Interstates get so many big trucks travelling on them and they really do a job on roads. Our roads here are terrible and many in bad need of repair. The country ones are the worst. You never know when you are going to hit a huge hole. or an area that is multiple holes and hard to avoid. Terrible for vehicles and tires. They just fill them up with tar and gravel and it is soon back like it was or worse. Roads are costly for cities. Unless they have good revenue it is hard to keep up with them. We lived in a smaller city that had made a lot of terrible choices and the city council was always fighting new business coming in, which would have boosted revenue, so places like McDonalds go up just outside the city. They fought for a long time getting a grocery store, which they finally did and it sure saved some driving. I understand wanting to keep it more rural and stuff, but we paid a lot extra and they hiked up sales tax to cover expenditures. It also helps when a city produces their own electricity. Anyway, just crazy decisions a lot of the time.

Carolyn, another good reason to plant the basil. I know it takes a lot when I want to make a pesto or something and have bought bunches. I was thinking that if I didn't hurry and use what I just bought it will have to be thrown away. I diced some up on top of my mushroom pasta dish yesterday after I got home. Nice work on Step Sync.

Cathy, there is nothing worse than sitting at work with nothing to do and trying to stay busy. I worked at a restaurant when I was a teenager and they wanted us to look busy even if we had no customers. I cleaned the counters and tables over and over even though they were already clean. Don't know that I would volunteer to clean a bathroom though.
My dog I think is getting more adventurous with water and being able to go in and outside on her own. She is still not wanting to go out without someone for long. She is usually right out and back in unless we go outside. It was just funny seeing her walking in the water and sniffing it out, like she was wondering what happened. It is out of character for her. Our last house, I kept paper towels near the door when it rained as she would come in with muddy feet as I had a hard time getting grass to grow.
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Carolyn our climate is mostly cool so basil is a little slow to grow here.... but lettuce is easy! you might not find it as easy. hot weather will make lettuce bolt ( go to seed) too soon, sometimes before the plant grows big enough to use. I grow it from march ( started indoors) thru half of september. if your growing area is out of direct sun it might work fine. I like the variety of lettuces you can get seed for. some might be labeled slo bolt. I especially like butter lettuce that is green at the base and reddish at the tips. rom,aine comes that way too. I like different leaf shapes as well.

I usually buy crimini mushrooms. I like them best. morels taste funny, chanterelles are very expensive and I don't think that good. shitakes are distinctive and good. diane sue yes, its 90% in the preparation. capers taste peppery to me and vinegary tho I usually rinse them before using . I like them in sauces too. I went back and retried most things after finding out that acorn squash didn't taste like what it had in my family, where it was floating in butter and sugar. a travesty.

the deck plants all grow in Miracle Grow dirt, or similar. if I use dirt from the garden, it might have slug eggs in it, and the point of growing on the deck is to avoid that "ick" factor. our deck is an entire floor up. no way can a slug get up there unless I bring it in the dirt.

they do nighttime road work here too. its so awfully busy during the day. screws up traffic with lane closures. its less bother at night.

DH looked at traffic maps today just to feel good about us NOT coming back this weekend. it was awful!. it was gridlock everywhere. mt passes to ferries. and then it will repeat on monday and tuesday. cathy we also bagged the idea of going places on holiday weekends. just too awful. retirement is nice for taking that pressure off. every other day is better than holiday weekends.

I did stacked upper body and abs from x train. I haven't done actual indoor workouts in a while , a total slack off on my part. I backed off on weight a little so hopefully I feel "worked" but not sore. we've done mostly cardio and plenty of it, and I should have fit weights in there a few times, but it didn't happen.

saturday morning and it is good, I feel very slightly sore in a few spots but no DOMS.
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I didn’t work out this morning. I wanted to go to the farmer’s market early. It gets very crowded quickly when the weather is nice like it is today. I got some nice greens and peaches. I love fresh Georgia peaches.

Valerie, nice job with Stacked Sets Upper Body. You are extremely active, but it is good to mix it up a bit. My favorite mushrooms are Cremona and shiitakes. There is usually a woman at the market with shiitakes. Sadly, she was not there today.

Cathy, great job with PP Upper Body and Boxing HiiT Express. Your son really was bored at work to volunteer for bathroom cleaning.

Diane Sue, playing outside with your grandson sounds like a lot of fun. Nice job with CDORNER Step Aerobics Hair Band workout. She is so funny with the names that she chooses. I like capers in recipes that call for them. I rinse them before adding them in so that aren’t so briny. My Fix It With Food cookbook came today. I have been browsing through it this afternoon. Did you notice how he uses the oregano oil that he makes for cooking, but also to rub on his joints? I make a garlic chili oil, but haven’t done oregano.

Judy, I’m sure that Home Depot is very busy this weekend.

Hello to Deb.


Hi Everyone,

Tuesday I did ICE Rock'm Sock'm with Muscle Meltdown Triceps. Wednesday I did CTX Leaner Legs & Abs and Back, Shoulders & Biceps. Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton Power Zone Ride.

Carolyn-I bet the farmer's market was nice. Yes, Home Depot is very busy this weekend. I worked today and will be working the next 3 days too. That will probably be enough exercise for me until I'm off next week.

Diane Sue-Nice job with the CDorner step workout. I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

Cathy-Great job with Pyramid Pump Upper Body. I agree about liking the workouts that I can use the same weight as Cathe. CTX is like that too. I'll never be able to match her upper body weight in some of the newer workouts.

Valerie-Nice job with Stacked Upper Body.

Hi to Deb


Today I did CDorner #118 Fun Step Aerobics (with a summer theme as far as music and moves) It was fun, and I was glad when she turned the music up about half way through. I wondered if someone mentioned it while she was doing it, because you could not hear it well before that. 64 minutes, heart rate 142/178, 5,525 steps.
I then did the 10 minute Triceps she did after this workout, 13 minutes, heart rate 86/110, 30 calories. I finished with CDorner Neck and Back stretch, 30 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 74/97. Total time was 114 minutes, 429 calories, 5,525 steps I did not check the steps for the Triceps work or stretch. I am sure it was not much. Somewhere in there I got in another 334 steps which would be those two workouts and a trip to the door to pull in packages between.
CDorner Triceps 10 minutes
uses a band and pair of dumbbells 10# 1 minute each exercise which the whole thing is suggested can be done more than once. She says she is putting these on on weekends to get some that do not do weights to have something to get a start.
triceps kickbacks with palms rotating up 10# dbs
band 1 arm Triceps press downs
close grip press little/big press 10# dbs
skull crusher with band around forearms and holding a 10# dumbbell (band for positioning)
band around forearms reverse plank hold option is to continue with skull crushers.
( I thought she said 7 moves no repeats, but I do not count 7, I count 6 if you count the 1 arm press downs as two
I made the Roasted broccoli with cauliflower Puree from Fix it With Food for dinner tonight. It was good. I got the nutritional yeast from Amazon today so was able to make the non-dairy parmesan cheese to use in it. I subbed cashews for the peanuts because that is the one thing that I forgot to purchase. I also used more than half the olive oil. It was supposed to make 2 servings and called for 7 Tablespoons :oops: It was fine without that much. It is divided up between the roasted broccoli which I did not think needed 2 Tbs. for, then 3 more for cooking the cauliflower which I used 1 for, and the pureed cauliflower which I cut in half, and ends with some The broccoli is mixed up after roasting with the cayenne oil. I did not have the grapeseed oil and cayenne peppers and just used a bit of olive oil and cayenne powder. I am going to check out other alternatives to using pasta in some of those recipes. For some reason it made me feel bloated and I had some reflux which is unusual.

Carolyn, I did notice how he made the oils. I have a bottle of mediterranean oregano oil that I have used as an ointment as well as drops in water, but not the type I would use in cooking. It is really way too strong for that. I have not purchased grapeseed oil in years. Interesting on using it on joints. I will have to try that out. There is a tea room where my granddaughter had her bridal shower and it has a section that sells oils infused with herbs and things for purchase. I love that place as it is a shop with lots of pretty things like teapots and gifts as well as the oils and specialty coffees and teas that you can purchase to take home. I was thinking that I should check and see if this smaller city by us has a farmers market. A lot of them do as there are farms and stuff surrounding the area.

Valerie, I love butter lettuce. I do not see slugs around much here. Maybe because I routinely spray the yard to help make sure fleas, ticks, and spiders do not make it in. I have had several large spiders this last week. I need the rain to stop before I spray. When I do it, I wait till I let her out in the evening and do it so it has time to settle in. I have half way expected some mice, but so far none yet. My daughter has had a battle with them in her new home area. There is evidence that the people must have delt with some because there is a key thing they left here and I looked up the company and it has what looks like metal boxes that lock and are apparently some kind of mouse trap that the key works for. Haven't found any of the boxes around though.

Judy, nice job on the workouts. Yes, your job and all of the steps and work you do there should be plenty of exercise for those days.

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