Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 07/31/22


good morning. did x train bi's and tri's and x train core. want to leave early sunday morning to ride before it heats up too much so I'm posting this saturday night.


Happy Sunday! This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice today 18 minutes.

Valerie, nice job with XTrain Bis and Tris and Core. I hope that you had a good ride this morning.

Hello to Judy, Cathy, and Diane Sue. Have a great day everyone.


back from a shorter ride. we usually do a 25 mile one on sunday but it was warm already at 7:30 so we did a hard 15 miles and called it a day. took 1 hr 6 minutes. this is likely the last day of our heat wave. we warm up in summer but usually get a decent cool down at night, which has not happened this week. humidity is reasonable so its not intolerable, but still too warm for comfort.
carolyn you are so good and consistent with your yoga workouts! I always plan to do them but seldom happen. I am focused on upper body and core right now. I have not been consistent. I was doing stacked upper body often along with push ups. . I should save that workout for Montana where I don't have as much equipment. I'm going to focus on x train. I did shorter premixes but not sore. will do the full workout next and also rotate in Burn sets. I have all the needed weights here and a ball and a bench. I always enjoy the x train series.


Hi Everyone,
It's been so nice to not be working this weekend. I'm off all week too and am looking forward to the time away. Friday I did a 7 mile run-walk. It was the virtual Bix 7 Mile Race. I always ran that race when I lived in Iowa and have been doing the virtual version since they started it in 2020. I had hoped to run all 7 miles but I didn't get enough training in this summer so I ran about half of it and walked half. Yesterday was a rest day and today I did a 1 hour Peloton ride.

Carolyn-Great job with Rev'd Up Rumble. I hope you had a good rest day yesterday.

Cathy-Great job with Hearts on Fire and the IMAX workout.

Valerie-Nice job on the hike. It sounds wonderful! We have YouTube premium, but not the TV. We like a lot of the content on YouTube and it's nice to watch without advertisements. I'm sure their TV is really good too.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner 80's Dance workout and Coffey Fit Raw abs finisher standing portion and stretch finisher. I do more of the recent Cathe Lives than the older ones but I have a few favorites that I go back to once in a while.
I did Plyo Legs Low Impact today. It's a fairly recent live and I really liked it. Alternated Hiit with legs and used 10-15 lbs, green fabric loop and a disk. Definitely got a good workout.

Edited to add Monday's workout. I just finished Warrior Kickboxing 2. Really like that one.

Valerie nice job with the Xtrain workouts and todays ride. We've been lucky that even on days it gets warm, it really cools off overnight. Some nights under 60.

Carolyn great that you are keeping with the yoga. I'm like Valerie I have every intention of doing it, but it doesn't happen.

Judy that's cool that you did the virtual race. Nice job with the Peloton ride today. I'm sure you are very happy to have so much time off from work.

Did I tell you that we recently found a DVD Derek made when he was about 9. He was using cameras and computers from an early page and would have put it together himself. Neither of us remember his doing it and I can't imagine why because it's hysterical. It's called Derek's workouts and he bases it on Cathe's workouts and uses mats, balls, weights and bands. Covers all his bases. But, oh my gosh the moves and positions. At one point, in the cardio segment he's just boing back and forth across the room like a kangaroo. LOL and he also does this bizarre thing that's like sumo stance but he's jumping straight up and down fast. I end up in tears every time I watch it. The DVD includes the entire workout. Chapters if you'd like to do just one segment. Extras for additional moves and Other workouts where he shows different Cathe workouts in their cases.
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Today I did ICE Boot Camp Circuit. My time was 51 minutes with 309 calories burned. Average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 165. Doing yoga or some type of stretching on a regular basis makes me feel better overall. I do 5-6 minutes of stretching each morning as soon as I get up and that really gets the stiffness out. The first forward fold is ugly , but it gets better after that.

Valerie, that’s great that you had a good ride even though it was shorter than usual.

Judy, great job doing the virtual 7 mile race. I’m glad that you have continued participating In it. I’m sure that you will enjoy the week off from work.

Cathy, nice job with Plyo Legs Low Impact and Warrior Kickboxing 2. That’s amazing that Derek made a workout dvd at such a young age. It must be fun to watch now.

Hello to Diane Sue. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Just Lift, 36 minutes, 75 calories, heart rate 93/123, 490 steps. I then did Cathe Lite Cardio Party timesaver hi/lo with blasts and added the extended stretch, 43 minutes, 139 calories, heart rate 105/162, 2,700 steps. Total time was 79 minutes, 274 calories, 3,190 steps. Yesterday was a rest day.

Just Lift all moves 3 sets of 8 reps uses dumbbells, a barbell, but can sub dbs, and a bench
warm up
bent over rows 20 # dbs / 3 sets
split squat 20# dbs 8 reps 3 sets both right and left (I used my high step for this)
shoulder start at a W to an iron cross 8# dbs 8 reps, 5# db's 8 reps 2 sets (Kelly uses 10's)
Goblet Squat heels elevated 25# dbs 8 reps 3 sets (Kelly uses a 30)
overhead triceps extension seated 20# db 8 reps 3 sets (I was hesitant on doing this, but seemed okay)
supination curls 15# dbs 87 reps 3 sets
hip thrusts using bench and barbell I used 25# db 8 reps and one set on bench 2 sets on floor (hurts my upper back and neck)
bench press using bench wide and in 8# dbs 8 reps 3 sets (still not good with this, Kelly uses 15's and goes below the bench which I never do. I read before that that is not good. Who knows? not in it to injure.
sit ups with barbell holding feet in place 16 reps 3 sets

Valerie, the 15-mile hard ride sounds like a good choice. I really like X Train and Burn Sets. Maybe burn sets more though. They are so long though done as is.

Judy, it is nice you had a full weekend to enjoy. Nice work with the virtual 7 mile run walk and the Peloton rides.

Cathy, I am trying to figure out how plyo can be done low impact. Sounds interesting. Nice work on the leg work. I like when they incorporate different tools. Chris Dorner has a lot that uses loops, weights, and discs. The only thing is with discs, I set up to do those in the hallway with the covers on the discs for the tile. My workout room where I do weights is covered in large thick puzzle mats that they will not slide on. That is funny that Derrick made a disc like Cathe chaptered and everything. Quite ambitious for a 9 year old.

Carolyn, nice work with Ice Bootcamp Circuit. Also great job getting in yoga. I try to keep up with it as well. It sure helps all around.


Today I did Rock'm Sock'm KB with the Blizzard Blast (modified a little) and Muscle Meltdown Triceps. After that I did a Yoga Tune-Up for shoulders.

Carolyn-Great job with ICE Boot Camp Circuit. I agree about doing yoga and stretching on a regular basis. I need to do it more often.

Valerie-We had the air fryer salmon tonight. I hadn't made that in a while. It's one of my favorite recipes.

Cathy-Great job with Plyo Legs Low Impact and Warrior KB 2. I'll have to check those out. That DVD that Derrick made sounds so cute and funny. That's really good that he was making discs like that at such an early age.

Diane Sue-Great job with Coffey Fit Raw Just Lift and Lite Cardio Party timesaver hi/lo with the extended stretch. I have a couple of Raw workouts on my to do list this week.


This morning I did Pyramid Pump Lower Body, up only premix. My time was 38 minutes with 144 calories burned. Average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 143.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Just Lift and Cardio Party timesaver plus the Extended Stretch.

Judy, nice work with Rock’m Sock’m kickboxing, Blizzard Blast, and Muscle Meltdown Triceps, plus Yoga Tuneup for Shoulders.

Hello to Cathy and Valerie.
So today was Upper Body Core Crush. Lets say that my upper body protested the entire way through this one. I don't think it would have mattered what upper body workout it was, it didn't want to participate. I ended up going lighter on a few things. The pattern is chest/tris, shoulders, back/biceps and core. You run through a set of exercises for each group twice. Uses the bench, 5-15lbs, 2 gliding discs for cardio, a medium tube/band for T band pulls, and a mat. I'd done core yesterday so I only did the first round of core. I'm planning to shop tomorrow, so that I have Thursday to prep food for our trip. We'll have suites with kitchens so we'll be able to take our own breakfasts and suppers.

Carolyn nice job with the Boot Camp Circuit and PP Lower Body workouts.

Diane Sue great job with the Just Lift and Cardio Party workouts. Here's the video clip of the leg workout.“plyo”-legs-low-impact-live-workout.317198/#post-2534757 The trouble with Derek's ambitions when he was little was they often exceeded his abilities, though there were a LOT of things he could figure out. He knew more about using the computer than I did. OTOH life was often a rude awakening. Like the time he came to me completely serious and said that it was time we drove around and found land for his zoo. Explaining neither he nor we could afford to do that, and that, no, land just isn't laying around you can use for free, really did not go over well. LOL

Judy nice job with Rock'm Sock'm KB w/Blizzard Blast and Muscle Meltdown Triceps plus the yoga.

Hi Valerie!


I haven't done a lot last 2 days. All of you are sure busy keeping up with workouts. we planned to ride both days but decided against it in the morning. our weather flipped back to normal, and we were out in the garden playing catch up. 90+ and sunny dries everything out to a crisp especially 6 days in a row. yesterday was still warm but less than 90. today is cooler, and actually was misting a little this morning but cleared off to be sunny. summers are surprisingly dry here considering how many days it rains the rest of the year.

I'm giving another standing ovation for mail voting. we voted about 2 weeks ago when our mail ballots arrived. our district changed, new people to look up. it's so nice to avoid the drive and the line. it took <5 minutes to fill out the ballots, mailed them a day later. it is such nonsense to suggest this is not a safe and secure way to vote. I have not voted in person since about 1985, with multiple address changes along the way. it's idiotic for states to make voting more difficult except to discourage voting, which seems to be the goal.
will do burn sets later today, likely a premix. I dont remember that workout very well tho I used it a lot. when I start the disk it will likely come back quickly.
ETA did sections of burn sets. no premix like I wanted. chest and biceps and thew in some less challenging triceps work, along with a few sets of knee push ups and core.
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Today I did CDorner Kickboxing, 42 minutes, 172 calories, heart rate 112/148, 3,360 steps. I really felt like with all of the jacks and stuff my heart rate would have been higher. I did the impact in this, but she shows low jacks and things. I then did CDorner Stretch and Flow mobility from today, 35 minutes, heart rate 81/102, 63 calories. I liked that this had foot and hand mobility, but there was too much push off on my hands with down dog and up. And also just staying in the down dog position. Not a favorite.
Total time was 77 minutes, 3,418 steps, 235 calories.

Judy, nice work on Rock'm Sock'm and Blizzard Blast. Also with Yoga Tune Up shoulders. I forget about the yoga tune up workouts. Chris Dorner has some good neck and shoulder stretches that I use quite a lot. Kelly keeps adding workouts that I would like to try on her Raw channel. I need to watch some of them first.

Carolyn, good job on Pyramid Pump lower body up only.

Cathy, thanks for the link to the plyo legs. Nice workout today even though your body protested. It looks like you got to use a variety of tools. Childrens expectations can sometimes be hard on us. My younger daughter spent years wanting to know when she could get a credit card. We had so many discussions about what credit cards are for and that you have to pay for what you use them for. It was a long-time goal. That and teaching. She used to be teacher to my daycare children when she was in elementary school. She spent her allowance on things for her planned lessons. I think they liked it, but once in a while one would not cooperate. Just like teaching in a classroom. She met her goal with both the credit card and being a teacher LOL.

Valerie, my trust meter with voting is not there. I know it is easier to mail in vote and it has always been available for those that cannot get out to vote. I had voter id cards for past owners come in my mailbox. Later I saw my new voter id cards on informed delivery since districts changed, but they never showed up. So, I have no clue where they went. I called our county, and they sent us new cards and they made it to my mailbox. I am all for everyone voting. There is no reason to complain if you don't vote. I do not mind standing in line, and I collect my I voted stickers :) My husband did do early mail in once recently just because he was working a 12-hour shift and it would have been hard to get home in time to go vote.
The heat sure does do a job on plants. We finally got a little rain, but back to 100-degree temps and no rain. I am hoping for my plants that do not look good snap out of it when it cools off. I wanted to get outside and repaint the shutters on the front of our house, but it is so hot.
The advantage of Cathe's workouts is she does have it set where we can go to chapters and do just what segments we want to do. I have not seen that much on other instructors' workouts.


I ended up going to the gym with my husband Monday night. I did a total body circuit using equipment that I don't have at home. It was mostly back work, with lat pulldowns and seated rows, then squats in the squat rack (bar only) and leg & calf presses. Yesterday I did Yin Yoga and some extra stretching.

Cathy-Great job with Plyo Legs Low Impact and Upper Body Core Crush. You are doing awesome with the Live workouts.

Carolyn-Great job with Pyramid Pump Lower Body, up only premix. I've been looking at the Perfect 30 series and think I might need to revisit it.

Valerie-Great job with Burn Sets. That's a great upper body workout. I prefer mail in voting too. We've been doing it since the pandemic started. We always voted in person before that. We don't mail them though, since there are so many issues with the postal service around here. We drop them off at the township hall.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Kickboxing and CDorner Stretch and Flow mobility. It does seem like your heart rate would have been higher. I've had issues with the wrist based hr monitors not always being accurate.


the only issue I have with mail voting is mail service itself. as so many things shift to on line/electronic, the postal service is suffering as first class mail drops. DH and I are not complete converts to everything online, but we have put all our regular bills on autopay so we dont have to worry about late payments when traveling. that has dropped our mail delivery significantly. I'd do online payments of major credit cards too, and do it sometimes, but he still wants mailed paper copies. if you multiply our actions with millions, it feels like the PO importance is diminishing.

I like that we can track our ballots online easily. I started mail voting when I traveled a lot and wasn't around on election day. DH saw how nicely it worked so he switched too. when the whole state goes to an online system, it's very easy and streamlined. you adjust to not seeing complete results the next day as ballots in before, during and after election day. Oregon was the first to do it. eliminates voter intimidation at voting centers, ballot gathering, lines, waiting, access for older and disabled, allows time to review the choices if the ballot arrives and, surprise, there are issues you didn't realize you needed to vote on. PO and ballot drop boxes placed around the area. so the PO is key. once a signature is on file, your signed ballot is compared. if there are discrepancies, you are contacted etc. I doubt its 100% perfect but it sure beats in- person methods as Ive done both.

I got myself a little sore from the parts of burn sets. I haven't used heavy weights much, and I used 15 and 20 yesterday. did Ok but a little sore this morning. next i will do the whole workout rather than just sections. I never went as heavy as cathe. I will never be able to go that heavy. no need for 35's here!. even 30 is low use.

cathy that is great kids learn this so quickly. I cant imagine making a dvd myself. I try but Im not fast technology.


This morning I did Cardio Party for 39 minutes and 272 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 159.

Cathy, nice job with Upper Body Core Crush. Are you taking a trip this weekend?

Valerie great job catching up on gardening the past two days. That’s a workout too. Nice work doing part of Burn Sets.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Kickboxing and Stretch and Flow.

Judy, great job going to the gym for a total body circuit workout. That’s a good way to mix things up. I love the Perfect 30 strength workouts. I find myself reaching for them whenever I need to chose a strength workout. The one that I did yesterday was LiTE Pyramid Pump. I don’t like that one as much, but I don’t mind doing it occasionally.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Shopped today as I'm doing laundry and food prep tomorrow. Yes Carolyn. Derek and I and his girlfriend are going to do the Louisville and Indianapolis zoos this weekend. Normally, I avoid weekends at zoos, but I hate big cities and would rather to the ins and outs on weekends and not during weekday traffic. We're driving down Friday and staying at a hotel about as far south in IN as you can go. We'll do the Louisville Zoo Saturday (it's only a bit over 20 minutes from the hotel) then stay there again and drive up to Indianapolis early Sunday morning. Then drive home after the zoo. So Sunday will be a long day. I'm not overly keen on traveling right now, but they've agreed to mask and I have air purifiers for the hotel rooms. I've never stopped masking myself and if Derek goes with me he always masks at zoos, too, while only masking at his job/interning when it's required. Primate keepers have always masked.

So, that upper body workout I wasn't keen on yesterday, is apparently VERY effective. Even my shoulders are sore and it is really unusual for me to get DOMS in that area. Biceps came out the best, but it's also rare for me to get sore there. Triceps, chest and back can get DOMS more easily.

Diane Sue great job with the Kickboxing and stretch/mobility workout. I prefer stretches with variety over repetitiveness, too. Too many down dogs would be the equivalent of the ones Cathe does with a ton of swan dives into forward folds. I have the opposite issue with mine and credit cards. They took a financial lit class in high school where the teacher is rabidly opposed to credit cards. He started various side businesses from the time he was quite young and continuing through today. So, Nick has no interest whatsoever in getting a card. All he has is his debit card and he hates keeping cash on hand. Something I'm guessing the teacher was really not opposed to at all, I think Nick just finds it a hassle to carry. But, he's also got enough money coming in and savings not to need to buy things on credit, which just plays into seeing no reason to get one.

Valerie I'm sorry that the weather is messing with your rides. Great job doing Burn Sets. We've only had mail in voting for anyone who wanted it since 2020. Before that you actually had to be away from home over older. We have a new township clerk and her predecessor passed away so no help there, and she's had some bumps along the way. Derek got his ballot with no issue early on, and returned it, but mine hadn't shown up, so I contacted her and she said had been checking every day, and the system was showing nothing and then all of a sudden the requests were there. So, I walked over through the cornfield and picked up mine and my husbands and then took them back over. I can see that they are marked in the system as returned. I must say corn is planted much closer together than when I used to play in the fields as a kid, apparently they are planting much closer now and have quadrupled the yield per acre.

Carolyn nice job with Cardio Party.

Judy sounds like you made great use of your time at the gym and with the yoga. I really like the live workouts as there is a lot of variation in equipment and moves.


Back from a good ride, 26 miles on this one. 2 hrs and 15 minutes. temps were good, a little foggy to start but more my kind of temp.

I realize it's probably hopeless in many states. universal mail voting would be ideal. all you have to do is read accounts of what people went thru in Kansas to vote yesterday and it's obvious some places go to great lengths to discourage voting. making people stand outside in long lines for over 3 hours in 100 degree temps in hot sun. a daunting process for anyone! many people don't have the time or energy to do that, which is clearly the intent to discourage voting by people they don't want to vote. older people, moms with young kids, working people, people with health issues, it's damn shame. Is it to make people who endure this to feel noble for suffering thru the process? every year there are articles groaning about 'low voter turnout". the least we can do is make sure people who want to vote are not discouraged by terrible conditions. I did in-person voting for 20 years in two states and believe me, mail voting is better in a thousand ways. states can follow already proven methods and make mail voting universal. its being done in several states , the wheel doesn't need to be reinvented. Maybe Washington does a better job than other states? certainly better than wisconsin. Like most things have gone online, maybe voting will get there too. we have ballot drop boxes available. I usually mail all my mail from the post office not a stand alone box somewhere. most of those seem to be disappearing anyway.

that is strange.... the opposition to credit cards!. granted they can be misused but cash/ debit have their own problems. I would never try to travel far with cash to cover expenses. gas is $100 for a tank. motels are $150 a night. meals??? lost or stolen cash is just plain gone, with no recourse. debit cards are not protected like cc's are. I would think a class would emphasize proper, careful use of cc's. you cant rent a car without a major cc, and doubt that has changed. not sure on the minimum age, but maybe 21? my parents didn't "believe" in cc's and I learned about rental cars the hard way, especially if you travel out of the US. traveling with a big roll of cash is risky, plus you need to go inside to pay, more people contact. kids need to be taught rather than letting them find out the hard way. so not trying to argue, but I disagree.
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I did some shopping today and had a dental appointment this afternoon. I decided to take another active rest day and will do more yoga and stretching tonight.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Party. I got Pyramid Pump mixed up with Perfect Pump. I do need to look at the Perfect 30 Perfect Pump workouts again. I've only done them a couple of times. I think I was just busy with other things when they came out and I didn't spend a lot of time on them.

Valerie-Great ride! I agree about credit cards. I mostly use Apple Pay but I also have the physical cc for things like gas. I never carry my debit card anymore, for the reason you mentioned.

Cathy-I hope you have a good trip to Louisville and Indianapolis.

Hi to Diane Sue
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Today I got 2 minutes into CDorner step when the internet went out, so I did Cathe Step Boss I Max 4,46 minutes, heart rate 126/152, 240 calories, 3,776 step. The internet came back on and I did CDorner Full Body Relaxing Stretch, 32 minutes, 48 calories, heart rate 79/99, 196 steps. Total time was 78 minutes, 288 calories, 3,972 steps

Judy, it is nice that you go workout with your husband at the gym. Nice work getting in the yin yoga and stretching.

Carolyn, great job with Cardio Party. It is a favorite of mine.

Valerie, nice work on the weights. I am afraid to go as heavy as I used to. Particularly since I know my bones are thinning. I need weights though, but real heavy I don't think is wise.

Cathy, it sounds like you will have a good time with the zoo trip. Doms usually hits me a day or two later. The fronts of my shoulders are both sore from the iron cross move I did Monday and I even dropped to 5#. Up dog down dog always makes me think of P90X and the 90 minute Yoga X that had 35 minutes of repeating down dog and up dog. I finally chose stopping points so I would do the first 15 minutes of sun salutations, and some down dog up dog and forward to the other stuff. My daughter has always been excellent with her finances and purchased her first home young and on her own. So, I think she finally ended up knowing how to use a credit card wisely.


diane sue I have bone and joint issues. my muscles don't get sore very often but my wrists do. bones in hands and wrists are sad looking. riding irritates my wrist too, especially the left one. not much to be done but put up with it. it limits how long and how often I can ride. hefting 30 lb dumbbells isn't safe anymore except maybe for rows. I never liked over- the- head tricep move with one heavy dumbbell. I prefer lighter dumbbells, one in each hand. works triceps better for me and I don't have to watch that monster go over my face. even presses and flys, I stay in the 12, 15, 20 range depending. If I'm going to get DOMS its in 2 days.

its lovely and raining this morning. so pleasant after it being so dry. we water our vegie garden and any new plants from this year but everything else is on its own. if it cant survive a normal the dry summer, we don't keep it.

I wish there was a class in high school for basic household money issues. balancing check books, credit card use, how to budget. these things change. a lot of kids have bad role models or the opposite, parents who do everything for them.

when I bought my first house... the first bank I went to for mortgage financing wanted me to get my father to cosign for me! Really! I was so insulted. I went to another bank.

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