Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 07/17/22


yesterday we spent a good amount of time cleaning windows and window tracks. we have a lot of windows, a several day project since there are 3 levels. DH does more than I do but its plenty for two people. I did a short workout with curls, push ups and side raises, 4 sets of each.
today we are road riding with some friends.


This morning I did P30 Perfect Pump Upper Body and the Extended Stretch. My time was 56 minutes and 194 calories burned. Average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 146.

Diane Sue, great job with Perfect Pump Lower Body and CDORNER Intermediate Step. I have one 6# Med ball that I have had for years. I don’t remember why I bought it, but I rarely use it.

Valerie, washing windows is hard work. Great job getting that done and your own upper body exercises. I hope that you have a nice ride today.

Hello to Cathy and Judy.


Tuesday was a rest day. Yesterday I did Muscle Max and today I did a 3 mile run.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Quick Fix. I hope everything is good when you see your doctor next week.

Diane Sue-Great job with Perfect Pump Lower Body and CDorner Intermediate Step.

Cathy-Nice job with Med Ball Blast. That's one of my favorite Live cardio workouts. I have 2 small med balls, 4 & 6 lbs and 2 bigger ones, 6 & 8 lbs. I use the small 4 lb one for this workout but I want to try it with the 6 lb one sometime.

Valerie-Great job with the window washing and upper body workout.


Today I did Today I tried Penny Bradshaw Low Impact Hiit and did 21 minutes. There was just too much time on the arms doing pushups, inch worm, plank into other moves, I checked moves ahead and decided to quit there, this was 119 calories, heart rate 133/169, 974 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Cardio Quick Fix workout on with bonus abs, hips and glutes with a 3# dumbbell. I always liked that one for abs as there is not crunches or planks. This was 47 minutes, heart rate 137/167, 261 calories, 3,625 steps. My son came with their dog right when I was done with this. We are dog sitting till Sunday. After I got them settled I did CDorner Mobility again from Tuesday, 32 minutes, 54 calories, heart rate 81/110. A bit higher than Tuesday, but at first I had two dogs in my face and guest dog licking me relentlessly with me shoving them off, so I am sure heart rate went up a bit. I scooted them out of the room and shut the door and finished. Total time was 1 hour 40 minutes, 315 calories, 4,599 steps. I was looking for a non boxing and jumping workout this morning. My neck and shoulder were hurting last night on one side. I took extra curcumin and tried to massage it out. I seems almost gone today though. I think the upper moves I have done this week, which I am just getting back into and all of the boxing and impact is a bit much to do daily.


Valerie, cleaning windows is a lot of work. I am glad that we have windows that you can clean both sides from inside the house and it makes it easier to vacuum and wipe out the tracks. With all of the work they are doing dirt piles up in the tracks. In some ways I will be happy when they finish these last houses on the street behind us. Maybe my stuff will stay clean. Enjoy the ride with friends.

Carolyn, nice work with Perfect Pump Upper and extended stretch. I used to use med balls quite a lot for abs. I would use the 10 for the med ball abs Cathe does. Later I had the hammer and chisel workouts from Beach Body and there was a med ball workout there. I always wished I had a smaller lighter ball as it was kind of tough with the 10. Oddly my 8# is bigger than my 10#. The 8 had a rubber handle and was sort of like a kettlebell. I cut the handle off at one point. I sometimes used the 10 for abs or some lower work. Most of the time they sit now though. I have a 5# ball that is soft and I usually have to air it back up to use it as it loses air. Tracy Staehle had some abs that used a med ball as well. I guess I did use them for quite some time.

Judy, great job on Muscle Max and your run.


back from our ride and lunch. had to ride slower than we usually do because our friends don't ride as often, plus 4 people spread out and take longer to get thru intersections and such. 21 miles.

we have vinyl windows. pretty nice and fairly easy care, just too many of them, needing a lot of ladders and maneuvering. DH does most of it, so I felt I needed an upper body workout anyway. we take the screens off, and scrub them. we vacuum the window tracks first but most need spraying with dilute bleach water. clean out with paper towels and a screwdriver. they get mildew and actually grow moss/fern foliage on the north side of the house. a different climate here! close to 80 degrees today and I'm struggling with the heat. next week will be worse.


This morning I did KCM’s Cardio Fit, All Cardio premix. That was 34 minutes and 226 calories burned. My average heart rate was 132 and maximum heart rate was 168.

Judy, great job with Muscle Max and the 3 mile run.

Diane Sue, great job with Penny Bradshaw Low Impact HiiT, KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one, and CDORNER Mobility. All of that boxing can be hard on the neck and shoulders.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to ride with your friends.

Hello to Cathy.


Today I did CDorner All in One cardio, weights, stretch workout and added band rotator cuff pulls 30 reps two directions each arm total 60 reps. Total time was 79 minutes( I think the workout was an 65 minutes) 230 calories, heart rate 108/181, 2,780 steps. Each section was around 20 minutes.
weight portions was 8 moves done once then repeated a second time 1 minute timed each move. Chris mostly seems to use 17 lbs
Dead row 12# dbs
forearm plank knee drops
fly with hip raise 5# dbs
core lean back seated legs up and over a dumbbell
kneeling (option stand) twisted biceps curls 12# dbs
star crunch I did Russian twists
bird dog kickbacks right first round then left next one 8# db
pullover leg raise I used 1 5# dumbbell and did not go far back

Valerie, we have a lot more windows in this house than our last one if you don't count the glass sunroom. I am so glad with this heat, that we do not have that sunroom. Why they put a glass roof on it is beyond me. It heated up so fast and heated up the inside of the house as well. It made no sense.
I am glad cleaning is easy here. I like to look out a clear window. I did not realize they make plastic windows.

Carolyn, nice work today with Kelly Coffey Cardio Fit all cardio mix. Yes, kickboxing can really affect the shoulders and neck. I don't even punch hard like I used to. Another break from that today. As you can see weights were mostly on the floor, cardio was hi/low depending on who you followed as she would show options like low jacks if you did not want the impact. In fact, Chris did some of the low options while the other lady did high options. I have also been careful about crunches. They really set off my neck and I think can be bad for the spine from what I read. I would rather do a full sit up or something else. My neck has been so much better since I have researched and changed up those things that aggravate the neck and shoulders.


Diane sue, I wasn't complete on my description. it's the window frames that are vinyl. wood or metal window frames don't do well here. I dont know if that is sort of the standard for all areas. the glass is the two layer ones. we finished the windows today. all is in good shape except for one screen door that needs to be replaced. the wheels along the bottom are rusted out. luckily its a standard size so we can get a replacement at home depot.


Today I ended up doing 2 Cathe Live workouts, Intense Upper Body and Fit Legs. I skipped the last leg tri-set. Total time was around 90 minutes.

Diane Sue-Great job with Penny Bradshaw Low Impact Hiit, Cardio Quick Fix, and the CDorner workouts. They sound good.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Fit, All Cardio premix.

Valerie-Great job getting the ride in.

Hi to Cathy
Playing catch up. Shopped on Thursday and then yesterday Derek and I went to the Detroit Zoo. Got over 15,000 steps and it was hot. Not literally that hot as it was only in the mid 80's, but our clothes were soaked and even the straps on my backpack were, too! Finished the day in the penguin building which is very cool in looks and temperature. Worst part of the day though was the drive. I'm never a fan of it, and there is a long stretch of 96 that is down to two lanes for miles. Went through it at 60 in the morning, but afternoon was miles of stop and go. Still I'll take it over the drive into Cincinnati any day.

This morning I did my finished step combos. Skipped Party Rock'n Step 2 as it really doesn't appeal to me that much.

Carolyn nice job with Cardio Quick Fix and PP Upper Body. I need to put the PP works in my schedule.

Diane Sue dementia is so rough on families. Nice job with the PP Lower Body and Step, Lower Impact Hiit and Cardio Quick Fix plus the all in one workout.

Valerie cleaning windows is hard work and the tracks are such a pain. Great that you added in the upper body work. Riding with more people does have it challenges. Glad you got a good ride in.

Judy great job with Muscle Max and the two live workouts. I don't think I've done either or those and it's been a LONG time since I've done Muscle Max. For whatever reason at some point I acquired a dread factor with that one.


This morning I did KCM’s Power Splits Lower Body which was 33 minutes and 162 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 153. Then I did Step Boss Extended Chair Stretch for 26 minutes.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner All in One Cardio, Weights, and Stretch. I can understand being careful with crunches. Cathe has several crunch variations and some of them bother my neck.

Judy, nice job with Cathe Live Intense Upper Body and Fit Legs.

Cathy, nice job with your Finished Step Combos.

Waving hello to Valerie.


we did a mt bike this morning. a lot of work for no reward. drove to a road that has a hiking trailhead at about 6 miles. supposedly there was a land slide blocking the road so we thought minimal traffic. the slide area was drivable. we've used the road to xc ski before but it has had frequent problems and many years isn't open at all. it was a lot more climbing than we thought, and coming back down was dicey due to steepness and loose gravel/ rock. so not a repeater for us. easy to completely "mis-remember " elevation gain on a road you drove. we remembered it mostly flat with some steep sections. well, all the "flat" sections" were climbing. we ran across a number of grouse, one mamma with chicks, and another that flew out of the shrubbery right after DH rode by almost hitting me on its way to escape.

I agree on caution with sit up and crunch moves. heads are heavy! easy to strain something. I keep my hands back supporting my neck more than Cathe does. easy to overdo and not realize until hours later.

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