November 2022 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we’ll turn our focus to high intensity training mixed with total body weight training. The end of the year is filled with holidays and events that make it easy for us to fall into a cycle where we eat a little more and work a little less. We’ve made it past Halloween (did you have any of that candy? Wink!) so let’s get in and burn some fat and calories to get a jump on what’s to come! Notice that there is an extra recovery day scheduled in each week this month. This is to offset the more intense training and let your body heal and recover. If you prefer this day to be more active than the recovery workout listed, just remember to keep it on the lighter side. Likewise, if the intense training gets to be too much, choose some lighter cardio routines or insert extra rest days where needed! Lets “hiit” it hard and see some results!

Week 1

M Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp

T Plyo HiiT One

W STS Total Body

T Recovery Day- STS Extended Stretch

F All Out Low Impact HiiT

S Muscle Endurance


Week 2

M Athletic Training

T Low Impact HiiT Two

W High Reps

T Recovery Day- Perfect Flow Mobility

F Tabatacise

S PHA Training


Week 3

M Pyramid Pump Upper Body

T Perfect HiiT High Impact

W Pyramid Pump Lower Body

T Recovery Day – Stretch Max #1

F Afterburn

S High Intensity Interval Training Pyramid


Week 4

M Cross Fire

T Total Body Giant Sets

W Low Impact HiiT One

T Recovery Day- Total Body Stretching with Ball 1

F Power Hour

S Plyo HiiT Two

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