OTC teeth whiteners


ive never used them (honestly, they freak me out!:p) but my dh uses them and thinks they work.
personally i dont see any difference in his teeth...tho im not inspecting them close up!
he is a big coffee drinker so maybe they help ward off staining????


I used and saw a difference with the original White Crest strips. I only used them for the upper teeth first then the lower ones so I was able to compare the before and after shade. I think they did a decent job. I am thinking about using them again.


I used Crest White Strips from my dentist's office. They had a higher concentration of peroxide and did brighten my teeth rather well.

The downfall was my teeth became so sensitive that they throbbed and ached long after I removed the strips. Plus being a coffee/tea drinker made them get dull again much faster.


I had the same result as Judi. I have never had sensitive teeth but after about a week, I could hardly stand it, my teeth were soooo sensitive. Great results, just bad side effect!!


I also had good results with Crest White strips, much better than the other OTC products I tried (hated the aquafresh trays!). I did not have tooth sensitivity problems. I now get free whitening from my dentist, but if I didn't get that I'd still do the white strips every 4-6 months.



Whenever I whitened my teeth (using the dental trays from my dentist), it never lasted very long, probably because I'm such a coffee addict. I got discouraged and gave up. My hygenist told me to just buy a Sonicare toothbrush and use it with Rembrandt toothpaste, which I did, and my teeth looked much better. Then I discovered this toothpaste called Supersmile. It's a bit pricey, but since I've been using Supersmile (with the accompanying "accelerator") with the Sonicare brush, I'm not embarassed to smile anymore. No, my teeth are not as bright as they were when I used the trays, but they do look noticeably better, and, most of all, it's consistent.

Carolyn B

I used the drugstore stuff (Crest, I think). I have sensitive teeth, and in a few days my gums were bleeding.

I got the dental-grade whitener from my dentist. She also gave me a paste to use afterwards that is for sensitive teeth so I didn't have any problems.

It really worked too - which reminds me, I need to do it this week!


So it sounds like the Crest White strips work pretty well then. And then following up with the Supersmile toothpaste. I do think I've seen it before - just never know until you try it I guess.

Thanks for the input ladies ! :D (Hope my teeth will look close to <-- white smile over there !)


I've used the CVS brand ones and they worked amazingly well. My teeth are still whiter more than a year later. I also had some tooth sensitivity so I used them every other day, which obviously takes longer but you get the same effect eventually.

I also started using Sensodyne toothpaste which helped with the sensitivity. No idea how that stuff works but it did (and Walmart has a generic version which is cheaper, tho I haven't tried it yet).


I used that Crest brush on one that you wear at night! It worked well too! At the same time that I was using that I also had invisalign so it doubled as a whitening tray at night and it really accelerated the process!!


Yes, I've used them numerous times in past with great results. I have not used them for about 2 years though,......after finding Crest Vivid Toothpaste. It keeps my teeth super white without strips. I used the night-time b/c I like the flavor better. I get compliments on my white teeth all the time. :D

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