Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 07/31/22


Today I did Pyramid Pump Upper Body, up only, for 36 minutes and 155 calories burned. My average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 176.

Cathy, I hope that you have a great weekend trip to the two zoos. I wish that the financial literacy teacher had stressed how to use credit cards wisely rather than avoid them totally. I think that your son will realize that he is going to need one at some point.

Valerie, nice job with the 26 mile ride. I’m glad that the weather has improved there.

Judy, it’s easy to mix up Perfect Pump and Pyramid Pump!

Diane Sue, great job with IMAX 4 and CDORNER Full Body Relaxing Stretch.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
I did Live Get Steppin' this morning. I really like this one. It has 5-6 combos and then you run through them again at the end. Lots of variation. But, I really shouldn't have worn leggings. They are new enough that it was only the second time I wore them and I must have not done cardio. They are a deceptively light material, but it's really humid here today and I was so soaked by the time I finished. They will be great as a bottom layer in the winter for going out in the cold. LOL

Valerie I'm not sure it's that unusual these days for the younger generations who aren't in a position to need credit to only use debit cards. Personally I've never rented a car in my life, but my sister and her husband regularly travel for work and very rarely ever rent anymore, they just use Uber or Lyft. I seem to remember the teacher saying something about there are ways around the rental card problem. I have one credit card and rarely use my debit card in person, but then I run as much through the credit card as possible for the rewards points. I generally have some cash with me when traveling. Not everywhere I get takeout has a tip spot on the bill, just jars. Plus at times the Mackinac Bridge have issues that mean they go to cash only. The hazards of northern Michigan technical issues. I don't put anything higher than 25lbs over my head. Even if Cathe is using dumbbells, where possible to go higher I'll use a barbell instead. Great that you got in a good ride!

Diane Sue a plus that you were still in the beginning of the warm up when you lost internet. Nice job with IMAX 4. We had storms yesterday and we were okay, but my parents lost power. All they had available was a flip phone, so I kept checking and finally about 8 they posted a restoration of 10:30. Five minutes later, my Dad called me back to say it was on. Still a lot of people in their area without.

Hi Judy!

Carolyn great job with PP Upper body.
Okay because I have insatiable curiosity, a genetic thing I inherited from my Dad's side, I did a search and found that apparently a lot has changed these days and there are ways to rent cars with debit cards at most companies. I will say that my husband is absolutely not insatiably curious and my habit of immediately searching for answers to things I don't know drives him crazy. LOL


Cathy I have rented cars 100's of times mostly when working. we don't do it often now because we usually drive on our vacations. last time we flew was last november. rental was a painful, expensive ordeal even with all the formalities filled out ahead of time. a rental car is FAR from a joyous experience but sometimes that is the choice. We don't do "destination" vacations. where we fly someplace and then plunk down at a resort or stay with family. no no no. not for me.
it used to required 25 ( I think) to rent a car. I have a debit card but never use it. when we travel its almost 100% cc's. gas for our truck is $100 each stop. if we stay in campgrounds we pay check or cash. most things I'm cc's all the way. we always have 2 different cards. we've been hacked several times and being a long way from home without a usable cc would be a nightmare. we're very careful but it can still happen. I always have some back up cash but routinely walking around with a lot of cash would make me very nervous.
I keep receipts and we check our statements carefully to make sure all is legitimate. you still need to pay attention. those hacks could be expensive!


Today I did Fit Split legs and glutes timesaver from Bootcamp legs and glutes. This was 44 minutes, 164 calories, heartrate 110/133, 1,797 steps. I also did Raw Stretch Finisher because Cathe's stretch was not much at all. This was 7 minutes, 14 calories. That is it for today. I woke up late and was going to get started cleaning and painting the shutters, but too hot and late in the day. Maybe tomorrow. Good thing that I chose a dvd as the cable company guy was in my back yard repairing the cable line because the builders dug a big hole and broke the line on the other side of the fence. My neighbor came over to see if our cable was working yesterday because his has been out for two days. Ours went out for a little while yesterday. Obviously on now, but the cable guy said he was just finishing. I told him that I did not hear the doorbell and he is lucky my dog did not come out to check him out. I guess I did not hear the doorbell because the internet was out and I have it set to ring on my cell phone. I realized later when my phone left a message that my doorbell camera was off.
I looked at Ripped with Hiit lower body and decided I did not want to do all of those moves. I was wishing todays did not have the gliders. I had to set that up in the hallway since I cannot slide on the puzzle mats. So I can hear Cathy, but not really see much. Luckily, I know what she is doing.

Legs and Glutes
warm up kickboxing moves
non weighted gliding disc moves
Deadlifts 20# dbs 12 reps
squats 20# dbs 16 reps
rear lunge off step 10# dbs 8 reps
forward diagonal lunge 12# dbs 16 reps
push dips off step 10# dbs 15,7 pulses 3x, 15 reps
deadlift 20# dbs 12 reps
cross back lunge gliding discs 15# db
slide side lunge 15# db
elevated lunge 12# dbs (has lots of pulses and I did not count)
single leg deadlift 20# db

Carolyn, nice work with Pyramid Pump Upper Body up only.

Cathy, Get Steppin was one I chose often when I did the live workouts.

Cathy, I check weather all of the time and if I think storms are coming I charge up cell phones and tablets. Make sure that flashlights are ready. I have been without power for several days all by myself before and try to not be stuck that way again. No land line anymore though. I had AT&T service at on point and when power went out my land line service was only good for 4 hours. They had it hooked up to a box in the garage. I made them change that after I had to deal with it. I am glad your parents power did not stay off too long.
I have never used Uber, but I know my family members have. I have said if I had to do jury duty again I was going to figure out how to use Uber. I generally delete the Uber app off my phone when I get it. Haven't rented cars in years either.

Valerie, I check my bank account daily. Usually more than once. We do not use credit cards much. Haven't traveled out of the state in years.


This morning I did XTrain Cardio Leg Blast, rounds 1-6 plus Core 2. That was 52 minutes with 267 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 158.

Cathy, great job with Live Get Stepping. Clark Howard is a consumer finance expert. He has a consumer finance column, podcast, and radio show and has several good articles on debit cards concerns. He refers to himself as a cheapskate . His website, has a wealth of information on many topics including debit and credit card use. He has several on the very topics that have been raised here.

Diane Sue, great job with Fit Split Legs and Glutes and Raw Stretch Finisher. I never think to look at that series.

Hello to Judy and Valerie.


yesterday did chiseled upper body. not my favorite. I skip windmills and discus throw because I dont like them. the rest is OK. today we hiked. 5 hours, a significant hike probably about 7 miles with 2000 foot gain and loss. I get more tired from coming downhill! it was a gorgeous hike and a lovely day and we had it to ourselves because we went early. unfortunately a local hiking organization worked on the trail and "improved" it so that might ruin it for us by attracting too many people. DH and I have worked hard to keep the trail usable for the last 20 years by clearing blowdowns etc when the road was officially closed and the trail abandoned. there was a bridge out but we just splashed across the creek. now they re- built the bridge. and cleaned up some big logs that we just climbed over.

then on the way back we got a flat tire!. seems we were just talking about this..... we tried a can of the spray tire fixer, but it didn't work at all. we could not find the puncture on the tire. we ended up putting the little "bicycle" tire on to get home. we will probably need to replace all 4 tires because that's the way it is with AWD cars, unless the puncture is fixable, but we need to plan to replace all. will see tomorrow. AAA would be no good , they would never get there, ever!

if I got jury duty again I might try Uber too. parking near the courthouse was tough the last time. I didn't get picked for the jury though so it was only 2 very short days.

I didn't want to sound like I think it's bad to stay with family. we do sometimes, but usually drive there with our camper and visit but sleep in our camper. their houses are way too warm, they eat bad food. easier for everyone if we stay in our camper. we always(!!) combine visits with outdoor activity like hiking or riding. this is DH's family. My family is unfortunately not ever worth a visit and too long a drive. Milwaukee is not the greatest place to visit.
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Today I did CDorner Step Aerobics that I started the other day when the internet went out. This was 52 minutes, heart rate 115/137, 223 calories, 4,172 steps. I then did CDorner quick upper body workout which is an older one, 25 minutes, 90 calories, 178 steps, heart rate 103/128. This one was no repeats, each exercise done for 60 seconds. She used 5 and 8 lb dumbbells and it was meant more for beginner exercisers as she pointed out form and suggestions. I did pick up 10's for some of it, but it was perfect for my second upper body work this week.
This was
warm up
alternating hammer curls 10# dbs
right arm triceps kickbacks 8#
side raise 5# dbs
twisting biceps curls 10# dbs, left arm kickbacks 8#
front raise 5# dbs
alternating iso curls 10# dbs
overhead triceps extension 8# dbs
side/front raise 5# dbs
side curls 8# dbs
twisting triceps press 8# dbs
overhead press 5# dbs

Carolyn, great job on XTrain Cardio Leg Blast and core. I guess I have used Fit Split a lot as the worksheet only has two more lines and it is filled. I need to print more off. I know I have used the push and pull a lot on their own. It makes for quick workouts that are good. The low impact cardio is okay I guess, but the more intense one has a lot of burpee/squat thrust moves if I remember correctly. I remember using the edge of the rebounder rather than going clear to the floor.

Valerie, I am glad that you had a pleasant ride today other than flat tire. My husband always calls those little spares a donut. My car had no spare so he bought a full tire and wheel which takes up some space in the back of my little car, but it's good to know it is there.
I don't know why they can't seem to just fix one tire or replace it anymore. They always give some explanation which really does not seem right. If you get a nail or something too close to the edge of a tire it always means a new tire is in store.
No workout yesterday as I didn't sleep well and slept in a bit, a bit still being early as I had to get everything ready to leave. Drive down was great until we got near Indy. Ugh then south of Indy maps asked if we wanted to detour around an accident, so we took a more scenic route for a bit. I've never stayed in a Candlewood Suite and really like it. I could totally live in this space. No oven, but all the other kitchen stuff including a dishwasher. LOL Just finished Boxing Hiit Express. We're doing the Louisville Zoo today which is only about 20 minutes away. We'll have a bit of a drive up to Indy tomorrow, but I prefer just using one hotel over dragging our stuff around with us.

Valerie sorry to hear about the flat tire. My car was about 1 1/2 years old when I had to replace one tire, so when I needed to replace the other three, I did all four and now have a tire in my garage that has a ton of wear left on it. That hike sounds amazing! I do better going uphill. My knee doesn't like downhill and I have this ability to pick up more speed than necessary even when I'm not trying. LOL Nice job with Chiseled Upper Body.

Carolyn nice job with Cardio Leg Blast and Core.

Diane Sue great job with Fit Split legs and glutes, stretch and step aerobics and upper body workouts. We've had some really long 5-6 day outages where we live, but they were the worst ones were pre needing to charge anything. The last bad one, I was taking the boys to K'zoo at night to my parents, and then back home to school, and I'd go to the house briefly before work, check on DH, who insisted the dog couldn't stay alone. It was November and he really shouldn't have been staying, the dog would have been fine overnight.


I'm guessing a little here, but with AWD cars you can never replace one tire unless the tires are literally brand new without any mileage on them. AWD systems work really well otherwise, so mostly we do follow the rules. we run winter tires half the year with our MT trips, and those tires are softer rubber (grippier) and wear out faster. these tires are decent with reasonable amount of tread. mountain (forest service )roads are pretty terrible and hard on tires. lots of potholes and DH should drive slower. there are gravel, rocks, and branches and tree debris so this not our first time with a flat tire in this area. the whole road surface is rough so hard to see obstacles like you might on asphalt. its probably at least flat tire #5. At least the subaru tires are smaller than truck tires, absolute monsters. at least trucks carry a full size spare. Yes, the donut! I started calling it a bicycle tire because its not much bigger than our mountain bike tires. we learned it's not OK to rely on the can of fix-a-flat. It might work but don't leave the jack and extra tire at home thinking its 100%. I would not drive a car that didnt have a spare tire. we have a chain of tire stores here that does car service and fixes flats for free. its really convenient.

cathy I am so slow going downhill, my feet dont stay in place no matter how I lace the boots. I get bumped and frictioned, so I do a lot of braking. hard on the quads. its always been like this. I go up hill much better. I keep trying different boots and socks but I dont expect it will change.


This morning I wanted to do a short cardio to warm up and a stretch. I did Jessica’s One Mile of Motivation for 15 minutes and 111 calories burned. My average heart rate was 137 and maximum heart rate was 165. Then I did her Total Stretch for 18 minutes and an additional 35 calories. Both workouts are from the 30 Day Plan.

Cathy, nice job with Chiseled Upper Body. Your hike sounds amazing.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Step Aerobics and Quick Upper Body. I don’t care for the cardio in Fit Split, but I really enjoyed Push Pull. I need to remind myself to do that one sometime soon.

Cathy, great job with Boxing HiiT Express. I’m glad that you had a good drive down, even with the detour.

Hello to Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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