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Hi Cathe,

I just wanted to ask you a quick question.....I have noted that on Ebay some people are selling sealed copies of your older tapes. (Fit and Firm, Rock Bottoms, etc....) Do you know where they are being sold or where I could locate them? I know that we can't get them through your website nor through Collage so I'm confused as to where they are coming from.

Thanks much for all your wonderful hard work and creativity that goes into all of your videos! I wish you and your family the best.

Take care,


ME again!!!!


I just wanted to push this back up to the top in hopes that someone could help me find Cathe's older tapes.....somehow, somewhere they are being distributed and I was wondering if they are legit.

Thanks in advance!
PS-I just got my UPS notification....I'm soooooooooo happy but I think that my hubby might be happier because I keep talking about the new videos non-stop and wondering when they were going to arrive!!!



I don't think Cathe's company distributes these tapes at all anymore, and I would guess that by now most of these old Cathe videos have been opened. I guess I would be a bit apprehensive about very old Cathe videos that are still in wrap. I know videos (and anything else for that matter) can be rewrapped if you have a machine to do it, and lots of stores have these machines. I figure there may be a couple of old Cathe tapes still in original wraps, but it seems a bit strange to me!!



Hi again,

I agree with you-it seems odd for the videos to be "out of production" but yet several people are selling them sealed on ebay!! I was wondering if possibly they were getting them from some outlet chain store or something. I am hoping that maybe Cathe will know.....or can explain. I would love to have them but not if they are "bootlegged" or pirated copies.

If anybody knows, please chime in....I know that everybody is busy doing their new videos though!!

I'm still waiting...sniff, sniff....



My experience with the older vids

I bought all of the older videos you mentioned on eBay (from various sellers) and they looked legitimately new and sealed to me. I think it's like you said, they just ended up in a clearance warehouse somewhere, years after they were taken off the retail market.

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Lisa!

We have discontinued those tapes quite a while back. We no longer have any in stock to sell. We did sell these particular videos in stores a very long time ago. Occasionally I would see one in a clearance bin at a Sam Goody or a Suncoast Video store, but I have not in a long while.

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