Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 09/18/2022


I just heard back from Lori, she will be posting here this weekend. She wanted me to let you know that Bob is doing much better now. Here is her message:

"Please let all know…Bob is doing amazing! When he had his kidney and liver transplant on Sunday, 11/21 it could not have come soon enough. He was going to die. He was put on the transplant list shortly before. By Saturday morning we had a donor. Bob turned so suddenly he was placed number 1 on the transplant list regionally (6 states and also Puerto Rico). This tells you how sick he was. It was terrible, the surgery and recovery. He hit a few bumps in the rode post surgery, but with prayers and modern medicine he pulled thru! 3 months after his surgery, we started planning our lives together again!!"


Judy, thanks for letting us know. I am so glad he came through all of it. What a relief for them both.

Today I did CDorner Combat Cardio, 47 minutes, 267 calories, heart rate 138/171, 3,867 steps. This was fun and the music was good 80's type music. I liked that there was plenty of lower body kicks and movement as well as upper. The last combo was balance core moves standing. I followed this with Coffey fit Raw ab finisher using 8# dumbbell and modified a bit to protect my neck, and then finished off with the stretch finisher. This took 27 minutes for stretch and abs, 74 calories, heart rate 92/121, 362 steps. Total time was 74 minutes, 4,229 steps, 341 calories.
Hopefully I am up for Raw Back and Arms tomorrow.

Carolyn, is a Costco business center smaller like maybe Walmart market is? Nice that you were able to get out and get the coffee beans. I need an eye appointment and keep putting it off because if they dilate my eyes it takes at least 5 hours before I can see clearly. The last time they said they could give me dark glasses. I swear, that does not work. I am pulled between my usual doctor that has kept up my field vision tests and done the eye lid lift so I could see better and going to an eye doctor near me that my husband went to. The thing is my regular one told me that I have the starting of a cataract, not necessary to do anything right now. I would like to keep up with that. I did the last field vision at the arthritis center when I went to my arthritis doctor to get both at once since I had to put off my visits because of the shoulder surgery. Anyway, I tried to call the eye place near me, and it hung up on me after it rang, and I just let it go for now. I need new glasses. These Amazon readers are not very good, and I chipped the main pair. My usual eye doctor said I would be better off with some bifocals last time I was in. I hate getting my eyes dilated. Nice work with Perfect Pump Upper Body today.

Valerie, I am glad that your knee seems okay. It is a good sign you were able to walk. Weird things happen sometimes. That is like me and the two times I had my knee snap and seem out of joint. The first time I forced myself through a lot of pain to get up off of the floor. It was so weird, and that time I had no clue and kept walking and trying to sit down with it still spasming. I could not stand up straight for several hours. The second time, I analyzed it, worked at straightening it gradually and finally pushed down on my knee and it snapped back into place and was fine. Now, I never get up from the floor without having both feet under me to stand. No quick twisting around and jumping up. So far it has not happened again. Why it did that, I have no clue. The first time it was kind of swollen. I still cannot believe how much it hurt. Lucky that you missed the bear coming up the trail when you were walking.
I don't know what a morman cricket is. We definitely have lots of crickets. I spray in the garage around the door and there are always dead ones there and on the back porch. Those cicadas are pretty big and kind of metallic looking and their wings move fast. My dog held one in her mouth once at our other house and I had to pry her mouth open to let it out. It was humming in her mouth and she did not want to let it go. Goofy dog!! This time she set it on the rug in front of her and was watching it. Till I reached and she tried to get it back.

Cathy, I hope shopping went well today. It has cooled a bit more here. In the 80's today and really felt pretty good to me. Which just made me think that I put our trashcan in the back yard today to hose it down and forgot. I was holding off till all of the workers that are bricking the home behind us left. I guess it will be a project for tomorrow.


Judy thank you for reaching out to Lori!. I knew her DH was facing some difficult medical issues. will be great if she came back to post with us again. good to know he came thru it OK.
we will try a very easy ride in a little while. I am hoping this goes smoothly.

cathy its wise to avoid moose especially during the rut. this guy was not paying attention to our vehicle at all. we were trying to watch thru the windows. it was getting dark, raining, he ran off quickly. they can always be dangerous but especially in fall. weve seen a lot of moose usually just standing some place and eating. we've walked right by them and not noticed. prefer viewing with binoculars!

Mormon crickets look like gigantic colorful grasshoppers. we saw them only once but they were everywhere. I will look them up and see if there is another name for them.
ETA they are actually shield back katydids and get up to 3 inches long. they were the insect that devastated crops planted by mormons in the 1880's and are found throughout the west. I remember them everywhere during that trip to Glacier NP.

Knees are tricky joints. like shoulders. I'm hoping this was an aberration and that all bits and pieces are intact. I'm hopeful because it got better quickly and never swelled or looked bruised, but it was extremely unpleasant so I don't want to repeat the event.
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Judy, I want to echo Valerie’s thanks for reaching out to Lori. It’s such good news to hear that Bob is doing well. He was really sick the last time that we heard from her.

This morning I did Step Sync, combos 1 and 2, which was 33 minutes and 173 calories burned. Average heart rate was 118 and maximum heart rate was 140. I haven’t done any step in a while because I’m didn’t want to aggravate my knee. I was very cautious with the movements this morning but it was still a fun workout.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Combat Cardio and Coffeyfit Raw Ab finisher. The Costco Business Center is a regular size store (huge) that was converted to a Business center several years ago. They don’t carry clothes, prepared foods or deli, toys, books, etc. The store has more restaurant appliances and equipment, but they added back some of the basic items that customers were requesting. I keep hearing that a new store is coming to an area close to me, but I don’t see anything on the Costco site yet. The development of this shopping area has been delayed over the last two years so we will see.

Valerie, I am very cautious with my knees. As you said it’s very tricky and easy to injure.

Hello to Cathy.
This morning I made a workout from LIS Barre that's just barre work without the weights and abs. I'm behind in what I should be doing, so I'll come back later and catch up. I‘m attaching a photo of the 17 year cicadas we saw last summer in OH. The ones we have here are very plain and browns in color.


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I'm back finally. Judy I'm so glad to hear that Bob is doing okay, and that they are once again able to start making plans.

Diane Sue nice job with the Combat Cardio and abs. DH and I got a card in the mail today that we are due for eye exams and neither of us thought we were, so I need to go back through last years calendar and see when I went.

Carolyn nice job with the Step Sync combos.

Tomorrow will be a packing/organizing day. Taking almost all my meals with me. I'll splurge on pasta for dinner one night and I'll get a smoothie for lunch on the drive home, but my own stuff is healthier and cheaper!


Today I did CDorner Cardio Step Hiit which is a vertical step workout and uses 1 10# dumbbell alternating between a step move and a weight move off the step. She does all of the moves and then repeats them till the end of the workout. Fun Rock Music. This was 44 minutes, heart rate 128/177, 228 calories. THis was a workout from yesterday. I then did Raw Arms 20 minutes, heart rate 116/134, 93 calories. I finished with CDorner Full Body Stretch from today, 20 minutes, heart rate 83/110, 46 calories. Total time was 84 minutes, 367 calories, 2,850 steps.
Raw Arms
biceps curls first round 15's other 3 12's
overhead triceps extensions 10's all 4 rounds
hammer curls 15's first 3 rounds dropped to 12's 4th round
ticeps kickbacks 10's all rounds
finisher 10's

Valerie, that is interesting how those crickets/Katydids got the Mormon name. Grasshoppers, locusts and most of those bugs are detrimental to crops. I think seeing a Moose would be nice, but sure would not want to run up close to one.

Carolyn, nice work on Step Sync. I bet it was nice being able to do a step again. I don't blame you for being cautious. They talked about a Cosco coming in not too far from my last home and it took a few years before it went in. I think there were some problems that had to be worked out. I see it whenever we happen to go East on the turnpike, which does not happen often. They seem to be pretty busy every time. Sams Club is probably the closest to us. They have a few of them around. I see why they call it is a Business Center.

Cathy, the cicadas I have seen here are about 2 inches and have some green blue coloring on them. Nice that you got in a Barre workout you put together. Have fun prepping and packing for your trip.


Wednesday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and Boss Bands Total Body. Yesterday I did a short 30 minute Peloton ride and today I did Rock'm Sock'm KB and a total body circuit at the gym. It has cooled down here quite a bit but hopefully we'll have a few more nice weeks before it gets really cold.

It will be great to have Lori back here. I was very happy to hear that Bob is doing so much better.

Valerie- I hope your ride went well and that your knee is much better. Interesting about the crickets.

Carolyn-Great job with the Step Sync Combos. I don't think we have a Costco business center here.

Cathy-Great job with the LIS Barre workout. That sounds like a good one. Hope you have a great trip!

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts, Raw Ab Finisher and Raw Arms. I previewed the Raw Shoulders and Back workouts today. They look good.


we are cutting our trip short and going back to WA. tomorrow. I walk ok now but I definitely did "something" to my knee. I was not being careless or doing anything crazy when it happened, just starting to pedal normally on a flat section of trail. I need imaging and an orthopedic opinion. it got swollen and discolored by friday although it is working ok, my anxiety is overwhelming. I rode my bike around for a while yesterday and we did a minor walk of 2 miles or so, but knee is not quite right. it may well be something that will heal on its own, as a lot of things do, but I want a diagnosis so I know what will help and what wont. it may be something that will heal in a few weeks by itself. I don't want to sit here wondering and feeling afraid to do anything. If it needs intervention I would rather be there, where I have a health care team and the doc is a person I know a few miles away.


This morning I did Boss Bands Glutes and Core. That was 55 minutes and 234 calories burned. My average heart rate was 116 and maximum heart rate was 149. Boss Loops works the lower body in an entirely different way!

Cathy, great job with your LIS Barre. Taking your own food for your trip is such a smart idea.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Step HiiT, Raw Arms, and CDORNER Full Body Stretch.

Judy, great job with the 45 minute Peloton ride, Boss Bands Total Body, 30 minute Peloton ride, and Rock’m Sock’m kickboxing.

Valerie, I don’t blame you for wanting to get back to your own healthcare team and doctors that you know. I hope it’s nothing serious with your knee.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


I should have mentioned this earlier but we are driving back tomorrow so would someone else please start the new thread? I will not have the desktop on tomorrow morning.

quite a few years ago I tore my ACL and hard surgery to repair it. but that was a really clear accident on skis that twisted my leg with the ski on as a lever. I dont see how I could have done that pedaling a bike but there are other ligaments, and a meniscus and muscle attachments so just too many possibles.
Ended up skipping my workout this morning and just started getting ready to go. At this point, I just have to add in my chargers, and food from the fridge. Fingers crossed for a decent nights sleep. That Barre workout yesterday definitely worked! Feeling it today.

Valerie have a safe trip back to WA. I totally get wanting to have your knee checked out. When you don’t know whether it okay to use it or not it’s so frustrating. About 10 years ago, within a year, a tore a connecting fiber to my Achilles on each leg. Thankfully not the Achilles itself. Both times I was going down to bleachers. Once at basketball and once at baseball. Was very glad my doctor is a sports med specialist, as the first time the person I saw at Urgent Care misdiagnosed it. I was able to do upper body and core, but to this day when going down bleachers, and when the boys were in school that was a lot, I think about it. Hopefully, all it needs is rest.

Carolyn great job with Boss Bands Glutes and Core.

Judy nice job with all the workouts. Getting in a nice balance of things.

Diane Sue, nice job with Cardio Step Hiit, Arms and stretch.


Cathy that's my concern. It got swollen and bruising down thru my foot and ankle. areas that weren't involved. and I heard a snap when it happened,and it knocked me out for a second or two. . Im hoping its something that will heal by itself but Im very hesitant right now as I dont want to make anything worse. this clinic does a lot of sports injuries tho thats not their entire focus, but I had my ACL repair done there. this is 15-20 years ago. Ive been there for other things, so I'm a "frequent flier".


Today was a rest day. I did a short Peloton restorative yoga session.

Valerie-It sounds like a good idea to get your knee checked out at the clinic that you have gone to before. I hope it's nothing serious. I can start the new thread.

Carolyn-Great job with Boss Bands Glutes and Core.

Cathy-I hope you get good sleep tonight.

Hi to Diane Sue

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