Party Rock'n Step Workout #2 - 25% Off Amazon Coupon


Hey forum_admin,

Could you please add the date in the title or prominently in the message of these limited Amazon store deals. I just wasted my time trying to find the deal on Amazon .... it was for one day only.. yesterday. And the message wasn't posted until after my bedtime yesterday. Thanks!


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Hi Debinmi, All of the coupons you currently see here are still active. Our Amazon coupons are always for several days or longer, not just one day. What did you click on that was expired?


Your link took me to this: Cathe Friedrich Party Rockin Step Workout #2 Step Aerobics Workout DVD For Women - Use This Aerobic Step DVD For Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Aerobic Cardio Conditioning and Just To Have Fun

Not sold by & no coupon. When I searched Amazon for Party Rockin Step #2 ... they didn't have any sold by - I even went to the Cathe store on Amazon.

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You're right.. Amazon steers you to the primary listing of another seller.

It's cumbersome but I did find it.You have to scroll down the listing page for this dvd from the link they posted to the " compare other sellers" section to get to Cathe's store listing. It's the very last listing option offered. Then from there you can add the coupon and add the DVD to your cart from Cathe.

I did find the DVD listing for this in the Cathe store under the menu of Workout type, then select step.
And while this DVD shows up, I don't see the coupon offered (which is odd.)

It's good to let them know Amazon isn't offering what they're expecting it to show customers.


Thanks Linda! So I wasn't crazy & inept ... ha ha ha. It's so kind of you to take time to go "down the rabbit hole" for another forum member.

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