Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/19/2023

Today was Live Upper Body Ball-tastic. Fast paced, high reps. One area at a time including abs. I've done it before and I survive, but it's not my favorite

Carolyn sounds like you'll have a full house for Thanksgiving.

Diane Sue Raw TBTS Push day + warm up, TBTS timesaver intervals, abs and mobility workouts.
This morning I did yoga as usual.

Cathy, great job with Live Upper Body Ball-tactic. Yes, I will have a full house, but not as many as some years. I often have my brother and his two adult children as well. My daughter and her family spend every other Thanksgiving with us and the alternate years with my son-in-law’s mother.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.
first time on the treadmilll today. walked at 2-2.5 mph at 1.5% grade for 15 minutes. I could have easily gone longer but I have no idea how my alignment has changed so I am starting slowly. Im up and standing /walking almost all day now so that is only a small part of it.
Just finished doing Live Glutinator. Uses green and orange loops, weights, and disc. Normally, I look forward to getting to the floor work but :oops: that was tough. And then she says we have two more exercises. First one is a long segment and she goes into the stretch. I'm thinking cool she forgot and I was totally fine with that, but 3/4 of the way through the stretch she remembered. So, back on goes the band so we could do it! At least, we'd had some rest. LOL Glad I don't have legs again till Friday.

Valerie that is fantastic that you were able to use the treadmill and that you are able to be up moving during the day.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga.

Hi to Diane Sue and Judy.
Cathy this will be a long ass trip back to normalcy. by realigning 3 vertebrae with what looks like metal railroad tracks in my back, it changes my alignment. not extremely different but enough that everyday movements need to get re-imprinted. I felt pretty sore last night when I had to get up to pee ( extra exercise!!!) but this morning its back to for now normal. can sit ok in a desk chair now. am less than 3 weeks out( tomorrow is 3 weeks) so doing very well. I'm like everyone else.... impatient for improvement. I learned how important core muscles are, and feel them strongly activated especially when I first stand and start moving to hold myself straight. IMO someone who had not done this kind of exercise would be at a disavantage. thank you X train core #1.
This morning I did Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp and Legs and Glutes. I separated the time for the two parts of the workout. Boxing Bootcamp, 23 minutes, 163 calories, 131 average bpm, and 170 maximum bpm. I only did two of the three boxing combos. Legs and Glutes, 24 minutes, 114 calories, average heart rate 117, and maximum heart rate 139.

Valerie, that’s great news about walking on the treadmill. I totally agree about the importance of core strength.

Cathy, nice job with Live Glutinator. Just the name sounds intimidating!

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
successful trip to the eye doctor for a short visit to try a new contact lens, and then normal grocery shopping. DH drives. he gets most things off shelves, and unloads from cart to the checkout, lifts bags into cart. I should not drive yet. as usual, most of the things I need are out of reach for someone who can't bend. plain old salt (mortons iodized) is on the floor for example . he will be doing this with me for a while. but the walk and the trip itself was fine.
I did RWH Low Impact Hiit One this morning. Not one of my favorites and I change a few of the moves as I find some of them just awkward. Rainy day here today.

Carolyn great job with Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp and Legs and Glutes. I agree Glutinator does sound intimidating. Cool title though and pretty accurate.

Valerie you are very right that being in good shape before surgery is a big plus.
Monday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and a 45 minute Yin Yoga class. Today I did Live # 426 PHA Heavy Weights Express and a 5 min cool down row.

Carolyn-Great job with yoga and Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp and Legs and Glutes. I need to revisit Fit Split. That is the series that I’ve done the least with but I know it’s a good one.

Cathy-Great job with Live Upper Body Ball-tastic, Live Glutinator and RWH Low Impact Hiit One. Both of those Live workouts sound good. I will check them out.

Valerie-Great job with the treadmill. It sounds like you are progressing well with your recovery. Being in shape really helps a lot.

Hi to Diane Sue
Good morning. I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday. I did Fit Split Pull Day for 43 minutes and 185 calories burned. My average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 142. My daughter and her family arrived at midday and things seemed to be nonstop for the rest of the day.

Cathy, great job with RWH Low Impact HiiT One.

Judy, great job with your Peloton ride, Yin Yoga, and Live PHA #426. I never think of Fit Split, but it’s on the rotation this month. I like both Pull Day and Push Day, but prefer to do cardio and weights on different days.

Hello to Diane Sue and Valerie.
did treadmill again 2.5% grade, 2.5 mph for 15 min and the 5 min on the elliptical. felt like enough. didn't do all the store walking today but this feels like enough. took shower and washed hair again. that feels so good!
Happy turkey day to everyone. we will be spending a quiet one here cooking just for the two of us.
Was looking at my rack of workouts yesterday and thinking about how long it's been since I did the Shock Cardio Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing workouts. So, I put together a workout using Kickboxing warm up and combos followed by the boxing combos and the kickboxing stretch. Should have done that long ago. Really solid workout that kept my heart rate quite high the whole time. Put it in my favorites list. Because of the holiday and Black Friday, after my eye appointment yesterday, I went shopping, so no workout. Reminded me why I don't shop the day before major holidays. LOL I've never seen the WF parking lot so full. Quiet day here as it's just me and DH.

Judy great job with the Peloton ride, yoga and PHA Heavy Weights Express.

Carolyn nice job with Fit Split Pull Day.

Valerie fantastic that you added a little elliptical to your treadmill workout.

Hi Diane Sue.
Yesterday I did 45 minutes of rowing, 10 minutes of Peloton Arms & Light Weights and 5 minutes of Peloton Core. Today I did a 30 minute Peloton ride. The rowing was a little too much and I am feeling it today. I think I will stick to shorter row workouts and leave the longer ones for the bike. We are having a quiet day at home today.

Cathy-Great job with the Kickboxing and boxing workout that you put together.

Valerie-Great job with the treadmill and elliptical work.

Carolyn-Great job with Fit Split Pull Day.

Hi to Diane Sue
I guess I have not checked in for a while. Sad for my brother and just so many things to go to and get done. I have not done a lot in the workouts. Short ones. Sunday was rest day and hosting family Thanksgiving, Monday I did Raw Kickboxing Outside 40 minutes, 218 calories, heart rate 138/159, 2,681 steps, followed by CDorner Toned arms with loop bands, 26 minutes, 74 calories, heart rate 94/125. Total time was 66 minutes, 292 calories, 2,964 steps. Then my granddaughter and her husband picked me up to take me to my granddaughter's baby reveal party. She is having a boy :D
Tuesday was spent with my ladies group for game day and brunch. No workout. Yesterday I did CDorner Fast Basic Step #339, 45 minutes, 211 calories, heart rate 122/156, 3,314 steps. This was 30 minutes and the last part was abs and stretch.
Today I did CDorner Arms and Abs with dumbbells, 52 minutes, because I had to stop after the warm up for a bit and started over, 128 calories, heart rate 94/113. I followed this with CDorner Mobility Flow 22 minutes, 34 calories. Total time was 74 minutes, 150 calories.
I have two dental appointments next week so there will probably be more days of no workouts or short.
Our electricity went out while I was typing. I am glad it came back on. I had to cook in the dark and am glad I have a gas stove top. I need to stock up on more candles than two. Thanksgiving at dinner time is an odd time to have a power outage.
I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There are so many things to be thankful for.

Arms and Abs with Dumbbells 45 sec work

chest press 15# dbs
1 arm row 20# db
repeat 3 times

triceps dips
skull crushers 12# dbs
repeat two times

Biceps concentration curls 15# db
standing hammer curls
repeat 3 times (hammer curls change slightly each time)

Overhead arnold press 10# dbs
wide overhead press half and all the way 8# dbs
This morning I did Step, Jump and Pump the step and the low impact hi-low. Almost didn't workout because I had a broken sleep night and got up late, finally was ready and got delayed by cat drama. It would greatly help if Tux didn't regard Chester as a live, noisy toy whose button he knows how to push. Sigh. We did a FaceTime with the boys last night. We hadn't done one with all four of us since last Thanksgiving when I was in Fort Worth with Nick and Derek was stuck on campus with COVID. He's down to 3 weeks of classes before graduation. Thanks to his not being in the dorm, we can decide what his best travel day to come home will be to have good roads, since he isn't locked in to leaving by a certain day. He may or may not get home before Nick.

Carolyn it's good that you were able to work in workouts around everything going on in your life right now.

Judy great job with the Peloton workouts. 45 minutes rowing would definitely leave you feeling it.
Good morning. we had a good quiet day yesterday. cooked dinner with assistance from DH. its so weird to be Able to do all kinds of things but not the slight bend to put things in or out of the oven. I generally help myself get up by pushing off with my arms, and now developing tendonitis on one side in my wrist. I have a brace on it now that helps immensely. my triceps have gotten a workout from day one because my entire trunk felt almost paralyzed. lifting and scooting with my arms worked best to move. did 15 on treadmill and 10 on elliptical yesterday so very gradually moving up.
Good afternoon. This morning I did Fit Split Push Day for 37 minutes and 179 calories burned. My average heart was 123 and maximum heart rate was 135. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and today I’m try to get back into my normal routine. Family is still here, but I’m working around them.

Diane Sue, great job with the Raw and CDorner workouts. You’ve had a very busy week. That’s exciting news for your granddaughter.

Cathy, great job with Step Jump and Pump low impact.

Valerie, I’m glad that you had a good Thanksgiving. It sounds like you’re making good progress with your recovery.

Hello to Judy. Have a nice day everyone.
Today I did a 20 minute Peloton interval ride, Jessica Smith Prehab Routine and a 10 minute Stretch.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts. I hope your dental appointments go well.

Cathy-Great job with Step, Jump and Pump. I’m sorry about the broken sleep.

Carolyn-Great job with Fit Split Push Day.

Valerie-Great job with the treadmill and elliptical work. You are making good progress!

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