Party Rockin Step 1 - Cathe is brilliant!


this is my favorite of the new series!!! just absolutely AWESOME. love the triple tracks option, love the choreography, the length, fun factor is through the roof, this one is just step perfection. Thank you Cathe and team for bringing us such a wonderful workout!


I did this for the 2nd time and nailed it. My first time through was ok because Cathe cues so well in this workout. I am in love with this workout! I love the challenge, it keeps me in my toes!
Thank you Cathe for such a fun step workout!
Has anyone tried the step mix pre mix?

Did it yesterday and I thought: God Cathe does read our mind selecting favourite combos. I loved it. It felt like a different work out. I am so glad I invested time learning both PRS#1 and 2 ;-)


Funny you mention that, Nathalie, because I am working on learning the 10 combo premix in PRS#2. Some of the combos are from PRS#1, and I find them tough but doable, with time, persistence, and practice. I really love some of the moves (reverse rockhorse, for one, and the over the top w/the ball change). Some moves I probably will continue to modify to eliminate so many spins, since I have post-50 year old inner ears and get dizzier faster than I did back in my glory days. I am not so worried now that PRS#1 is beyond my graceless self.


starting to love both workouts

After trying these the first few times, I felt a little better about PR2 than PR1, but didn't really have these among my first choice workouts. Now I have had a chance to learn both (and I am not a coordinated person), they are great fun to me and very challenging workouts! I love the music in this whole series and that adds to the motivation. I think these are kind of like Imax 3 which is harder to learn at first, but then can be really intense. I agree with everyone that it is work learning these workouts because they can be super fun!


I did it today

I did it today, and it is not easy. I managed to do most of the turns and the triples around the step. Party Rockin Step 2 looks harder. Have anybody done that yet?


I think 2 is easier with choreography but it keeps the HR up and I liked the step in 1 as well but it wasn't as difficult to learn as I was afraid. But more difficult in choreography but seemed more steady state the only portion I had problem with was combo 5 and 6 on step 1 but it was fun actually I was surprised.

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