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aqua girl

Yay, I hope, I have already checked to see if my regular mailman is delivering today, he is, thank goodness, don't want to go thru what
Happened last year, had a substitute, my package said delivered, but I didn't have it, found the mailman, asked him where he delivered,
He said he didn't have it, we argued, :), went on & on, finally..I took matters in my own hands, and went searching, starting with another
House with same # but different street, knocked on her door and asked if she received a package, but she hadn't gotten the mail, she told
Me to check, I did, there was my package, actually only 4 stops before me! I showed her, thanked her, and came home! Moral of this story
Is don't mess with my Cathe packages ! :)


Almost the EXACT thing happened to me! Except mine was on the porch of a neighbor on the next block...same street number and cross street.
I'm in SoCal so no chance I'll get mine today. Monday is looking pretty good though. I hope-I hope-I hope!


Mine arrived today too (in Maryland / DC suburbs)! So excited!

Right now I'm using their unopened presence as motivation - I won't let myself preview them until I get some grading done! :)
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aqua girl

Got 'em! In Va.... I have previewed Cardio Party & Rumble, so far, liking what i
See, the abs section is gonna be a little tough for me...but the Calorie Crushes on
These look fun and easily modified if needed. The one Calorie Crush uses the
Step, I see a lot of possible blender material:)


I preordered May 4, 2018 through Amazon pay and recieved an invoice and an order number and my credit card was charged, but after getting no shipping notice from you after you said all preorders had been shipped, I though I would check my account here. You have no record of my purchase even though Amazon pay does. I emailed customer service and I’m sure it will be resolved. Sort of bummed. I always preorder in the very beginning and pay for expedited shipping :(


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HI MSJ, I'm not sure where you're looking, but I see your order in our system and it shows as shipped. Customer service will be in tomorrow and can confirm this as they can see more details than I can, but everything looks good as far as I can tell.

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