Parental Controls


I need advice for parental controls for netbook. My DD wants a netbook for Christmas but I am not sure about the parental controls. What kind of parental controls do you have on your computers?

Has anyone heard of parental control software PGKEY?

Also, which is the best netbook to buy?


If you search in Google for parental control software, there are sites that give reviews of the different options. I just use the parental controls on my Mac that are built in to the OS and they're fine so far. I can check her history and see that she doesn't do anything I don't want her doing and I can block her from sites.

I'm not a fan of netbooks myself. I get too aggravated with not having the capabilities that I'd have with a laptop. So I guess I can't give a response to that... except... Google it and read the reviews from experts.


Windows 7 and Vista also have parental control software built in. They can be personalized for each log-in ID. I can (and do!) control what time's my DD can be on the computer, what "rating" website will be blocked (i.e. PG, G, etc.), what items can be blocked (weapons, violence, cartoon violence, etc.), and even full websites to block. It is pretty good software. Like MD said, I can go into the administrative log and view where she has gone, when, and for how long.


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