Paper plate subsitute?


I was wondering if there was any substitutes for paper plates or syrofoam plates. I have that foam puzzle mat gym flooring in my workout area, and the plates don't seem to silde very well on it. Maybe I should try the plastic plates? Any suggestions?


Hi Nicole,

I have the foam puzzle mats, too, and the plastic Gliding Disks (purple ones) work great on it. I have the disks that are designed for carpeted areas since I was originally working out on carpet before getting my puzzle mats.

I can't remember where I ordered them since I've had them a couple of years, but I know that I did find them on-line for less than $20.

Hope that helps!:D


What about a plastic glossy folder? The paper plates don't glide very well on my carpet but the folders are great!!


I am currently using Moving Men furniture movers and they work really well. The paper plates not so much. I was surprised how much more slippery the Moving Men are. The 1st lunge back with those was DEEP, caught me off guard. You could also try plastic frisbees - they're only $1 at the pet store.



I have puzzle mats as well, and IMO nothing works very well on them. Gliding discs, Valslides and moving discs do move, but not as slickly as on carpet. Fine for some moves, but it may cause too much friction that can be tough on the knees.

I suggest getting a piece of carpet remnant, or a large bathroom rug ro put down when you need to use the paper plates/gliding discs/furniture movers. The bathroom rug is good, because they have a non-slip backing, and they are also more flexible than regular carpet and easy to roll up and tuck away when not needed.


I was wondering the same thing, my form kind of stinks and I don't feel confident enough with this exercise. The second time I did it was better than the first, but I still don't care for them. - Autumn


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Automotive Mats (free)

You can go to any automotive shop and ask them for disposable floormats. Then cut them to size. They glide beautifully. I can get them at the Jiffy Lube but have also gotten them from Sears. Car dealerships have them too. Nothing beats free.

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