outgoing or homebody


Mostly a homebody, and if I do go out for a few hours, I prefer to be by myself. I don't want to go shopping with the girls. I want to go alone. Alone time is highly underrated. Normally if we go do something it is at a family members house, the 3 of us, or just me and DH. Rarely do we go out with others outside the family. It doesn't mean I don't like people, I'm just not big on it. Plus, it gets expensive quickly. I'd rather fix a nice dinner at home and rent a movie, than go to a restaurant listen to other kids scream, stand in line, stand in line at the movies, smell that awful popcorn smell, listen to people eat and chatter thru the movie. Seems like a waste of cash, no? Its fun now and then, but not all the time.



I'm definitely a mix of both. I like to stay in on Friday night though after a high energy week of work.


So nice to be at home with a bunch of "homebodies" It is great to know that I am not alone! I work with a bunch of younger women (mid-late 20s) and I often feel like dud - for only ever longing to stay at home with DH and family on the weekends. Here I am not a dud!


Wow...lots of homebodies here...lol

I'm definitely outgoing. Love to go out to dinners, dancing, events, sightseeing, etc etc. I get bored too easily staying home too much. Even though tonight I may stay home but that's only if I don't go out with my cousin...her call. It is crappy out so I may not care tonight
i used to go out once a week at a dance studio and a club with friends every fri. i got bored of it because i am by myself. i usually have no one to dance with and i do not drink. i also dont like coming home late at night by myself. i do sometimes have get to gethers or volunteering with coworkers. now i spend time reading,working out,cooking,computer,tv,and most importantly, play with my cat.



Homebody all the way. In fact, I think it's rather unhealthy how much I'd rather be at home. :confused: Oh well. :D


Homebody all the way. In fact, I think it's rather unhealthy how much I'd rather be at home. :confused: Oh well. :D

HOMEBODY!! Go team HOMEBODY! Me too. Except for my runs and my mountain bike rides I'd so prefer sitting by a wood burning fire and a nice cozy blanket reading a book or knitting.


I love to go out. I get sick of being home. When I was dating my husband we would go out dancing 2x a week together and then I would go out 1 additional time with my girlfriend. I love going out to eat or to have a few drinks (though they don't love me!!!) too. Staying home has it's perks at times but I tend to get stir crazy if I do it too much and want to do something. Sometimes when my husband is home to watch my son I will go out to a store w/no real intention of buying anything just to get out of the house!


I'm also a homebody. I LOVE to be home, I can always find something to do even if it is nothing! Even when we go on vacation, I like being where ever we are, but I'm counting the days until we go home.

We're on the go on the weekends because my husband hates sitting home, so we'll go to the mall or just out and about.


I'm married to a man who has to be one of the most social on the planet. We're constantly on the go. I enjoy it for the most part, except when things last past 10PM. I'm up at 4:30 during the week to get in my workouts, so by 10, I'm toast. If I stay up too late, I'm still awake early and then I'm miserable to the rest of the day.

I can go out only so much, then I need some down time. I can easily spend a winter's day (which means rain here in Cali), with a good book and a fireplace. :D Tonight we have a Diwali party to attend - it basically starts at 8PM and goes through 3 to 4AM. Although DH isn't feeling too well right now, so we'll see.

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